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Taken by the Alphas

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"Please!! Please...Dd...Don't kill me!" Rani begged in a scared whisper His face came back up towards her neck and gave it a warm wet lick. "No!! Please!!!" Rani whimpered and cried under the wolf, who growled down at her in a possessive kind of way. ——————————————— Hector and Damon are stepbrothers, they used to be loyal to each other and jointly hold the position of Alpha. To find their family treasure, they went to chase a girl named Rani. Rani was a human, she must save her uncle and get to the Mexican border without getting caught by her chasers who happen to be a ruthless pair of Alpha brothers after her, for more than one secret. Will Rani be the mate of one of the brothers? If so, which one she will choose? How will the game of chasers and prey play out? What plans will be made on the chasing trip? Read the story to find out!



Review after half of the novel

Loved this novel from the beginning it’s really a draw you in type of novel because once you start reading you just can’t get enough, the characters and the main plot really bring everything together each word makes a different in the vibes you get off. I really hope if you see this you give it a try because it’s very much worth your time and day to give it a shot, not every novel is great but this one is

June 15, 2024

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