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Spurned Luna's Return 2

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Alpha Blake is the supreme Alpha of the Ralton pack. He sees the need for pack land expansion and takes a fancy to the land occupied by a neighbouring pack. He goes to state his desire but the Alpha of that pack refuses him, claiming it's their ancestral land. Out of anger, Alpha Blake returns with his best warriors and attacks them without warning, killing everyone and taking the survivor back to his pack. He forcefully takes over the land and all that belongs to them. But he lets one of the live and takes her back to his pack. There she becomes a punching bag- tortured every day. She turned 16 but did not shift and thinks she's wolfless. Overtime, she loses hope of ever getting revenge on these wicked people. But one day, she hears her wolf's voice and regains hope. She surprisingly shifts into a wolf, mermaid and dragon when she turns 19. According to her wolf, her mate will free her from this pack but she is heartbroken to find that Chase, the evil Alpha's son is her mate. He angrily rejects her, and she decided to escape. Unfortunately, she was caught back to the pack and is subjected to humiliating torture by 3 of the pack's teens. What will be her fate?

Chapter 1

"What are you saying, Riri?" Peter asked in puzzlement. They'd just arrived here. How many minutes had even passed? Yet his little sis is saying that her sworn big sis is in peril? This wasn't a ploy to get her back to Lavana, was it?

"Look here, little drama queen. I have no time for your tricks. No matter what, I won’t take you back there." Peter said determinedly with folded arms. Beatrix suddenly knelt while gritting her teeth.

“If you don’t take me there, I’ll go myself.”

“Like I’ll let you.” Peter sneered and bent over to raise her up but then he saw her eyes change color.

“Take me to her now."

“Girl, stop throwing tantrums. Let’s go meet dad and mom. They must be glad to see you.” Peter suddenly carried her with one arm and then headed towards a magnificent building. Many guards and other palace personnel bowed as soon as they saw their wiz prince and princess coming. They wondered why the little princess in his arm was throwing tantrums. The Beatrix in their recollection was a dainty graceful princess.

“Peter put me down this instant.” Beatrix protested.

“Call me big brother.”

“Big brother. I already called you that. Please let me go. I really need to see her. She’s in danger.” Beatrix insisted. She loathed herself for being so weak. How can she defy her brother- a certified wizard? She was so unreconciled.

"Relax. Let's meet dad and mom first. I'm afraid you think you have no parents nor royal responsibilities just because you've wandered outside for some days with unlimited freedom."

"Peter put me down."

"Call me big brother."

"Will you let me go back if I do so?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Peter... Big brother," Beatrix's voice suddenly turned coquettish.

"Eish! That won't work on me." Peter said with a cold face and continued walking.

Soon they found their parents dressed in expensive clothes and jewellery with their magnificent crowns on their heads. They were seated in a pavilion having tea and debating some topics.

Their parents both had auburn hair and looked like they were in their early 30s. Their mother in particular was very beautiful and looked gentle. She was dressed in a porcelain white gown made of the purest silk which was studded with precious stones and a beautiful pink chiffon scarf on her elbows. She only wore white socks but no shoes.

Upon sensing that her daughter was around, she turned her head and saw her precious baby in her eldest child's hand.

Her eyes displayed even more gentleness.

"Oh, my precious baby. You're back from your adventure." she rose and walked slowly to them.

Peter handed his baby sister to his mother and then went on one knee with his hands crossed on his chest.

"Royal son greets king father and queen mother."

"Rise, my son." the queen touched his head gently and he obeyed. The king just waved with a smile while sipping tea and going over some papers.

"So how was the adventure you two had? Mommy’s ready for some gist," she asked with interest.

"Mommy..." Beatrix's face turned bleak.

"Erm... I need to um... relieve myself." Peter quickly made up an excuse. Why was he so foolish to drop this troublemaker here? As soon as she got into the hands of the one with higher sovereignty, she wanted to punish him. Lastborns had this annoying privilege.

Even though he was the supposed crowned prince as the only biological son of his parents, they considered Phoenix the firstborn so he was somehow a middle child. Middle children were almost non-existent!

"Peter, you don't need to go far. You can pee on the grasses over there." the queen pointed at an area not too far from them.

