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Sold To Alpha Noux

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In a world where power is paramount, kathy Moralis is sold to the cruel Alpha Noux, a werewolf with a murky past. An immediate connection sparks a flame too hazardous to ignore, but when kathy's true identity is exposed, the alpha turns her away, leaving her heartbroken. Fortunately, fate gives them a second opportunity. With a looming danger threatening their kind, kathy and Alpha Noux must traverse treacherous alliances, lethal secrets, and their unbreakable bond. Will their love conquer all, or will their pasts separate them forever? Would Kathy pull through or will she find another love somewhere else ?

Chapter 1

Kathy Moralis surveyed the room, her heart pounding in her chest. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation, a mix of excitement and fear. A single spotlight shone on the stage, casting an eerie glow on the restless crowd.In the dimly lit hall, she could feel the weight of their stares, hungry eyes tracing every inch of her body. They were buyers, powerful, wealthy, and ruthless. They sought dominance, control, and the rarest of all commodities, a mate.Her once carefree spirit had been taken away, her freedom stripped away. She was no longer Kathy Moralis but merely Lot 231, a piece of flesh to be sold to the highest bidder. Her fate lay in the hands of these predators.The scent of sweat and tension filled the air as the auctioneer stepped onto the stage, his voice booming through the room. The bidding would soon begin, and Kathy's heart raced faster, threatening to burst through her ribcage.She clutched the tattered fabric of her dress, feeling its coarse texture against her trembling fingers. It was a reminder of the life she once had, a life stolen from her when her secret was discovered.Her silver eyes darted from face to face, searching for a sign of compassion, a glimmer of mercy. But all she found were cold stares, devoid of empathy. In this ruthless world, vulnerability was a weakness, and she had become the ultimate prey.The auctioneer's voice cut through the silence, slicing through her thoughts like a sharpened blade. "Lot 231: a rare beauty, spirited and untamed. Let the bidding commence!"The room erupted in a flurry of whispers and raised hands. Numbers flew like arrows, each one a potential jailer in her uncertain future. The bidders fought for dominance, their eyes filled with greed and desire.Kathy's heart hammered against her chest, her breath shallow and quick. She was trapped, a wild creature caged, longing for freedom. But as the bids escalated, she realized that escape was a fading dream, slipping through her desperate fingers.Time stood still as the bidding reached its crescendo, the tension in the room so thick it threatened to suffocate her. And then, in a final surge of power, a voice rang out above the rest, commanding attention and promising possession."Five million!"The room fell silent, all eyes turning toward the source of the voice. Kathy's gaze locked with the figure at the back of the room, a man cloaked in darkness, his presence intimidating. It was Alpha Noux, the ruthless leader of the Noux Pack.As Alpha Noux's eyes met hers, a jolt of electricity surged through Kathy's veins. In that fleeting moment, she saw something beyond the cold facade a glimmer of curiosity, a hint of longing. It was a spark, a connection she couldn't ignore.The auctioneer's gavel struck the podium, sealing her fate. Kathy Moralis had been sold to Alpha Noux, the alpha with a dark past. She was now bound to him, her heart pounding with uncertainty, as she stepped into the unknown, into a world where love and rejection were two sides of the same coin.Alpha Noux's piercing gaze held Kathy captive as the room filled with a combination of applause and murmurs of disbelief. Her heart raced, torn between fear and an inexplicable attraction to him. She was his now, a possession in his world of dominance.The auctioneer stepped down from the stage and approached Kathy, his voice a low, gravelly whisper. "Congratulations, Lot 231. You belong to Alpha Noux now. Follow me."Kathy's legs felt weak beneath her, but she mustered her strength and followed the auctioneer through a maze of corridors. The air grew colder as they descended into the depths of the pack's territory, a labyrinth of secrets and whispered tales.Finally, they reached a set of heavy, ornate doors guarded by two hulking werewolves. The doors creaked open, revealing a grand chamber adorned with opulent furnishings. It was Alpha Noux's domain a symbol of his power and dominance.The alpha emerged from the shadows, his presence commanding the attention of the room. Tall and imposing, he exuded an air of danger that sent a shiver down Kathy's spine. His eyes, a stormy mix of gray and blue, bored into her soul."Welcome, Lot 