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The Alpha King's Last Wish

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"I would like to say I'm sorry; I haven't been the best version of myself. I am sorry for my inability to communicate effectively, and I know these past few weeks haven't been the best." "I do not want your apology, Xavier; I want to know why you have changed so much and become someone I barely know. I want to know what happened." She said, staring up at him, "Was my love never enough?" She didn't want to show her vulnerability, but he had always seen it. "It was always enough," he said as he stepped towards her, crossing into her personal space. Her heart picked up its pace, and she stared up at him. She could have told him to step back, but she wanted this. "You were always enough. I am sorry if I made you feel like you weren't." He said, and his lips met hers.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Three months ago

"Fada!" Lyon called, running down the stairs to where King Xavier stood beside his carriage, which had just brought him home. Queen Mia followed behind the little boy with a smile, holding the baby boy in her hand.

He dropped to his knees with his arms open as he welcomed his son into a loving embrace. "Lyon," he breathed in satisfaction.

"Welcome home, Fada!" he said, his little arms wrapping around what they could of his father's neck. "We have missed you."

At his words, Xavier's eyes lifted, and he saw Mia, his mate, and Luna Queen standing not so far from them. His smile increased, knowing that was the face he had longed to see for so long.

"Mia, my love," he called, stretching his hand out to her. She stepped towards him and took hold of it quickly. At the touch, he felt a spark ignite within him; he was home.

"Wahala has missed you, my king." She bowed her head.

"My king?" He seemed shocked she had taken his title instead of his name as usual. "I thought I was your husband before I was your king."

She smiled and nodded her head. "True. Sometimes, a maiden forgets you can't blame me when all I have in mind is ruling and nurturing in your absence."

His eyes dropped to Kim, their son in her arms, before staring back at her. "I am back now to relieve you of your duties, and I would love to be called by my name." He told her and rose to his feet to kiss her lips.

She kissed back.

"My king." Alpha Koz greeted them from not so far away, and they pulled away from the passionate kiss.

Xavier's eyes turned to the elder of his council. "Alpha Koz, I looked forward to finding you on my return, but I didn't want to be too optimistic."

Alpha Koz bowed humbly when he got to the king. "Well, I am here, just finishing my duties for the day."

"Then I will not keep you; Luna Elena deserves to have the man she loves home on time." He spoke. "We shall talk when you resume in court tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"That would be most generous, my king," he said, bowed his head again, and took his leave.

"How was your journey to the kingdom of Jade?" Mia asked as she helped Xavier take off his robe. They had tucked their sons into bed already, and it was their turn to retire for the night. "I heard the king, Aeon, is just as hot-headed as they come."

Xavier frowned at her. "You know better than to believe what rumour says about someone, my love."

"You are right, so how was the king of Jade?" she asked.

"Well, he is as hot-headed as they come." He said, quoting his exact words, which he had just called rumours.

His words made her frown back at him; however, he continued to speak before she could. "But just like me, he has a Luna queen that keeps him in check, Queen Olivia."

"I would love to meet her someday," she said, already sounding fascinated by the information she just received.

"If we are lucky, you might before the war begins." He said and pulled her closer to himself, his eyes darting over her with desire and need in them, making them flare. "But I have missed you, my darling," he declared, and his longing eyes settled on her lips.

"And I have missed you, Xavier," she replied, and a moan accompanied her words.

He raised a brow as he stared into her eyes. "Really?"

She scoffed at his audacity in questioning her words. "You were gone for two moons; I have feelings and desires too."

His gaze dropped to her lips, and they remained there. "Really? Show me how much you missed me, then."

He was playing with her, and she knew it. If she hated his games, it didn't show in her response. She leaned in, pulled him closer, and kissed his lips. It was a soft and sensual kiss; her tongue touched his as she deepened the kiss and ignited the fire that had stayed dormant between them.

Xavier's hand swam through her hair before grabbing a full fist. He wanted control, and this was his way of showing it. She didn't fight him; she wanted him to dominate her.

"Every day, all I think about is the coming war," he moaned as he pushed her into bed. "I have to do what I have to do." He hissed and took her lips for a deep and long kiss.

"You do not have to explain; I understand." She told him but knew if he were speaking, he wouldn't stop just because she understood his point.

"I had to do what I had to do, but I hated leaving you and Lyon. I always hate leaving." She felt his kiss run down her neck and curled closer to him in anticipation of more.

"I know that," she answered, her eyes tightly shut. Her desire was peaking, but she feared that Xavier would talk it out of her. "Just touch me," she pleaded.

He kissed her shoulder and chest, marking her skin with his warm mouth. "This desire wouldn't be too unbearable if there were a way around it, you know." He breathed against her skin, making her squirm against him.

Groaning, Mia pushed him off a little, and he pulled back, startled. "Do you want to know what is unbearable?" she asked, her brow rising. "This! We either take each other, or we talk; you pick which one you would rather do."

He hesitated but understood her point. "There is so much in my head," he admitted.

"I know," she replied and smiled at him. "We take it one step at a time." She stood up from the bed and took off the rest of her dress, and as it hit the floor, she walked to the bathroom.

He knew what that meant; she wanted him to follow behind. To do that, however, would mean he would have to abandon every thought that wasn't about the moment they were about to share. Yes, there was so much he wanted to talk about with her, but it could wait.

He got down from the bed, and he felt a substance drop on the back of his hand. Despite being in a haste to meet up with Mia, he paused and glanced at the back of his hand.

Strangely, it was blood. Whose blood? He wondered as his other hand wiped at it and brought it up for proper inspection. It didn't have the scent of anyone he knew so he couldn't tell.

How did it then get to the back of his hand? He wondered, but there was no one to answer.

He was losing to his thoughts again, and he had to stop himself. His Luna, whom he had desired and longed to have in his arms for many weeks, was now naked in the bathroom, waiting for him to come in and take her. He couldn't let the thoughts stop him.

He grabbed his trousers, pulled them off, and tossed them to the floor. Having become naked, he hurried towards the bathroom, only to stop when he spotted something about himself as he passed in front of Mia's dressing mirror. He turned to the mirror, and his heart skipped a beat. There was a trail of blood on his nose. It was still fresh.

He couldn't pick up the scent earlier because it was his. It was his blood.

He had gotten bloody noses in the past; then he had gotten into fights with Edward or his other crazy friends, but this was different.

His face grew pale, and his palms became sweaty as he thought about what this could mean.

These signs reminded him of one thing: the shadow sickness.

The one that killed his mother.

Chapter 2: Brokeness


It wasn't the first time Mia had woken up without Xavier beside her. She had subconsciously gotten used to waking up without him beside her. Being used to it didn't remove the ache his absence brought her.

Something had happened. Something happened to him, and she didn't know what it was. He wasn't the same Xavier she knew, at least not in the last three months.

They slept beside each other, but she felt she was beside a stranger. She couldn't read his mind anymore, and in the seven years they had been true mates, that had never happened. She believed her inability to read him was her fault initially, but then she realised it wasn't. He had created a barrier in his mind to keep her out of it. It didn't make sense; why would he do that? What was he hiding from her?

She confronted him a week later, and he told her he had nothing to hide.

It was a lie; she didn't have to read him to know that. It was the first time in years that he had lied to her, and


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