"What? Mum!" he said with a red face.

"What are you acting bashful for? You don't need to bend down like us ladies. Go and pee there. Didn't you always say you wanna help the planet?"

"Y-Yes..." he replied with confusion. How was helping the planet related to easing oneself?

The queen began to explain. "Now water is precious. And the soil is needful of any water it can get. Our urine isn't like that of humans. It's good for the plants. So peeing on them not only makes them happy but also the water you’ll use in flushing the toilet can be saved for something more important.”

"…” Peter could not believe his ears. What sort of clarification was this? This was the queen, his mom, who always told him to act dignified. Now she’s telling him to seriously pee in public like this?

“Young man, when you’re out on missions, don’t you do it too?”

“But… I’m not on a mission…” he sighed. “Mum, if you just don’t want me to leave this spot, just say it. I don’t feel like peeing anymore,” he said, looking defeated. This mom of his. As gentle as she looked, she was good at putting others in a tight spot and also bringing them trouble. The king was not even spared!

“Good you figured it out but you really need to work on your brain. Or you might embarrass me at the yearly meeting,” she said with lazy eyes.

Peter nodded. “Yes, mum.”

Seeing that her boy was finally obedient, she turned to her daughter. All this time that she was giving her son a hard time, Beatrix was busy making faces at Peter. It took him all the self-control not to punish her. Besides, his mom won’t even let him. How miserable he was!

“Honey, what were you attempting to tell me?” the queen asked.

“Mommy…” Beatrix’s face now looked pitiful. She pointed a finger at Peter.

“Big brother… he bullied me,” she said in a sorrowful voice.

Hearing these words from her, Peter could only stare elsewhere. He might as well admire the view.

And hearing that her baby girl was bullied by this Peter here, the queen gasped.

“He bullied you?” she turned to look at her son. “ Peter, why did you do that?” she asked her son but he didn’t reply. He decided he won’t waste his energy talking.

The queen looked at her daughter again with tender eyes. “Riri my dear, tell mommy. How did Peter bully you? Don’t be afraid. Mommy is here.” she encouraged while petting her daughter’s head gently.

“Okay, mommy. Big brother… he…”

“No need to explain, Beatrix." Peter interrupted. “Mom, I’ll tell you. I was… I suddenly had an emergency and so I left her with some humans to care for her well until I returned.”

“You liar! Mom, don’t listen to him. He didn’t give me to them.”

“I did. I paid them 500 dollars to care for her until I settle the emergency.”

“Mom, he sold me!” Beatrix blotted out.

“You what?”

Hearing the word ‘Sold’ made the king finally stand up from his seat and walk over to where his wife stood. “What am I hearing, Peter? You actually sold your baby sister for mere 500 dollars? Outrageous! My gosh! No wonder my baby returned with grievances. Look at her, she’s so thin!” he said while touching Beatrix’s chin.

Peter nearly rolled his eyes. What thin? She clearly became rounder! She had so much liberty that she played and played with the pack’s kids. There was even one particular kid Beatrix liked to be with. What was his name again? Perio or was it, Pedro?

“Young man, how dare you space out in front of your king. You don’t put me in your eyes?” the king barked.

“I put you in my eyes. And apart from being king, you’re also my dad.” Peter pointed out. “And so what if I sold her? This girl is so annoying! You forced her to go out with me.”

“You irresponsible…”

“Dad, Mom, I’ve delivered your precious princess home now. You should be happy and celebrating. And other than that, you’d better keep an eye on her so she doesn’t escape.” Peter said before walking away.

“Peter, stop right there.”

“Don’t bother. It’s just sleeping in jail for a few days. I won’t die.”

“Peter, what makes you think I’ll send you to jail?”

Peter stopped and turned his head with an eyebrow raised in doubt. “You won’t? I’ve committed this serious crime and I deserve punishment. Don’t waste my time. I have to go to jail.”

“Peter Marvin Atlantes, I, your king order you to not move from that spot.” the king thundered.

“Boring! Since you won’t kill me, what’s there to be afraid of? Besides, your beloved ‘first’ son, has a good surprise for you. Beatrix already knows it though. Remember what I said. Don’t let her escape. If she does even escape, you can find her at….”