231," Alpha Noux's voice rumbled, a mixture of authority and something more intangible. "You are mine now. Remember that."Kathy struggled to steady her breathing, her eyes never leaving his. "And what will you do with me, Alpha?" she asked, her voice laced with defiance.A flicker of amusement crossed Alpha Noux's face, the corner of his lips curling into a sly smile. "That, my dear, remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: you will serve a purpose in this pack."His words hung in the air, leaving Kathy with a sense of both dread and curiosity. She knew her life had taken an irreversible turn, but she refused to be a mere pawn in his game.The alpha's gaze intensified, his eyes boring into her very soul. "You have secrets, Lot 231. Dark secrets that compelled me to claim you. Rest assured, I will uncover every single one."Kathy's heart skipped a beat, a mixture of fear and anticipation coursing through her veins. She had never revealed her true identity to anyone, for it held the potential to change the course of their world.With a determined glint in her eyes, Kathy stood her ground. "You may have bought me, Alpha, but I won't be a silent prisoner. I have my strengths and will not be easily tamed."A hint of admiration flickered in Alpha Noux's eyes, a spark of intrigue. "I don't seek to tame you, Lot 231. I seek to understand you. There is more to you than meets the eye, and I will discover what lies beneath."Their exchange hung in the air, an unspoken challenge. Kathy knew she had embarked on a treacherous journey, one that would test her limits and push her to the edge. But she refused to surrender her spirit. She would face the enigmatic Alpha Noux head-on, even if it meant risking her heart in the process.As Alpha Noux extended a hand towards her, Kathy hesitated for a moment before accepting, sealing their unsteady alliance. The dance of power and desire had just begun, and in the depths of their shared fate, they would navigate the treacherous path of love, rejection, and second chances.As Kathy's hand slipped into Alpha Noux's firm grasp, a jolt of electricity ran through her. Their connection was undeniable, a magnetic pull that defied logic. At that moment, she noticed a vulnerability in the alpha's eyes, a flicker of emotion beneath his stoic facade.Alpha Noux guided Kathy through the grand chamber, his steps are sure and determined. Whispers followed them as onlookers caught sight of the new acquisition. Some looked at her with envy, while others with pity, but Kathy refused to be seen as a mere commodity.They arrived at a set of imposing double doors. As they opened, revealing a luxurious room bathed in moonlight, Kathy's breath caught in her throat. It was the alpha's private quarters a sanctuary steeped in shadows and secrets.Alpha Noux gestured for Kathy to enter. "Make yourself at home, Lot 231. You will stay here from now on."Kathy's eyes swept across the opulent surroundings, her fingers tracing the intricate carvings of the furniture. She couldn't deny the allure of the lavish surroundings, but she refused to let it lull her into complacency.Turning to face Alpha Noux, Kathy's voice was full of newfound determination. "I may be confined to these walls, Alpha, but I won't let myself be trapped within them. I demand answers and honesty from you."A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Alpha Noux's lips. "You have an admirable spirit, Lot 231. I assure you, answers will come in due time. For now, rest and gather your strength. We have much to discuss."Kathy's heart pounded in her chest as she watched Alpha Noux leave the room, his presence lingering like an unspoken promise. Alone in the sanctuary, she couldn't suppress the mixture of fear and intrigue that coursed through her veins.She found solace near the towering window, gazing out at the moonlit landscape. Her mind drifted to the secrets she held the power of her moon-witch heritage, the forbidden union that led to her existence. She knew that unveiling her truths could cause chaos or bring about salvation.Lost in her thoughts, Kathy failed to notice the figure emerging from the shadows. A tall, lithe woman with silver-streaked hair approached, her eyes filled with wisdom and compassion. It was Selene, the pack's seer."You carry burdens unknown, child," Selene whispered, her voice carrying a melodic lilt. "But fear not, for the path ahead holds both darkness and light. Your destiny intertwines with Alpha Noux's, and together, you will face trials that shall reshape our world."Kathy turned to Selene, her eyes searching for answers. "What must I do to uncover the truth and find my place in this pack?"Selene's gaze held a mixture of sympathy and caution. "Trust your instincts, child, and embrace the love that blossoms amidst the chaos. But remember, secrets have consequences, and not all alliances are what they seem."The weight of Selene's