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The Alpha Can't Sense His Mate

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Alpha Zadok is a ruthless Alpha and King of the BloodHound pack. After a betrayal from the witches that saw to the killing of his parents and close extermination of his people, he retaliates and eradicates the entire witch clan in his territory. After the extermination, he is met with the cruel reality of the fact that he has been placed with a curse that hinders him from sensing his mate. When an unsuspecting and powerless witch gets teleported to the wrong location and kills a wolf in her wake, Zadok is breathing fire and ready to kill. What happens when he finds out she just might be the salvation of his pack, and ultimately, his mate? Ithra is a powerless witch from the Celts clan of witches. When her coven and home is threatened by a hole in the forcefield that protects her people from the underworld, she must embark on a journey to save her clan. A spell gone wrong lands her into the wrong location, and eventual trouble at the hands of a ruthless Alpha. With a goal to save her community, and a destiny she cannot avoid, what happens when she falls in love with the greatest enemy of her kind?

Chapter 1


“She’s cursed.”

I hear people whisper around me as I head to my mother, walking through the pathway created just for me.

“It's about time she left us, she's nothing but a stain, a weakness.” Another voice said, but I didn't care to know who it was.

I was a witch without powers. The shame of the Celts Coven witches, and a curse to my people.

“Ithra. We don't have all day, Come forward.” My mother, and the enchantress of the coven spoke from her seat, barely containing her disgust and impatience towards me.

I presented myself in front of her, getting on my knees as I awaited her final decision concerning me.

“Don't make this harder than it needs to be. I've harbored you in our midst for the past 20 years of your life! You should be grateful for an opportunity to pay back what you owe.”

I couldn't believe my mother was saying this to me in public. She usually said it to me in the confines of our house, or in the dark corners of my room, who knew she'd finally grow a limb to make an open show of her scorn towards me?

“I understand that I have been a burden on the Celts witches for the longest period of time, and I will pay back your kindness however possible.” I replied with gritted teeth.


“About time.” Murmurs from the crowd of warlocks ensued.

“ Enough!” That was my mother, “I don't want to hear anything from anyone.” She warned, fire brimming in her eyes. Sharply, she turned to me. “Good. There is something you can do to help this coven thrive.” She started.

“You must go to the dark forest.” She announced and gasps were heard in the camp.

“W-what?” I stuttered, unable to believe my ears.

“You heard me right. The only way you can redeem yourself of all you owe is by going to the dark forest and getting us the ghost orchid that grows at the thick of it.” She lectured without sparing me a glance.

I almost lost my voice, “what do you mean go to the dark forest? You and I know that any witch that enters into the forest will be reduced to a pile of dust! It's not welcoming to our kind.” I reminded her, but something told me she was well aware. “Don't you know that sending me to the dark forest is sending me to my death?”

“Oh stop whining, Ithra!” My sister, Morgan, said from her seat, “You can't call yourself a witch if you don't have powers. Instead of whiling away time and burdening others with your presence, why not be of use to us for once?” She got on her feet and continued;

“Every single warlock has dedicated their lives and powers to ensure that the Celts Coven remain unharmed for the last 12 years. You are alive today because of the forcefield we created to keep every beast away. As you can see, the forcefield is weak and we need stronger properties if it's going to last us the next 10 years.”

I cut her off, anger brewing inside me, “And the only solution you were able to come up with is to send me to the dark forest? I have witch blood flowing through my veins, Morgan! Whether or not I have powers wouldn't stop me from getting killed the moment I step foot in there.”

With my protests, the people grew angry.

“Who do you think you are?! You are of no value to us! It's better if you get killed for a noble cause than be alive for nothing!”

“Such a selfish person! She should be stoned to death!”

“Kill her!”

“ENOUGH.” My mother said, putting a stop to the growing agitation. With her eyes trained on me, she said, “Do not forget your place, Ithra. I am your mother, as well as the head of this coven. I will not take any disrespect or misbehavior from you. Do you understand?”

I remained silent, daring and unbending. I knew I had a debt to pay for my powerlessness and inability to make a great impact to the stability of the Celts Coven, and I have dedicated my life to doing everything to cover for my incapabilities, but nothing seemed to be enough.

“Do not let me repeat myself Ithra, do you understand what you have to do?” She asked in a firm tone.

“You are sending me to my death.” I stated, holding back tears. “Do you hate me that much because I don't have powers? Is that how invaluable I am to you?”

She got up and walked closer to me, “No my dear , you have become quite valuable to me.” Her tone hardened, and she pushed me to the floor. “Just trust me and get going already!”

She turned to Morgan and ordered, “Do it now!”

Within a second, I was pushed by an invisible hand into a black hole and the next thing I saw, I landed on the floor, in the woods.

Afraid to move, I remained on the floor, gauging my surroundings. Was this the dark forest? I pondered with fear.

Gathering up courage, I sat up slowly, and eventually got on my feet. Seeing I was still alive, I took it as a good sign and proceeded to take a step, only to be stopped by the sound of a voice.

“What do we have here?” The voice said, and it wasn't friendly.

Scared to the bones, I turned around and my eyes collided with two gray ones.

“Witch.” He snarled after sniffing the air, and immediately bared his fangs.

It didn't take long before I realized I was surrounded. I wasn't in the dark forest, something must have gone wrong with whatever spell they used on me.

“I see you have no fear, crossing over to my territory, witch.” Another voice emerged, bringing shivers down my spine.

For some reason, every sense in me urged me to run away. He smelt like death, in its raw and most painful form. When my eyes connected with his, I saw the infamous scar that ran through his bloodshot eyes, and knew I was done for.

It was the cursed Alpha, Exterminator of the witches, and King of the BloodMoon pack.

Zadok Kir Roman.

“Welcome to hell, witch.” He said with a smirk that immediately turned sour, “Seize her!” He ordered, and like a propelling force, the men beside him attacked me like the ravenous wolves they were.

Just when I thought it was over, a voice rang in the air, stopping their advancement towards me.

“Don't harm her! She's the Chosen one!” A feminine voice said.

Before I could grasp what was going on, I felt a hit on my head and everything went black.

Chapter 2


“What do you mean she's the chosen one?” I snarled as soon as I entered Shilhi's office.

Shilhi was one of my trusted aide and hybrid. She is half werewolf and half witch. Thankfully, her werewolf side was more dominant, so much so that she couldn't cast a spell.

But in what she couldn't do in spells, nature made it up to her in knowledge of herbs, and general wisdom. Shilhi was the smartest being around and she was loyal to me.

“Alpha, please.” She implored, “have a seat.”

I sat down, “You should know that I don't have all day. A witch is in my territory, waiting to be made an example of, so whatever you have to say, make it make sense.”

My beta, Azriel, placed his palm on my shoulder, silently urging me to calm down.

“Alpha, please, it's important.” I could hear the urgency in his tone.

“Then let her talk.” I faced her with a raised eyebrow,

“The w


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