“Big brother, why are you so mad? I said you sold me… it’s a joke. Dad, Mum, please don’t be mad at me. Hehe.” Beatrix laughed nervously and her parents looked at her.

“Don’t try to defend him,” they said in unison.

“Er… He really didn’t sell me. He… I just didn’t like the people he gave me to. Besides they turned out to be child traffickers and I couldn’t use my witch scepter.”

“You guys don’t need to worry. I had a special pearl with me. She won’t die as long as it’s intact. And if you guys don’t want me to go to jail, I might as well go kneel in the ancestral hall.”

“Stop right there!” the king barked but Peter simply scoffed and stormed off.

The king and queen looked at each other and sighed.

“You go talk to him, honey. I need to pamper my little girl. As you can see, she’s suffered a lot.” the queen whispered before both parted.


Peter did not go to the ancestral hall as he changed his mind. He headed to his manor and upon getting into his super spacious luxury room, he summoned his golden scepter and threw it on the floor. Then he started stomping his right foot on it. He soon got a backlash as he felt drastic pain in his chest and a strong headache.

A figure suddenly appeared, seated on the majestic chair beside the bed that was made of agarwood. It was his father!


Peter frowned upon seeing him. “What are you doing here?” he yelped.

“You don’t use that tone on your parent.” the king said leisurely.

Peter scoffed. “Who cares? I don’t, so neither should you.” Peter slapped the table close to him causing it to split in two.

“Peter…” his dad sighed and rose up from the chair.

“Dad, if you’re here to impart some words of ‘encouragement’ to me, just save it. I don’t need it. Please, just leave me alone.” Peter used the strength he could muster to kick his scepter away while gritting his teeth.

“Peter, come over here and sit down.” his dad said calmly.

“Why should I? I don’t want to see you.”

“Of course you do. Come sit here and let’s straighten things out, young man.”

“If I don’t?”

“Easy! I’ll just disrobe you myself and have you paraded around the castle stark nude 15 times.” the king leisurely said while crossing his legs.

“You…” Peter was speechless and could only point at his dad in disbelief.

“Don’t point at me. Have you forgotten all your manners in the few days you were away with Beatrix?”

“Gosh!” Peter couldn’t help exclaiming in his mind. This father of his had the heart to expose his child’s nudity for undeserving people to see? What rubbish!

He clenched his hands into fists while gritting his teeth from the pain he was feeling.

“I’ll not repeat myself again, Peter.” at this moment, the king already summoned his scepter. It was maroon red in color and was covered in lightning with a golden pearl atop it enclosed by glowing shamrock green vines. It was three times longer than a high-ranking wizard’s scepter. Indeed, he was the Wiz king!

Reluctantly, Peter sat on the bed while maintaining a great distance from his dad.

“My son, come nigher.” his dad beckoned with a gentle voice.

“Dad, whatever you want to say, just say it. I can hear from here.” Peter said while looking away.

The king sighed and vanished. Then he reappeared seated on the bed, next to Peter. He then placed his hand around Peter’s shoulders and another on his stomach. Soon enough, Peter no longer felt any pain. But he still wore that grumpy face.

“Peter, you are my son.”

“I know that, old man,” Peter replied with a scoff.

“I said don’t talk to me that way, Peter.” his father scolded as he poked his son twice at the back of his head.

“Ow!” Peter couldn’t help but let out a yell of pain. What’s the use of healing his dad when he was gonna put him in pain again? So terrible!

“Peter, look at me in the eyes and tell me what you see.” the king commanded. Peter did as he was told and looked his dad in the eye.

“So, what do you see, young man?”

“What I see? I see a man staring at me with eyes of mischief and a mouth that’s pro at saying words with double meanings.” Peter replied lazily.

“Be serious, young man.” his dad rebuked.

“Fine!” he became serious and gazed at his dad for a while. Soon their eyes changed color and their scepters began to glow and move around each other in a circular pattern slowly. A minute later, both scepters increased the pace as they moved around each other to the extent that they became blurs.

Peter’s hair was now standing and some of his hair strands turned golden and a red moon mark appeared on Peter’s forehead but the king apart from his glowing red eyes and his scepter that was moving about, there were no other changes.

Suddenly, the scepters stopped moving and remained still in mid-air.

