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The Alpha Marine's Curvy Mate

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Curvy girl Leila is finishing her senior year of college and working at a diner to make income while in school. A marine by the name of Greyson who happens to be the alpha of his pack felt compelled to come into this diner because his wolf atlas said they should enter. He was visiting another pack to discuss pack business. Greyson entered and fell head over heels in love with curvy Leila. Her beauty and scent of chocolate and cinnamon hit him like a ton of bricks. He finds Leila is human and doesn't feel the pull as he does and plans how to make their romance happen. Leila find him attractive but doesn't think he would find her attractive as she was a bigger and curvy girl and most men wouldn't glance in her direction. She can't seem to figure out how she feels so attracted to a man in her life. That has never happened to her before. She was always focused on school and taking care of her family and friends. Can these two find the love they both desperately desire in each other? Will this curvy girl find the self confidence in herself to open herself up to love? Will this alpha male get his curvy dream girl he has so long longed for?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

It was sunny Friday morning and Leila was lying in bed, when her alarm started going off. Leila groaned and turned over in her bed to hit the stop button on the alarm. She took a deep breath and said in her mind, “okay Leila, today is brand new day… you got this”. She sat up from her bed and stretched her arms out and did a silent prayer that her day would be great and that she was grateful to be alive. She stood up and walked to her bathroom and looked at herself in mirror. She saw her oval and round face, her smoky brown mane, her green eyes, and rosy, pink lips. She thought she was okay looking for a girl with curves but, she only seems to attract the people who only put her down and only want her when it’s convenient for the men she sees. She brushes her teeth, and hops in the shower to get clean and ready for her day. She gets out of the shower and turned on some music to listen to while she gets on her work uniform and put’s her hair up in ponytail. She sees her cat blue meowing at her fee for food.

“Good morning, Sweetheart” she said. “meows”, Blue replies. “let’s go get you fed buddy” Leila tells Blue. She wants to the kitchen of her apartment with Blue following behind. She puts some cat food her the cat food bowl and fill his water again and pat’s his head saying “such a good kitty” she said. She gets her morning coffee ready for the traveling in the morning to work. She walks to the door and grabs her purse and keys and says “Okay Blue, mommy will be back later” she said. She patted his head and walked to her door and closed the door and locked it. She walked down the hall to her apartment parking lot and took a big deep breath of the fresh air. “Today is going to be great day”, Leila thought. She continued her walk to her car and hopped in the car and drove to work. She made it to work with 20 minutes to spare. She parks her car in the employee parking of Delilah’s Diner. She gets out of her car and walks to the entrance and calls to have someone let her in. “Delilah’s Diner, Anthony speaking, how may I help you?”. “Good morning, it’s Leila, I’m here for my shift, can you let me in?”. “Well morning Leila, I will be there in a minute”, Anthony saiShe took a deep breath saw someone walking to the door. “Oh great…” she grumbled. She saw Ian come to the door and he looked her over from top to bottom three times and said “well Leila, are you just looking ravishing today” Ian said with a grin on his face. “Hi Ian, thanks for coming to the door” she said. Ian let her in the door, and she hustled through the door to avoid any additional contact with him, as she makes him nervous. “Wait up Leila”, Ian said jogging up to her. “Why are you such a hurry to get to the employee room so fast, you are early” Ian asked. “I wasn’t hurrying, I just figured as I’m here early, I will see with Anthony if I can punch in early and start getting things ready for the lunch rush that should be coming” she said. “Why don’t you tell me you and I have never gotten the chance to get to know each other better yet”, Ian said. “We typically work different shift’s Ian and I’m a bit of a homebody to be honest”, Leila said. “Well maybe we need to change that” he said while winking. “Gosh why does he have to try so hard…” she thought to herself. “How about you and I going on a date next week Wednesday” Ian asks. “I appreciate your offer, but I am going to have to decline” Leila says politely. "Aww come on Leila, you know I will show you a good time" Ian said seductively. "I'm truly flattered but I am still going to have to decline" Leila said. She noticed her boss Anthony walking to the front where Ian and Leila were. "Oh... it looks like Ian beat me to it" Anthony says nervously. I'm sorry for the delay coming to the door Leila, I had a personal call I had to take real quick" Anthony says apologetically. "it is no problem boss" Leila says. " I was hoping I could start getting ready for the busy lunch rush" Leila said. "Oh of course you can Leila, what a great idea" Anthony replies. "Oh well if your okay with it, I could help her too boss" Ian offered quickly. "That's nice of you Ian, but I need you in the office to assist with the manager duties" Anthony replies. "Ok, I will head in there now" Ian stated grumpily. Leila takes a deep breath once Ian starts walking to the office. " I am so sorry I wasn't the one to come and get you Leila" Anthony says apologetically. " I should have just come up right away and not answered my phone" Anthony said. "Don't worry about it boss, I appreciate you coming to my rescue yet again" she said with a chuckle. Anthony chuckles in reply and says " I will always be there to help" he said with a smile. "Well I will let you get to it" Anthony says. "Thanks again and I will get working right away" Leila says while heading to the locker to put her stuff away. She makes it to the employee locker room and puts her stuff away and puts her apron on and starts getting everything loaded in the stations and the table's ready for the diner that would soon rush in. She looked at her watch and she had 10 minutes to spare. She sits at one of the tables in the way back corner by the server station and pulls out her phone and plays some music while waiting. She notices a new swanky car pulling up outside the diner and wondered what on earth would some one with that nice of a car come to this little town of Hale Valley.