words settled upon Kathy, a realization that her choices would ripple through the lives of those around her. As the moon bathed the room in an ethereal glow, Kathy braced herself for the challenges ahead. She would navigate the treacherous currents of love, rejection, and second chances, unearthing the mysteries that entwined her fate with that of Alpha Noux.In the depths of the alpha's sanctuary, amidst shadows and moonlight, the story of Kathy Moralis and Alpha Noux would unfold a tale of secrets, courage, and destiny.A loud knock on the door of the chamber jolted Kathy out of her thoughts, her heart racing with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Who could be interrupting this precarious moment? With a deep breath, she moved to answer the door, her hand trembling slightly as she grasped the handle.As the door opened, a wave of familiar scents washed over her, tinged with the unmistakable aura of power. It was Alpha Noux, returning to her side. His piercing gaze met hers, filled with a mixture of intensity and curiosity. "Kathy," he spoke her name, his voice a low rumble that sent shivers down her spine. "We have much to discuss."Kathy nodded, her voice steady as she responded. "I'm ready, Alpha Noux. I seek answers, truth, and perhaps even some understanding." Alpha Noux stepped into the room, his presence commanding the space around him. His eyes roamed the chamber, his attention briefly caught by the moonlit view outside the window. Then, he turned his full attention back to Kathy, the intensity of his gaze unnerving yet captivating."Kathy Moralis," he began, his voice laced with an undercurrent of urgency. "There is a reason I chose you, a reason that goes beyond the mere allure of a rare beauty." Kathy's silver eyes narrowed, a spark of determination igniting within her. "Tell me, Alpha Noux. What is this reason? What secrets lie within my past that compelled you to claim me?"Alpha Noux took a step closer, closing the distance between them. His gaze held a mixture of vulnerability and resolve. "You are a moon witch, Kathy. A being of immense power, sought after by many. But your existence also threatens the balance of our world."A gasp escaped Kathy's lips as the weight of his words settled upon her. Her moon witch heritage, her forbidden ancestry, had always been a closely guarded secret. And now, it had been exposed to the one person who held the power to shape her destiny.She mustered her courage, her voice steady but tinged with defiance. "What do you plan to do with this knowledge, Alpha Noux? Will you exploit me or protect me?" Alpha Noux's expression mirrored the battle within his soul. "I won't lie, Kathy. The possibilities are vast, and the dangers are real. But I'm not one to easily dismiss the power of a bond, even one as unconventional as ours."Kathy's heart fluttered at the mention of their bond, the connection that had ignited from the moment their eyes had met. Could it be that even amidst the shadows and uncertainties, love had found its way to them?"But know this," Alpha Noux continued, his voice firm yet laced with a tenderness Kathy had not anticipated. "The truth of your heritage must be unveiled, not only for our sake but for the survival of our kind. We will face challenges together, Kathy, and I promise you, I will protect you with all that I am."A mixture of relief and trepidation washed over Kathy. She had embarked on a path that held no guarantees, where love and danger danced hand in hand. But with Alpha Noux's words, a glimmer of hope pierced through the darkness that surrounded them.As they stood there, bound by fate and the weight of their secrets, Kathy and Alpha Noux knew that their journey had only just begun. Their union, rejected yet rekindled, would be tested in ways they couldn't fathom. But together, they would face whatever came their way.

Chapter 2

Kathy Moralis stood at the edge of the Noux Pack territory, her heart pounding in her chest, as the moon cast an eerie glow on the surrounding forest. Eyes sharp and senses heightened, she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, of unseen eyes tracing her every move.A chilling breeze rustled the leaves, whispering secrets that danced on the edge of her consciousness. Shadows danced on the ground, weaving a macabre tapestry that sent shivers down her spine. Something sinister lurked in the darkness, and Kathy's instincts screamed at her to flee.As she took a step forward, a low growl reverberated through the trees, freezing her in her tracks. Her eyes darted around, searching for the source, but the shadows held their secrets tightly, refusing to reveal their hand.A twig snapped behind her, and Kathy whirled around, her heart racing in her chest. A pair of luminous golden eyes gleamed in the moonlight, filled with an intensity that sent a jolt of electri


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