The 2 men’s eyes stopped glowing so did their scepters. The new features that had appeared on Peter’s hair and face also vanished like they were never there before.

Peter sighed and made his scepter fly to him. Then it vanished after coming into contact with his hand. The king did the same too before looking at his son whose head now hung low.

“Now, you don’t easily get dispirited nor give up in front of a stronger power, my son.”

“I… Dad…” Peter got on his knees and pressed his palms together. “Dad, I’m sorry. I was wrong to do that to my baby sister. Please forgive me for the trauma I caused.”

The king sighed again and helped his son get back on his feet.

“It’s okay, my dear. I forgive you but you must take your punishment… from Beatrix.”

“Eh? Again?”

“What do you mean by that? You expected to be let off the hook because you’re the first seed from my loins? *scoff * Son, you sure know how to dream big. But don’t worry. After Beatrix declares your punishment t, you can choose to pay with money or you can give her your staff to guard for 1 year. What do you think?”

“Dad… Don’t worry. I’ll go get my punishment now.” Peter said energetically and was about to leave the room but he suddenly felt a force pull him backwards.

“I didn’t say you can go now, son. Sit on the bed. Let’s talk.”

Peter obeyed while the king sat beside him.

“My dear, I get that you feel wronged and inferior to Phoenix. You think he should be crown prince coz he’s got the talents and everything needed. But the law has stated and I have already appointed you as crown prince since birth. I just didn’t announce it, my boy.”

“Dad, I’m not worried about the throne…”

“You feel inferior to Phoenix. Peter, your mom is stronger than I am to date but I don’t feel inferior to her. Not because I’m the king. But I won’t tell you why. Peter, you are a smart kid. You’re all grown up. I know that soon, you’ll find your mate and bring her here. Then I can have many grandkids running about.”

“Er… Dad, don’t move forward that fast. Please slow down.”

“Look, I’m not swift enough. If I am, I should already be thinking of my great-grandchildren.” the king said leisurely.

“Gosh!” Peter facepalmed. “You’re right though. I do sometimes feel inadequate and jealous of Phoenix. But he’s my brother, whether related by blood or not. I’m just upset that I got beaten by him before coming here.”

“What? He beat you up?” the king asked in astonishment.

“Yeah.” Peter nodded.

“He… really beat you up?” the king looked doubtful.

“Yes, dad.” Peter groaned.

“He beat you up and you have no dislocated bone? Wow! That kid’s strength control has improved.” the king nodded. Peter’s eyes widened in disbelief. What was his old man saying?

“Dad, am I even your son?”

“Yeah. Not just that. You’re also my crown prince, Peter. So chill.”

“Chill? Dad, Phoenix literally beat your crown prince up but you’re heralding his strength control instead?” Peter could not believe his ears.

“Phoenix never beats someone and leaves them without one limb out of position or maybe even cut off. But you are here in one piece.” the king explained. No one can refute that fact.

“So I should be elated that I’m still alive and breathing well?” Peter said with a grim expression.

“Yeah. But why did he beat you up?”

“That’s what you’re supposed to ask first, Dad.”

“Ahem… What’s important is that I’ve asked the needed question now. Isn’t it?”

Peter harrumphed and stood with his back facing his father. “He beat me up just because I said some words that he didn’t like.”

“He beat you because of the words you said? That’s so unlike him. He’s not easily provoked by words. Did you curse his parents?”

“What? Dad! I wouldn’t do such a thing!” Peter defended himself.

“Really? Then why did he beat you up?”

“Dad, how about you guess the reason?”

“Um… Did you steal a book or potion of his? You badmouthed him behind his back?”

"Peter shook his head. “Wrong! One more chance you have, king father.”

“Ok.” the king cleared his throat. “You let one of his targets get away by accident?”

“No, dad. You failed.” Peter extended his hand and his dad looked at it in confusion. What did his son mean? Did he look like a fortune teller?

“Money dad. You failed twice. That will be 2 million dollars. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a discount.”

The king folded his hands and looked at his son with a bored countenance.

“You resort to this now? Just because you foretell you might have to spend money to escape punishment from your baby sister?”

“Will you pay or not?”

