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Dreaming Stars

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Blurb ~"Why is the best fruit always forbidden?"~ ALEC- I never came here searching for a mate. In fact I was running away from my miserable past and the shackles of what my fated future held for me. I just wanted to live a life of tranquility- a life away from my overbearing father and a too-perfect mother but that was not Fate's plan. For me, at least. It had prepared another hell for my icy heart and that hell happened to be my best friend's sister, Elristeya. The time we first met, all my primal instincts went haywire and I realized what had happened. They say I am the devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with the heart of a stone. One thing I am sure of is that I am the very devil Elristeya must not think of getting tangled with. One thing her brother had told me was that she was off-limits and I knew I could not trust my instincts not to cross that limit, at least not when she is my mate. ELRISTEYA- All I wanted is do is finish studies and move to the coasts to stay with my aunt who would help me in my future plans and maybe find the love of my life. But... I met him. The person I should not want to want. Heck, I should not even think of having. My brother's best friend, Alec Blackford. When the sparks shifted and a connection snapped into place between us, I figured I have a lot more to do like wanting to know the heart behind the icy exterior of the man I should not want or love and also finding out what secrets his eyes held. What secrets this adonis-like man had beneath his cold and brooding surface. They say when the fine line between love and hatred is blurred, what happens? Emotions are ruffled and pain is inevitable.


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