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The alpha and his princess

The alpha and his princess

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A girl who knows nothing of what she really is or where she came from. She doesn't know her birth parents. She was adupted,and they treat her like a slave. After 12 years of abuse,she is finally free,but not in a good way. She was running, running as fast as she could to get away from her dad. After the accident,what accident? Well you will just have to find out. Her dad hated even more then before. She ran into a wolf,who saved her life. Little did she know,that day would change her life forever,but in a good way. What will happen?

Her past

She Wondered around trying to find some food,she didn't want to eat out the trash can again. But it was the only thing she could find. Thankfully there was some burgers that hadden been there long. "Well,at least they are only 1 day old. Not that bad." She said,while sighing. She sat against the trashcan and started eating.

It may not have been much,but it sure as hell didn't taste good. She grew up on the streets,she doesn't remember much from when she was little,she remembers a tall man,black hair and green eyes. That's all,she thinks that it might be her dad. She isn't really sure. A few years ago by,and she ends up getting adupted by a rich couple. And boy did she regret going there.

Her dad,was very abusive towards her. Her mom cared,but not a lot. It was very little.

"Please stop! I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" She begged. He kept hitting her,she winded in pain,he walked out with the bloody bat. She locked the door behind him,making herself a warm bath to keep her bruises. She groaned,as the soapy water hit her skin. "I need to get out this hell hole.." she said softly.

She started looking for a job to try and get out of the house as much as she could. After looking for 1 hour she finally found one,it was called Baker town. She applied for it and went to sleep. The next day,she woke up to see if she got it. And she did,she wanted to jump,but her body hurts to much to even stand. She had bruises all over her body. She put on a big baggy hoodie,black pants and shoes and walked out the door. "And where are you going?" He asked in a strict cold voice.

"T-To my job s-sir." She replied shakily. He rolled his eyes and walked away,she ran out the door scared that he might do something. She stopped right in front of the shop. "I hope this goes well." She said as she walked in. All eyes where on her. "Alina?" A man said in a deep,husky voice. It sent chills down her spin. "Liam! What are you doing here?" She said turning around to meet this 6'1 muscular guy. With brown to blonde hair,that stayed right on his four head. Light blue eyes that looked like a ocean,and a perfect body. "I work here silly. What about you?" He asked looking at her waiting. "I'm here to get the job." She said in a cheerful tone. He smiled.

"Well in that case,your hired." He said handing her the uniform. "A-already? But I haven't even don-" she didn't get to finish as 3 muscler guys walked in wearing suits. The one in the front was so good looking. Tall,black hair,and blue eyes. And his lips- don't get me started on his lips. The man looked at her,and blushed a slight red.


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