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Taming The Alpha - The Curse Of Passion.

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"You're a blood wolf, aren't you??" He said, his voice low and dangerous. And I saw his wolf again, but this time around, they were two. The other one appeared more aggressive and his eyes were completely black and he looked roguish. ********** Darcy is the last of her kind - a rare breed of werewolf known as a blood wolf. After her entire pack got murdered in cold blood, she goes into hiding, as she hid herself deeply in the human world as she live like every ordinary human, making it impossible to be found. But what happens when she crosses paths with a deadly and roguish, hybrid alpha of the Night Howlers Pack??

Chapter 1

Jace Steele.{Alarm clock blares loudly}“Darn it!!” I cursed, shuddering on my bed which could contain extra three persons on it. “Why does Mondays always comes so fast??” I stretched my hand to the pigeon-like alarm clock as i turned it off before crashing back on the bed.I opened my eyes but everything appeared blurry as the sun penetrated through the windows which curtains were a bit apart. I groaned as i turned downwards, in order to escape the blinding sun. I was taking some time off within my territory in the woods and my territory encompassed so many wild forests and not excluding the cabin i was currently inside.I became more powerful and ended up having the largest territory from defeated rival packs. I had carried along few healthy pack members alongside with me as i stuffed myself up with a lot of pack warriors as well. I had many rivals who wanted to ascend the throne. And i had made for myself so many rivals from far and within.I equipped my men with powerful guns and they were also skilled swordsmen as well who he placed under daily training. They were up from as early as 4 AM to begin training and they had little time to rest. That was the strength of my pack, i had a great military strength which made my pack a deadly and fiery pack.Three years ago, my life had come to a pause as my father got assassinated and from a little boy who lived a simple life, i had to ascend the throne. But then, like every werewolf with a dark secret, i also had one among many others.It’s been two cold years since my mother passed on from a plague inflicted upon the werewolf race by the old witch and ruling at this point happened to be my toughest years as I ruled a sick clan, the Night Howlers Pack. Two years of being stuck in my unending mission to save my pack and race from extinction and yet, there was no hope as and I was already in my mid-20s. I grew weary every single day as it was a hard and impossible mission to find the cure to my sick pack. The curse soon spread amongst different werewolf packs as they all went out in search of a cure.After a ten minutes interval, the clock blares again and this time around, i jumped off my bed as i picked up the clock from the cabinet and smashed it on the ground and i walked into the bathroom as the clock stays broken on the floor. “Good morning, Sir.” Jones greeted as i stepped out of the bathroom. “Morning, Jones!!” I greeted back, showing no interest in whatever he had to say.Jones Weatherford happens to be the most trusted person in my life and he happens to be my beta as well.“You seem not to be in a good mood today, can I be of any of help to you??” Jones said in a low tone as he lowered his iPad a bit.“Tell the maid to come clean this mess and the gent down the alley to get my car all set.” I responded as i untied the towel which was wrapped over my waist.“Is that all you need?? How about your breakfast??”“Just a hot coffee will do for now. I need to rush down to the fortress, I have an important meeting with the elders.” I muttered as i wore my shirt on. “Okay then!!” Jones said before leaving him to himself. “F*ck my anger issues!!” I brushed my right shoulder as i looked at the broken clock. I proceeded to the door with my briefcase and stepping out of my room, the first person I had seen was my newly hired maid. “Good morning, sir!!” The maid bowed as i walked passed her.“You will see my clothes, take them to the laundry before noon and have a nice day.” I said with a smile on my face as i walked away.“Oh! You are down already?? Was going to bring it to your room.” Jones muffled.I had ignored him as i sat down on the dining chair. “How about the gent??” I asked after having sipped a bit of his hot coffee which burnt the tip of my tongue.“Oh! He has done that already.” Jones responded as he helped me with my briefcase. “There is also an important meeting on your list, Sir!!” Jones broke the silence as i gave him a deadly glare. “Uhmm uhm.” He cleared his throat as he suspended what he was about to say. He lowered his head a bit as he waited patiently for me.One thing i grew to dislike was having a conversation when i was about to eat and i was already having a bad day to start with. Few minutes later, i had dropped the coffee, leaving little inside the mug as i walked out of the cabin with Jones behind him. All my workers had suspended what they were doing as they showed some courtesy by bowing down before me. I had the ability to be nice to everyone but it was overly rumored that it was better to see me wear a frown than to see me wear a smile because i was a sly devil. That was more like my nickname amongst my workers.Jones had taken the lead as they approached his black Bugatti la Voiture which he had bought for a whooping sum of 18.5 million dollars. “I received a call from Connor Timber. I think he has a very vital information that will lead us into finding her. The other meetings can wait.” I said to Jones as i ordered him to change route. “Oh! Welcome Alpha!!” Austin said with a grin on his face. “Since you are here now, why don’t we proceed to the hall??” He said, pointing towards the elevator.“And, your beta can wait in the car for you. The alpha said he can’t trust anyone else but you and he wants this meeting to be as private as possible.” He muttered as Jones took some few steps backwards. “No! No!! No!!! Something doesn’t feel alright here, Jace. You have to back off now!!” Fang scowled as he kept prowling within. “Can you stop being scared for nothing, Damon??” I scoffed as i followed the men into the elevator. “Finally, finally, Jace Steele, we meet again.” I heard a familiar voice from behind as I walked into the room.Before i could turn back, one of the hefty looking men had smashed my face with his elbow, sending me down on one knee.“Say your last prayer because today, you won’t be surviving this!!” The man muttered as he pressed the gun against my head. “I’ve found your dirty secret, Jace.” The man smirked as i looked at him, with my eyes go wild in dismay.

Chapter 2

Darcy Snow.“You want to pull the trigger?? Huh??” Allison scoffed as he looked at me. His smile right there showed how much he despised me.It has been three years since i fled away from my pack to the bustling city and every day, i find the courage to keep my existence a secret. Exactly two years from today, Allison had asked her out to be his mate and ever since then, we have been living as a couple in my little apartment and spending my monthly income which i got from the hotel i worked in, Swiss Hotel. “What makes you think that even having pulled that trigger at me, that your f*cking and miserable life would come to an end, huh??” He rashly said as he grabbed Rosario’s waist tighter.Rosario and Darcy has been best friends since she relocated into the city and tonight, i felt betrayed by the two persons i had come to love so very much since my entire family and pack got murdered in cold blood by other alphas led by influence of du


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