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The Accidental Luna

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Alpha submitted to betrayal and pain had nothing to do than visit back in time to get a solution to his utmost predicament, Pack invasion and witches issues. Orion lived through his great-grandfather and grandfather's life just for that solution with the help of the right Luna, Brianna. Brianna was chased and banished from her pack as a Luna, she became a Luna, after all she was meant to be the right Luna. When she was running to an unknown destination to avoid getting killed, she met the one eyed alpha. He helped her and later mated Brianna. Brianna later betrayed him. Did fate bring them back together again? Did they become enemies?

Chapter 1

If someone was looking from afar, one could see how the two best friends look at each other and deduce that their friendship is deep rooted in brotherly-love; it is always Orion and Tristan. No one else, just them two against the world. The young Alpha and his Warlock friend. The two always do their things together and seems inseparable, it was almost like nothing and no one else could come between them, or at least that is what it seems to the world.

Then there was a girl named Kyler, human, pinning after the young alpha like every other girls in school does, who wouldn’t? The young alpha was a 6’1 stunner, dark hair and piercing blue eyes, almost like frozen sea water in the winter. She was beautiful and she knows it. She was not like an insecure girl who wasn’t aware of her beauty. But, as she was totally heads over heels for the young alpha, so does the warlock friend fancying the beautiful Kyler.

“Hey”, the beautiful red head that is Kyler said as she tucked her hair behind her right ear, speaking to the two friends, she was staring straight at Orion trying to make her intentions known, but as handsome as the young alpha was, he wasn’t the type that catches on to others’ feelings easily.

“Hello”, Orion and Tristan answered at the same time, but the warlock’s voice sounded kind of broken making it seems like he was stunned by the girl’s beauty.

“Um, Do you guys want to study together later tonight?” she thought it would be easier to ease Orion into liking her if his best friend was present.

“Yeah, sure”, Orion was the one to answer as Tristan was still staring shamelessly with mouth wide open, making his friend nudge him in the arm, he nodded too.

“Alright, I’ll see at the diner”, with that said, Kyler turned around and left to do her own thing- planning to make Archer fall for her.

“Tristan, are you okay?” the young alpha asked his friend seeing as his friend was looking like someone who was put in some kind of trance.

“Did you see how beautiful that girl was?” Tristan fired back making Orion’s eyebrow shoot up like what his friend said is the strangest thing ever.

In Orion’s defense, Tristan is never one to show interest in any girl since the beginning of their teenage years, where girls were swimming around the young alpha, the warlock simply lets him have his moments without interruption. As a warlock, having mates wasn’t easy, but, seeing Kyler, something unlocked inside of Tristan, like love at first sight.

“We should go to that date, and then…” the warlock told his friend, more of a command

“Date, what do you mean date? She said studying though”, Orion cut his friend off

“Fine! We should totally go the studying”, Tristan rephrased

“Okay”, Orion couldn’t help but agree seeing the kind of reaction his friend was giving; it was new and strange to him

With that, the two best friends continued their day of boring classes and almost meaningless conversation with so called friends. Being the future alpha of the Blood River Pack brought a lot of attention; wanted and unwanted towards Orion’s way and Tristan was more than happy to back his friend up whenever. After all, it was them two against the world.

Going to the study session was not the hard part, it was hard keeping Tristan focused for more than two minutes, he was just staring at Kyler shamelessly every chance he got. Although the said girl noticed, she neither did nor said anything about it because she also was busy staring at Orion, who was the only serious person during their study session. He didn’t really need the education, as his only legacy was being the Alpha when the time comes.

After the study session, the trio parted ways, Kyler headed to her home in town and the two best friends who lived side by side at the pack house to their homes as well. Their little study dates went on for about a month; it strengthened their friendship in some kind of way with the love triangle going on, a love triangle that Orion knew nothing about.

It was a sunny afternoon, the trio was under the shady tree where they usually have their lunch at, when Tristan decided to shoot his shot and ask Kyler out on a date.

“Kyler?” Tristan called out

“Yes”, she answered

“Do you want to go out tonight?” he asked

“Yeah, sure”, she responded thinking he was referring to the three of them going to their usual study date

As if sensing what she was thinking, Tristan clarified for her “I mean just the two of us, you and I”, he told her, and immediately she scrunched her face up as if a vile thing entered her mouth. Not liking the reaction he got, Tristan came all out.

“Like a date”, with that, she starts to shake her head no furiously.

Orion wasn’t interested in Kyler, so he decided to keep quiet and let his friend have his moment.

“I can’t go on a date with you, Tristan”, Kyler spoke out after shaking her head no

“But, why?” a confused Tristan asked why the only girl he has ever showed interest in wasn’t responding favorably

“I’m in love with someone else”, she said. Orion decided to intervene to side his friend

“Who are you in love with?” He asked her ready to convince her as best as he could to date Tristan, but the answer that came out of Kyler’s mouth shocked them both to the core.

“You!, Orion, I’m in love with you”, she shouted with so much confident like it is the most obvious thing in the world.

It was obvious that Kyler’s response angered Tristan to the point that he doesn’t want to be in the presence of his best friend, to him it seems like the greatest betrayal of the century. He took off to the forest with the intent of no return. For someone who had barely shown any interest in anyone since they were little, Orion seems to understand his friend’s feelings, but at the same time, he had an idea of where Tristan might have ran off to, so he made a mental note to check on him later after sorting things out with Kyler.

“Listen Kyler”, Orion started as stern and cold as he could be. Being the future alpha gave him that privilege of making anything in the world listen to him whether they like it or not. It is natural instinct to want to listen to an Alpha, human or super-natural.

“I don’t like you that way at all and you just hurt my best friend’s feeling with what you said, it is better if you stay away for a while”, he told her and left immediately, not giving her the chance to say whether she heard him or not.

Orion knew the only way to help Tristan was to keep calm, because he had the tendency of making things blow up with his magic when he was angry or did not get his way since they were little. Orion knew he needed to be level headed to keep his friend out of danger.

Chapter 2

In the forest, where Tristan had ran off to, the grounds were shaking indicating the presence of a very powerful warlock being angry, his magic was acting out. Because he was a young warlock, a powerful one at that, he was still learning the art of magic and control and because he is yet to grasp the art of control, it was hard for his magic to not act out when he was that angry.

He was fuming, thinking Orion has betrayed him after all the support he has brought to the young alpha while they were growing up and till date. Growing up, they were two peas in a pod, wherever one went, the other followed. They caused troubles together, made mistakes together and learnt their lessons as well. It was because of everything they have been through together that made him think Orion was a traitor; although, in his subconscious, he knew the young Alpha would never do anything to hurt him, he was just too angry to let it go and reason for a bit.

It wasn’t long before Orion caught up


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