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mysterious realm of Silvermoon Valley, where ancient legends whisper of forbidden desires and deadly secrets, werewolf hunter Eva Montclair finds herself ensnared in a seductive dance between love and duty. Haunted by her family's dark past, Eva possesses an extraordinary power that draws her into a world of shadows and deceit. When a wave of savage werewolf attacks engulfs the unsuspecting town, Eva becomes determined to unravel the truth, even if it means risking her heart. As the Harvest Moon Festival approaches, tensions mount, and the air crackles with both anticipation and fear. Eva's forbidden attraction to the enigmatic alpha, Sebastian Blackthorn, grows with each passing night, leaving her torn between the smoldering desire coursing through her veins and her mission to eradicate the lycanthropic threat. With the clock ticking and the fate of Silvermoon Valley hanging in the balance, Eva must navigate treacherous alliances and navigate the tangled web of love that ensnares her. Mate rejection looms as a dangerous consequence of her choices, threatening to ignite a brutal and violent clash between the hunters and the wolves. Will Eva indulge in a steamy romance that defies all boundaries. Will Eva surrender to the intoxicating allure of a werewolf's love, or will she fight against the very nature of her desires? Prepare for a suspenseful and passionate tale where contract love and a reverse harem challenge Eva's beliefs, as she ventures into a world where the line between hunter and prey becomes blurred, and the price of forbidden love may prove to be her undoing.


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