“I won’t pay. I might as well ask Beatrix and give her a reward after she tells me.”

“Eh? Why?”

“She’s my baby girl, that’s why. It’s said that a little girl must be pampered. I must put a smile on my daughter’s face.” the king rose.

“Wait. I’ll give you a discount. $1, 999,999.”

The king scoffed.

“Beatrix will sell me the information for a piece of candy. I’m off, son.” he showed his right middle finger while wearing an annoying smile before vanishing.

Peter sat on the bed and hit it for a while albeit not with too much strength.

How come the person preaching to him about elegance, grace and good manners shows him the middle finger? What kind of king father was this?


Under an oak tree on an uninhabited, anonymous island surrounded by thin white fog, lay an unconscious figure on the fallen dry leaves. This water around the island was boiling with great steam ascending. But in contrast, the island was cold as the chilly wind constantly blew. There were no blades of grass on this island. Instead, there were a few scanty trees. Evidently, no aquatic life could reach this island. Who wanted to be boiled for no reason?

The figure under the oak tree suddenly opened her eyes and got to her knees. She clutched her neck and looked like she was about to throw up but minutes passed and she didn’t vomit anything.

Her whole body felt super hot. She had once tried to get in the water but seeing the smoke arising from it, she knew it wasn’t an option. And this chilly wind on the island did nothing to help calm her body temperature.

Her eyes changed to gold and her fingers changed to long sharp dragon claws. Yes, this is the missing Lavana. Minutes ago, Thora had told her that for some unexpected reason, her third dragon phase was activated. This also meant that the final merging of all 3 forms would happen; though she didn't understand what it was as Thora refused to give more details. After subconsciously teleporting, she found herself on this mysterious island under this oak tree.

But the intense pain in her stomach made her pass out. Now she got awakened by pain in her neck. Thora had told her that the third phase was to form the reverse scale of a dragon. This scale would be different in color and hardness from her normal scales. This was her pride as a dragon. Except for her mate or someone she allows, no one can touch it.

Lavana was also worried about the little one. The little one was able to sense she was in danger back at Mr Carl’s home. Now she was in this much pain. Of course, the little one would know. She bet Beatrix must be looking for a way to escape from the palace. If she could teleport out of here, she would find the little one or get Phoenix to find where she was.

Talk about Phoenix, did he know she was in danger? She hadn’t accepted him as her mate yet. Would he be able to know?

“Eish, Lavana. Phoenix can feel you’re in trouble. That b*st*rd Chase also did when he hadn’t even met you before that night. Phoenix knows you’re in pain and believe me, he’s anxious to find you too. But he can’t. You are on the ancestral island.” Thora remarked.

“An…Ancestral island?” Lavana asked in bewilderment. What did she imply?

“This will be explained in the near future,” Thora replied and then continued. “Lavana, about Phoenix, forget about him first. Concentrate on the main thing. Rise and head east. You should find the place. Make sure you sit at the spot. I will go into slumber for the time being.”


“I have to conserve enough energy for the tribulation. I can’t help you now. But don’t worry, you are a strong girl. Bye honey.”

Before Lavana could say another word, the latter had gone into slumber.

“D*mn it!” she couldn't help but cuss as she punched the dry ground hard. These 3 spirits were quite good at ditching her at critical moments like this.

She spewed out blood thrice before managing to stand, using the tree trunk as support. But her knees were quivering and she could barely see. But she had to make it to the place Thora spoke about.

10 minutes later.

Chapter 2

She found a majestic golden platform that was circular in shape. It was made of pure gold and there were numerous diverse precious stones on the floor of the platform serving as design. The baffling thing was that one had to climb six high stairs to get to it but the rest of the platform was levitating.

Lavana managed to ascend the first stair but she unexpectedly met with a mysterious pressure on her shoulders. This also made her unable to move further. She gritted her teeth and tried hard to move to no avail. In the process of trying hard again, she ended up spewing blood on the stairs. The pressure eased somewhat and she was able to climb onto the levitating platform. In the middle was a triangular spot with the design of dragon scales.

This must be the spot that Thora mentioned.

She stepped forward and found her body unable to move again. She became appalled. Was she gonna have to spit out blood again? If she spewed out blood for every step she took, how much b


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