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Sweet Revenge

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With Caden the hottest guy on campus making passes on her, Tessa often doubted the crush she believed she had for Alex When a final get-together was organized for finalist in the woods, Tessa crawled out of her shell to attend with the intention to choose. It started out as fun, with opportunities to explore, but in the mist of it all Tessa could not deny the little strange things that eventually turned the fun camping to a battle for survival. She soon realised everything was a carefully planed revenge. She was loced up and tortured by whom she once thought she liked, but she couldn't hate him, he had a magical touch that was so intense each time he turned.

Chapter 1

“You’re beautiful Tessa – in a way no girl in this school is. You should hang out more often.”

Tessa turned again in bed unable to sleep as the voice of Caden, the hottest guy ever in her high school remained stuck in her head.

He had finally noticed her – had called her beautiful! And then what had she done in return? Blushed hotly and stared at her feet like some kind of weirdo.

Finally giving up on sleep, Tessa got up and picked up her phone. It was still three o clocks in the morning, she dialed Rachel.

Rachel picked up at the first ring. “Why are you not asleep Tess?”

Tessa giggled “I could ask you the same”

It was Rachel’s turn to laugh. “Baby girl I do a whole lot of things at night – but you on the other hand always sleep through, especially because we have the interview today.”

Tessa sighed. She had forgotten about the interview. She and Rachel had an interview for admission into their dream university, and she had forgotten all about that, all because some hot high school kids had called her beautiful!”

Tessa sighed again. “Rachel, do you think I’m beautiful?”

Rachel paused a bit. “Where’s this coming from?”

“It’s just – I have a mad crush on Caden, and Caden called me beautiful – and I don’t know if he was just being kind!” She blurted out, knowing she was going to regret it. Tessa usually never told anyone about her crushes. Her love experiences were always painful and went unnoticed, and most of the time, they involved her crushing on guys who never knew she existed.

Rachel sighed “Tessa I don’t think it would be a good idea to get your hopes up –”

“Why?” Tessa asked, stifling a sob. “Why do you think I should not get my hopes up? Because he is not any out of my league? Because he’s hot and popular – and I’m … I’m just Tessa?” She could not explain why she was angry, after all, Rachel was only confirming what she already knew. She knew only that she was angry, at least, it was better to focus on anger than the pain and despair that lay curdled up within her breast, and the best person to vent to seemed to be her best friend.

Rachel took a deep breath. “Tessa you know that’s not what I meant. You’re beautiful, intelligent, talented – any guy with brains would understand what a catch you are – Caden doesn’t even deserve you. I don’t want you to get your hopes up because Caden – well yes he’s hot and popular, but he’s a playboy! He treats girls like dirt, sleeps with them today, and forgets their names the next day. You deserve better, and hey there is Alex, we both know you have a crush on him he is smart and cute I think you should forget about Caden."

"Yes I like Alex, he is all that but Caden is.. never mind."

Tessa nodded although she was far from convinced. “Okay, Ray. Whatever you say.” She suddenly felt very sleepy, it was after all still three am in the morning – she glanced at the time; it was three – fifteen.

" You need to wake me up, my alarm can't do the job with how I am feeling right now."

"You better wake up early tomorrow is a big day and we can't be late for any reason."

" It's today and that is why you need to wake me up."

" Oh Tessa if your alarm can't do the job, then who am I? I am so sure, would wake up late myself, even if I wake up early enough how will I wake you across the fence, in another house?"

"I would leave my window open just shout across, and to answer your question u are a very competent young lady, my best friend, the sister I never had.... "

"You are a very competent young lady, my best friend, the sister I never had... I"

" Okay..okay, I hear you, before you start all these yóur sweet talks, I will try my best."

"I am counting on you Racheal, I know I would not wake up and I don't trust my parents to remember me."

"Okay I got you, but for me to be able to do my work well I have to go to bed."

" Yeah thank you, goodbye."

"Hey, Tessa are you okay now ?"

"Yeah I feel a lot better thank you"

Tessa hung up after assuring her best friend that she was okay, and this time, she slept uninterrupted.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Caden took a long drag from his cigar before tossing it outside. His blood was boiling. His inner wolf called. There was something different this time, this time he did not want a mere kill – this time, he had found his mate.

He knew it deep within, although he fought that truth. He was not ready yet for such commitment, to give himself wholly, freely to one woman, to possess everything about her the same way she possessed him. He didn’t mind possessing her body – whoever she may be, to wrap his arms around the petit little curvy body of hers –


He was still thinking of her. Her beautiful heart-shaped face, her generous cherry-colored lips. He wanted to taste them, draw on her sweet nectar till he wished to no more – or till he wanted too much more that he never let her go again.

Could she be his mate? Was there a possibility that the timid, little, antisocial human was his mate, the female he was going to spend the rest of his eternity with?

His claws came out involuntarily, his inner wolf tugging at him as though in confirmation. Caden sighed. His life was getting more complicated than he thought it ever could.

Tessa was also the daughter of his mortal enemy, the man he had vowed to destroy.

Caden felt around for his cigar, and then remembered he had already thrown it out. He needed something stronger – coke perhaps. If he planned everything well, he could still use Tessa to destroy her father, as well as claim her as his mate. He just needed to thread smartly.

Untangling the arms of the blond girl that was already passed out behind him, high on some substance or another, Caden got up and stepped into the open. Even though it wasn’t a full moon yet, the night called out to him, a perfect time for a good hunt. Maybe, he could take the innocent little beauty called Tessa off his mind for just a little while.

Chapter 2

Bzzzt Bzzzt Bzzzt Tessa turned reluctantly and stretched her hand to the clock that sat on a bedside table and dismissed the alarm that disturbed her sweet sleep, as she rolled back into her sleeping position, she heard Racheal shouting out to her

" Tessa! Wake up!!"

They were neighbors and Tassa had left her window open so Racheal could wake her. Tassa buried her head in her pillow and continued her sleep

"Teeessaa!!" Racheal continued, knock knock

"Tessa wake up it's 7 am if you don't get up now you would be late for the Interview"

"Mommy go away, I have not slept enough" Tessa murmured a reply " ok now get up I would not have you lose your opportunity to go to a great University because of stupidity," her mother said impatiently she took off the blankets

" Mom, there is something like privacy you know".

" Girl go shower and get dressed, you see Racheal is all set,


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