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Sold to the Cruel Alpha King Arden

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Arden Gunner, Rockmount's cruelest alpha werewolf, is reviled by all. It all started when he wiped out the entire witch population and launched a bloody war against them. Aurora Evergreen, the sole survivor, is a dreadful witch who creates potions and witchcraft and is feared due to her ability to cast a lethal curse on anyone. She can also erase someone's memory, which explains why no one has ever messed with her. Aurora wished to curse the Gunners so she sent Erina, her daughter, to seduce the alpha king and become his bride after the Gunners spread the word throughout Rockmount. Erina thought everything will be easy, but she didn't know she will break the very first rule her mother told her - not to fall in love with Arden Gunner. Will she be able to complete her task? Or will she eventually fall into the trap she laid herself?

Chapter 1

Rockmount. The land where witches and wolves live side by side. Aurora Evergreen, the most dangerous witch who develops potions and witchcraft and is feared by their kind due to her ability to place a lethal curse on anyone, was born in the den of the well-known cruel alpha king who slaughtered the witches in the past. She can also erase someone’s memory, which explains why no one has ever messed with her.

And Aurora Evergreen is Erina’s mother. Erina remembered everything clearly and why she was facing her problem at the present time.

“You need to become his wife, earn his trust, and bear his child. That’s our main key to avenging our entire kind, to put their clan in a deep curse,” Aurora said, her eyes gleaming with hatred and vengeance.

Erina, Aurora’s daughter listened carefully while watching Aurora in her all-black dress in front of the big pot of boiling water as she stirred it with a long stick for her potions.

She saw her reflection in the pink bubbly water. The soft waves of her hair cascaded beautifully making her face look smaller. The freckles dotted the bridge of her nose and almost faded to her cheeks. Her almond-shaped eyes with their amber color made her looked more superior.

Her reflection on the water waved when Aurora stirred the pot more as she added some ingredients for her potion.

Their small house is made of wood. The entire room showed the different kinds of potions Aurora made. They were put in a transparent jar and displayed on the entire beige wall.

Erina can smell the sweet scent of the potion. Aurora gave the steering wood to Erina.

“Your main goal is to attract him, Erina…” Aurora said carefully. But Erina could see the danger in Aurora’s eyes.

Erina nodded and started steering the pot. Aurora went behind her and puts her hands on her shoulders. Erina watched her wavy reflection on the water with Aurora’s head peaking against her left shoulder.

“But I’m sure that once the cruel alpha king landed his eyes on you, he will eventually fall. You are the finest among the girls alive in this town. Your beauty is ethereal, Erina. No one won’t fall for you…” she said while smiling cunningly.

Erina nodded again, her face remaining serious as she absorbed every word of Aurora. She crouched a bit and kissed Erina’s exposed shoulder.

“The Gunners will taste our wrath. We will serve the karma they deserve for killing and wiping out our entire kind. We will put them in a deep curse that only we could cure them.”

Erina is aware of how dangerous Aurora is. She has watched her perform dangerous rituals to summon the deities in the darkness to grant her wish for a deadly curse. She is the only witch who can perform witchcraft and who can make potions that are feared by entire kinds.

And since she’s her one and only successor, she has mastered some of the rituals and witchcrafts Aurora has taught her against the wolves.

“Do everything. Once you have his baby, leave him… We’ll not just break his life, but also his heart, Erina. We’ll curse him and we’ll break him into pieces, like dust. He will feel the cruelty of the witches he slaughtered ruthlessly.”

“Yes, Aurora,” she said with determination.

“Oh, that’s my daughter…” she smiled cunningly and kiss her cheek.

Aurora shifted her position, taking an empty jar on the table and getting a ladle to transfer the potion into the jar.

“What’s this potion called?” she asked curiously.

“This is the kiss of death potion. If the alpha king doesn’t fall in love with you, then put a small amount of this potion in his drink. He will fall for you in just a second. Hard,” she smiled more wickedly.

When the Gunners spread the word across Rockmount that they are looking for a woman to marry their son, Arden, and bear his children, Aurora sent Erina, her daughter, to seduce the alpha king and become his bride.

Disguised as a maiden with an angelic and ethereal beauty by her pretend stepfather, she was dragged by him into the mansion of the Gunners.

“Your highness!” the pretend step-father barged in and toss Erina in front of the king who was sitting on his throne.

Erina fell to the floor, her hair falling on each side as she saw her own reflection on the marble floor of the mansion.

The Gunners are well-known not just for the alpha king’s cruelty, but because of the enormous wealth they possessed. The wars they had won in the past expanded their territory and made them more superior and powerful.

“This is my daughter, Erina Riverdale. She’s a virgin and a twenty-year-old girl,” the stepfather announced, his voice echoing all over the palace.

Erina rested her hands on the cold floor and pushed her body up a bit as her eyes roamed around. There are a lot of ladies dressed in fancy clothes to the sides who are waiting for their turn to present themselves in front of the king.

Fools. She thought to herself.

She felt the King’s stance when he rose to his golden seat and came down to his throne, his footsteps couldn’t be heard. He’s walking towards her menacingly.

She remained her head facing the floor. She tried to act as if she was scared, her shoulder rocking, her lips trembling, and her fingers twitching. But at the back of her head, she’s smiling surreptitiously.

The alpha king crouched slightly, grasped her chin, and raised her head. Slowly, their gazes met. She looked at him wearily, as if she were an angel cast into the land of sinners to attract the devils with her heavenly beauty.

Arden Gunner, the cruel alpha king, parted his lips a bit. He looked so brooding, menacing, and dangerous while Erina looked angelic, enticing, and soft. But the alpha king didn’t know; his cause of death had simply greeted him.

Chapter 2

“This is the right time for you to marry, Arden. We need to expand our clan! You must find a girl to marry!” his mother’s voice echoed all over the palace early in the morning as soon as she noticed her not-so-visible wrinkles beside her eyes.

Aside from that, Arden is the only son who’s gonna expand their clan.

“You can’t bring her back! She’s gone—”

“Shut up, Mama!” Arden’s voice thundered.

Her mother’s mouth automatically shut up. She can feel the vibration of his roar all over the palace.

“I already told the soldiers to announce in the entire land about choosing your bride! So make sure you’re going to choose at least one!” she fired back, her long gown cascading to the floor as she walked out of his room.

Arden sighed roughly and pushed his back on the bed. He shut his eyes. As much as he doesn’t want to marry, he knows that his mother will keep on ranting about it every morning. She will never stop until he gives in and at this point, he doe


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