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The Alpha Next Door

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Blurb ~"Why is the best fruit always forbidden?"~ ALEC- I never came here searching for a mate. In fact I was running away from my miserable past and the shackles of what my fated future held for me. I just wanted to live a life of tranquility- a life away from my overbearing father and a too-perfect mother but that was not Fate's plan. For me, at least. It had prepared another hell for my icy heart and that hell happened to be my best friend's sister, Elristeya. The time we first met, all my primal instincts went haywire and I realized what had happened. They say I am the devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with the heart of a stone. One thing I am sure of is that I am the very devil Elristeya must not think of getting tangled with. One thing her brother had told me was that she was off-limits and I knew I could not trust my instincts not to cross that limit, at least not when she is my mate. ELRISTEYA- All I wanted is do is finish studies and move to the coasts to stay with my aunt who would help me in my future plans and maybe find the love of my life. But... I met him. The person I should not want to want. Heck, I should not even think of having. My brother's best friend, Alec Blackford. When the sparks shifted and a connection snapped into place between us, I figured I have a lot more to do like wanting to know the heart behind the icy exterior of the man I should not want or love and also finding out what secrets his eyes held. What secrets this adonis-like man had beneath his cold and brooding surface. They say when the fine line between love and hatred is blurred, what happens? Emotions are ruffled and pain is inevitable.

Chapter 1

CHAPTER ONE: Welcome Insult




First knock. No response.

Second knock. No response.

My brows creased together as I glanced around the place. I thought mom said someone was home?

Third knock. And a shuffling then the door knob was twisted and I came in contact with a bare foot. My eyes slowly slid up to the pair of a little bit hairy legs and the black three quarter he was wearing then an almost naked, sorry cancel that, there was a singlet on it but I could still make out his n*ppl*s in the see through he was wearing. And finally I looked up to his face and then his eyes were electrifying and alluring. Who was he? He was handsome and unlike the guys I have seen around. He was different. He looked like an Adonis with insanely can-never-be-found-on-earth beauty. I knew it in my bones. Did he make a deal with devil to look this sinfully handsome?

Then I remembered what I had come to do here. Stretching out the tray of cookies my mother had sweetfully prepared, I said with a smile (as instructed by my mother). “Hi, welcome to the neighborhood. My mother told me to...” A slam! What was slammed? Oh, wait. It was the door. The adonis-like... oh shut up! The *ssh*l* actually shut the door to my face.

What the heck? He must certainly be the joking.

I glared daggers at the door like the daggers can go through it and stab him in those eyes. Okay, that was too cruel and unlike me.

So much for wanting to welcome someone. After walking such a big distance, okay it was not big just a next door distance, but even at that, to welcome him, the door slamming in my face was a way to welcome me too. Nice one, man!

I pushed the door open to our house open and stepped inside, I walked to the kitchen where I knew my mother and brother was talking because I could hear their voices. They stopped talking as soon as they felt my presence and turned to me. Their eyes scanning me over and I let out an annoyed hiss.

"Whose cookies are these?" Joe asked, reaching out for the tray and taking a piece. He took a bit and I blew the hair that was on my face.

"What happened? No one was at home?" My mother took the initiative to ask. I made some annoyed noise in my throat and sat on the stool.

"Someone was at home. In fact, an *ssh*l* was the one that was at home and guess what, mom?" I huffed. She looked out of the corner of her eye and dropped the handkerchief in her hands.

"The person must have treated you nicely." She said with emphasis on the ‘nicely’ and I clicked my tongue before letting a scoff out.

"You are not far from the lie, mom. He f*ck*ng slammed the door to my face."

"Language, Elris." She warned and I was too mad to even noticed I had just cussed before her.

Joe tried to stifle laughter and I snapped my eyes to him and pointed a finger at him.

"Don't you dare laugh there or I will tell Zoey that you cheated on her with Sam?" I threatened him and he raised his hands in a surrender gesture.

"I won't laugh. I won't, I promise." He said, trying to prevent the laughter from spilling. I pulled my face away from him and picked a cookie before eating it like it was the one that had angered me.

"But who is this guy that got you on your toes, I would say it has been long since someone got you this mad." He said this time his face seeming serious and he chucked the last piece of cookie into his mouth before dusting his hands.

"It is the *ssh*l* that moved in next door," I replied, feeling my anger evaporate slowly.

"His name?" He asked and I glared at him again.

