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Tail of Damian

Tail of Damian

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Castle Noel Is home to many werewolves in Yukon, Alaska . However they are prohibited from going to the human city. They can only hunt in the forest and bushy areas alone. The only ones permitted to enter the city is a wolf with a permit, an agreement made many years ago between the mayor and Amek, the former alpha. Twenty years later, Damian the son of Amek realises that the werewolves in his pack has decreased in number. He goes to Egypt to ask for aid from another pack even as they have become enemies. Along the journey, he falls for the daughter of his enemy pack.

Wolves go Missing

Many years ago in the deep land of Alaska, there were two brothers, Amek and Ramirez, werewolves from the Noel tribe. Amek was the first born, he was a good hunter and the tribe loved him. Ramirez was a good builder, he was innovative but the tribe feared him, they saw him as a threat and mocked all of his innovative ways because they did not want to change their traditional way of living.

Even though the two brothers had difficulty getting along, they built the Noel Castle to secure themselves from the humans. The wolves knew that they are not allowed to enter the city where humans live unless they come with a permit. An agreement that was sealed between Amek and Mayor Walker many years ago. The mayor is the only human who knows about the werewolves existence. He passed that secret to his firstborn son Walker Junior who is also mayor in the new modern time.

20 years later, wolves from the Noel tribe began to decrease in number's, Damian the last living son,of Amek was concerned.

"The time for breeding has arrived, yet we do not have young female wolves left. The male wolves have decreased greatly I'm numbers. Something awful is happening. Many wolves have suddenly disappeared without a trace. Soon we will also disappear." Said Damian.

"Brother, there must be a valid reason why all of this is happening. Perhaps the wolves have escaped to live with the humans as there is a better chance of finding food there,than here." Said Caspian, who was a very close friend to Damian.

"But the wolves would never leave without telling me. They have great adoration for me. I am the son of Amek, the greatest hunter known, of the Noel tribe."

"Brother still the wolves could have left even though your father's was Amek. This entire forest does not have food. We are hungry."

"Caspian I always go to the city and fetch food with them, but we use my father's permit document. When our kind are caught without a permit, they are taken to prison."

"Who is going to prison?" A voice said suddenly from behind them.

"Mother, you're back." Said Damian, giving Phillis a warm hug.

"Of course I am back. Did you think I would stay in the cold for that long?

Even werewolves become ill." Said Phillis.

Damian smiled.

"I am glad that you are safe. Mother have you noticed the number of wolves in our pack is decreasing" He asked.

"Yes I have. I think they went to hunt on the forbidden land's." Said Philis.

"That is what I have been trying to tell him. Your son here thinks that something horrible is happening to the wolves." Said Caspian.

"And what if it is, what then?"

"Then we fight to save the pack. We speak to the mayor about the matter." Said Phillips.

"What will we tell him?"

"That the deer and the rabbits have all disappeared and we are starving."

"Mother I want you to stay guard in my place. I have to go and investigate." Said Damian.

"I'll come with you." Said Caspian.

"No one is going anywhere. There is a snow storm out there and it seems to be worsening." Said Phillis.

"The wolves are disappearing. I cannot sit here in comfort while someone is hurting them out there. Father would surely be disappointed in me, seeing that I had turned weak. I am the last living son of Amek. Let me represent him well. It is important that I do this. It is my duty to take care of the wolves just he took care of them while he was still alive and breathing."

Phillis had tears in her eyes.

"If you go out there make sure that you are safe. If something happens to you too. I don't know how I will be able to cope. Loosing your father was enough to make me feel as if I was losing my sanity, I don't want to lose you as well."

Damian gave her mother a reasurring hug.

"I will not be harmed, I swear." He said.

Even though there snow storm was getting stronger, Damian and Caspian left still.

After two hours of walking in the snow, Caspian realised that he was hungry. His stomach made a loud growl.

"Damian I should head back. I am starting to get hungry." He said.

"Wait, can you hear that?"

"No I cannot, can we leave?"

Damian turned into his human form and walked towards the direction of the noise he heard. Caspian followed him.

"Look at what we have."

"A fat man with a sausage roll. I ate it once, it does taste amazing. But one is not enough, five might help." Said Caspian.

There was a meat truck parked near the trees. The driver seemed to have been taking a break from work. He was eating his sausage roll. On the right hand, he was holding a can of beer.

"Come with me." Said Damian.

The man in the drivers sit had been listening to music on his earphone. The volume was on high volume and his attention was completely fixed on his sausage roll. Caspian and Damian walked slowly towards the back of the truck and broke the lock that was keeping it closed. It was an old truck. Breaking the lock was not hard for them as they were strong. They opened the truck slowly and saw wild boar, Slaughtered and hanging. Damian grabbed at least two, Caspian carried two as well. They both ran to the Noel Castle.

"I can't believe we pulled that off without getting caught." Said Caspian.

"We can't keep doing this. If the mayor learns that something odd is happening in his city, we are going to get in trouble."

"We don't have a choice. There's no deer in the wild. All the animals have disappeared. The pack must also eat."

The two wolves finally arrived at the Noel Castle. Phillis rushed to help them carry the heavy meat.

"Thank goodness you are both safe. Where did you get that?" Phillis asked.

"In the forest. A man was parking his meat truck in our territory and therefore we took his meat." Said Damian.

Caspian blurted out laughing.

"You cannot steal. I taught you better than that."

"I am sorry Phillis, but Damian is correct. The man was in our territory. As much as the humans have put out laws about us not coming near them without a permit. We have laws too. No human is allowed to hunt or walk in our territory. Those who do get attacked as a warning. We are wolves afterall, not humans." said Caspian.

Damian and Caspian cut the meat into many pieces. Phillis ordered the wolves to stand in a straight cue while they were being served by both Damian and Caspian.

Asking for aid

Late evening when the wolves were resting.

Damian went to stand with Caspian at the Noel gate.

"Brother. We did a good thing today. Helping the pack from starvation. Do not feel guilty, that man was in our territory."

"We cannot justify bad actions because the forest is our territory. Not all of it is ours. Or have you also forgotten that part." Caspian asked.

"Who lives here if not us? The humans know their place is in the city with cars and huge tall buildings."


"Caspian I did not come here to find ways on justifying our actions. I wanted to speak to you about a certain matter."

"Well go on."

"I have been thinking very hard about this thing."

"What might that be?"

"I have decided to leave for Cairo to seek help from another pack."

"Help on what?"

"I want to find us a new safer place to st


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