She sees someone get of the vehicle. He was a tall and bigger guy. Like a giant Leila thought. He sure was fine she thought. "He probably won't even pay any mind to me" Leila thought. She see's him looking around and she see's him turn in her direction and then goes to hide underneath a table. Leila blew out a breath that she hid before he could see her staring. Then she hears her phone beeping telling her that she has 5 minutes before the diner opens. She get ups from under the table and notices the guy is gone. She goes and meets all the other servers and cooks in the meeting area to go over what is expected for the day and go over sales from the day before. 3 minutes later it is time to open. She see's that Ian is watching her like a hawk and it makes her uncomfortable but she keeps walking to the door to open and she see's a line at the door already. she chuckles to herself and looks up again and see the mysterious man and the local heartthrob of Hale Valley Trent. "huh... that's weird" she thought to herself but didn't dwell on it. She opens the door and says "Welcome everyone". She opens the door all the way to let everyone in. "Hey Leila" Trent says with a wave and smile. "Hi Trent, how are you doing" Leila asks. "I'm doing good, but tell me what can I do to get a date with a beauty like you" Trent said suavely. "Oh you quit your kidding around Trent" Leila says with a laugh. "I am very serious" Trent said. Leila blushes and then notices his guest watching her intently. "Well anyways, we can table that for now" Trent says kindly. "What brings you in here so early" Leila asked. "Oh I came to meet with one of my old friends from camp" Trent answers. "Where are my manners" Trent said while chuckling. " Leila, this is my good friend Greyson. Greyson this is Leila" Trent introduces. Greyson takes her hand and looks deep into her eyes and kisses her hand and says "It is a pleasure to meet a beauty like you" Greyson said. Leila blushed and replied "It's nice to meet you as well". Another one of the servers came to flirt with them , but Greyson kept looking at her.

Chapter 2

Leila was about to walk away as she heard one of the servers offer to have them sit at her table. "it's better that way, because then I don't want to worry about looking like a fool" Leila thought. Trent and Greyson both notices Leila was taking her leave and they called to her "Hey Leila, what section is yours" Trent asks. "Oh I'm in the way back" Leila replied with a kind smile. "It was nice talking with you whitney and I appreciate the offer to allow us room in your section, but we will have to decline" Trent said kindly to Whitney the server. "Oh okay sure thing handsome" Whitney replies. She starts to walk away and then turns to face them and said "You know where to find me if you need me" she winks at them seductively. "You know you don't have to feel obligated to sit in my section." Leila said softly. "To be honest Leila, I would rather eat in your section because A your one of


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