"How do you expect me to know his name when the first he did when he saw me was slamming the door in my face?" I snapped.

Oh, I am even tired of talking. I have said these over and over again.

"Maybe you did something bad. Or maybe he just does not like being disturbed. Or maybe you met him at the wrong time and he decided to take it out on you." My mother said from the place she was wiping the plate.

I shook my head and poured myself a glass of juice. I bit into my cookie and downed the juice.

"I don't even care. For as long as he stays out of my hair, I will be good." I said and exited the kitchen. Making my way to my room, I picked out my favorite novel, When The Girl He Fell For Dies. It is a soul-wrenching piece of sheets.

I got myself lost in the world, forgetting about the *ssh*l* and all that had happened but his eyes kept flashing in my vision. I could not help but close the book and forced my eyes close. When I could not get some sleep, I scrambled up and walked towards the window. Looking outside, my eyes traced every scene and sight and I let out a deep breath. I was not going to let my new neighbor get to me. I noticed the window to a room was left open and a thought twinkled in my head.

Haha, nice idea.

I moved steadily across the room and picked a pen and paper.

I wrote *SSH*L* in big capital letters and folded it. Aiming for the window, I rolled the paper into a rough ball and raised my hand then I threw it into the window. A grin spread across my face as my face gleamed with satisfaction.

Good for you, *ssh*l*.

I stood waiting for maybe a shout or a vulgar gesture or anything. But nothing came.

Disappointment rippled through me and I let out a silent snort before slumping on my bed and putting the bed sheet over me.

I woke up to my parents loud laughter and Joe's groaning downstairs and I sat up. It was night already and I had slept that long? Woah.

I got down and wore my pair of slippers before heading out of the room. My face contorted into confusion as I found Joe with his butt on the floor and my father shaking his head while my mother had her hands over her mouth as if she did not want the laughter to slip out. I scoffed and treaded carefully down the stairs.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Your brother —"

"Nobody tell her!" He cut my mother off before she could complete what she wanted to say. I arched my left brow at him and snorted a laugh. He knew I would not let him hear the end of it.

"You fell on your butt, that's it," I said and went to sit. "How did you fall?" I asked, sniffing in the air and knowing that dinner was ready. Thank foodness.

"Shut up!" He hissed and rose up to his feet.

"It is all mother's fault." He groaned again and I heard my mother choke on a laugh behind me and my lips curled into my own smile too.

"Stop being a kid, you are grown dude." I clicked my tongue and pulled the plater closer to me.

"Are you going to eat or are you going to sulk?" I asked over my shoulder and he let out a scoff before coming to join us on the dining table.

He looked up to my dad. "Dad, you are also laughing!" He whined. This time I look at my dad and he could not keep the laughter at bay anymore so he and my mother burst out laughing and I joined them too. Joe slumped his shoulders and a ghost of smile was on his face.

"Okay, okay. Dinner everybody." My mother said as she served the dishes.

After we were done with dinner, Joe was the first to leave because he had some girl he had speak with at night. Duh.

While I am here with my father and my mother massaging his feet. "Dan told me someone already moved into this house." He said, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head. Oh, please I would rather swallow a bunch of bananas than watch him do that expression again.

"Yes." My mother answered.

Ohh, not discussing this guy again please.

"Did you find out about him?" He asked again.

My mother sliced a glance across to me and I looked away.

"I did but it did not end well." Was all I muttered before standing up and leaving them.

This new *ssh*l* was not someone I would like to discuss. At least not to my dad.

That night I found myself looking out of my window and checking if he was there but a dim perhaps a candle light was there with no shadow of human.

Chapter 2

Elristeya's POV

"Elris, if you don't get your ass out here, I might as well leave you." Joe's voice sounded from outside and I rolled my eyes before picking my bag and rushing out. I waved at my mother who stretched out a flask filled with fruits. My dad left early this morning so he could not drop me. You must be thinking that I might be a small kid for collecting that. Dude, who would not want a mother's show of love? Well, not me. I cherish my parents and I love fruits. That is how she does.

"Bye, mom." I waved at her and proceeded outside to meet my brother who was standing besides his truck with his eyes on his phone. He must be telling one of his numerous girlfriends that he is on the way to school.

I let out a snort.

"Can we leave now?" I asked him and he looked up from his phone as a hiss pierced through his lips before he stepped into the car and ignited the engine. I relaxed against the seat and brou


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