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Shackles of the Vampire King

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The death of Abigail Russell was the heaviest blow to Kinsley Rodriguez de Castillo—King of the Kingdom of Willesden. Kinsley, who has an identity as a pure-blood vampire, believes in reviving Abigail from the dead using her blood and powers. The Blood Full Moon Ritual. With the condition of sacrificing the soul that has been reincarnated, Kinsley also searches for Abigail's soul for 300 years. At the end of his despair at the ritual of the full moon of blood that will soon arrive, Kinsley meets with Alesha Robinson, who has Abigail's soul in it. For no reason, Kinsley pulled Alesha to his side and kept the woman alive in his care until the appointed time for the ritual arrived. However, as time passes, they are always together and living together, and Kinsley loses his resolve. He felt he should not give to a woman who would become a victim in his plans. "Let go of me. Don't you have the woman you've been in love with? Then why don't you still want to let me go?" "Because you are her--Abigail. Your soul is one. Even though I want her to come back to me, if I remember having to sacrifice you, I can't. If only I could choose, I would choose to keep you without sacrificing anyone."

Waiting for 300 years

For a long time, Kinsley lamented the loss of his lover—Abigail Russell, who had committed suicide due to the heinous nature of the Future King at that time.

Losing Abigail made a change in Kinsley's life.

Kinsley Rodriguez de Castillo, a handsome man with a million charms, tall stature, black hair, and a firm jaw, has the status of Duke in the Kingdom of Willesden.

At first, he wanted to close his eyes and ignore the previous King's will that asked him to take over the throne. However, after the death of Abigail, Kinsley did not think twice about accepting the will. Instead, take over the throne by eliminating those who have dared to corner Abigail to make her take the path of death.

After taking over the Throne, Kinsley resolutely ruled the Kingdom of Willesden like a tyrant. He has zero tolerance for subordinates who dare to deviate from his policies. This made the Kingdom more orderly and reduced corruption by the nobles by half.

Not only that, Kinsley, who is a pure-blood vampire, wants to wake Abigail back. Using his blood and power, he intends to perform the forbidden ritual of the whole blood moon to wake Abigail from her long slumber by sacrificing the reincarnated soul of Abigail.

Forty years have passed so quickly for Kinsley to live in the human world. In Broughton Country, Kinsley lives daily searching for the soul of Abigail, who may have been reincarnated. But, unfortunately, she can not feel traces of her soul. Nevertheless, Kinsley is sure Abigail is one of the people in this country.

Kinsley's status in Broughton Country was relatively high. He is a CEO who leads Silver Stone Company, a company that runs in the construction sector and has a branch in the real estate sector.


The air was warm this morning, maybe because it was already autumn. November 3, 2022, precisely 300 years after Abigail died, Kinsley still has not found where her soul. This made him even more restless, but he couldn't do anything while he couldn't feel the soul.

Kinsley lived in this lavish medieval mansion with his loyal butler Aunt Margaret, who had cared for him since he lived in Broughton Country.

The mansion consists of two floors. At the front, there is a towering wall and gate. Entering the gate, you are presented with a large yard, a garden, and a small pond with a fountain in the middle of the pond. Besides the yard, there is a small garden overgrown with greenery, and a carport can accommodate ten cars.

Enter the mansion. The eyes will be spoiled by the medieval feel where various paintings and furniture were hits at that time. The estate, which is dominated by white ivory, has a spacious living room with a set of L-shaped sofas, and not far from there is a partition that serves as a dining room for guests.

Enter the dining room combined with the kitchen. There is a door leading to a small bar integrated with the pantry. In addition, there is a wine storage cabinet with a simple but comfortable design to be a place to drink.

The main room in the mansion on the ground floor is divided into three rooms, one of which is used as a particular room for servants, with three bedrooms and a kitchen and bathroom. In addition, the room contains four bedrooms for guests, a kitchen, and a walk-in closet. And finally, there is a shared space, namely the living room and minibar.

Turning to the second floor, there are four rooms, and one room is used as a private workspace. One of the rooms used by Kinsley is complete with a wardrobe, a walk-in closet, and a mini living room with a sofa set.

The time is 07.20 in the morning. And Kinsley was immaculately dressed in a black suit that always clung to him. While waiting for the remaining time before work hours, Kinsley chose to be in the study with a cup of coffee and read one of the documents on his desk, which were full of piles of folders that he had not read.

There were three knocks on the door from outside. It must be Aunt Margaret. He went inside without waiting to be invited because he was used to it.

Kinsley focused on the document in his hand and turned to Aunt Margaret. "What are you looking for, Auntie? Is it time to go to the office?" Kinsley asked.

Bowing as an etiquette of courtesy, Aunt Margaret answered. "Mr. Kinsley, sorry to interrupt your time. I have a message from Assistant Allard urging you to come to the office as soon as possible."

Kinsley put down the document in his hand. He took the glass and sipped half of his coffee.

"Okay, I understand. Auntie can come back." Kinsley said.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry." Aunt Margaret left after getting permission from Kinsley.

Kinsley leaned back against a high-end chair and swiveled his chair 360 degrees toward the window that looked out over the back garden—seeing the park's state, which was designed exactly like the garden in the Duchy mansion, used to remind him of the days he spent with Abigail.

His thoughts suddenly returned to those days, "I've been looking for a girl who has Abigail's soul for years, but so far, I haven't found her. There isn't much time until the 'Full Moon of Blood' arrives." he muttered.

His heart throbbed like a human, feeling heartbroken until Kinsley forgot that he was a descendant of a vampire noble with the position of a King.

Forgetting his aching heart as he remembers, today is exactly 300 years since he lost his lover, and there hasn't been time to visit the altar where Abigail's body is. So instead, Kinsley chose to get out of his chair and finish the day's work as quickly as possible.

The laptop on the table that had been on was turned off and put into a briefcase along with some important documents that would be the material for this morning's meeting.

Kinsley exited the study and down the stairs to the ground floor.

In front of the main door is a Lamborghini Sports car in jet black, by Kinsley's demeanor. Wearing a single-breasted suit in silver gold color combined with a gray vest, it fits perfectly with his sharp silver eyes.

It's that you?

Kinsley was the type of guy who didn't like wasting time. As much as possible, he always acts quickly and precisely. Without saying much, he stepped on the gas and drove his car without a driver leaving the mansion area to his office.

Today is Monday when heavy traffic and even traffic jams are not uncommon. Nothing happened at first, and Kinsley drove at a moderate speed so as not to make things worse on the road. However, just as the road started to loosen up, a car from behind rushed past and hit the front bumper of his car. To avoid a series of accidents, Kinsley quickly swerved to the left and braked the car suddenly.

The squeaky sound of friction between car tires and the asphalt of the road was loud. Luckily, Kinsley could avoid hitting the road divider in time until his current situation was delicate.

The front car that hit the bumper had stopped. A young, beautiful woman in a blood-red dress got out of the vehicle and approached Kinsley.



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