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Saving My Evil Winter King

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Lanzer
  • Chapters: 98
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5K
  • 8.1
  • 💬 15


When Lily was born, the world had already fallen apart because the notorious Winter King like killing wolves for no reason. On the day of her 18th birthday, Lily accidentally found out she was the mate of the notorious Winter King. In order to stop the Winter King from destroying the wolf world, Lily was sent back to the past by the Moon Goddess to stop the Winter King from becoming brutal and cruel. In the blink of an eye, Lily found out she wake up as the famous Princess Lucy in the history. What shocked her more was, she found out the princess was actually marry to the Winter King…

Chapter 1

Lily’s POV

“If he was my mate, why did he want to kill me?”

The moment I heard that gentle female voice, tears streamed down the corners of my eyes.

I was crying not because of heartbreak, but because of the physical pain from every inch of my bones.

I was more angry than sad, more furious than heartbreak. And I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating because my death was so close.

Just about 30 seconds ago, I was thrown to the cold wall by that b*st*rd Winter King. He then teleported in front of me and strangled me to death.

“Don’t you ever defy your King, maggot.” He showed me a venomous grin with his black eyes beaming fire.

I lost consciousness into complete darkness the next moment. When I woke up again, I heard a strange female voice asking me, “Would you like to go back to the past to save your mate, dear?”

I blinked my eyes weakly. I knew I was lying at someplace, but I could see nothing in the pure darkness and I felt nothing was underneath me. The whole world around me was utterly empty and it scared me.

“Am I dead now?” I asked her faintly. My throat hurt like hell because that blood/y Winter King used some much fo/rce to squeeze me.

The voice answered me gently, “Not yet, but soon, Lily, unless you are willing to go back to the past to change both your fates.”

It’s so hard for me to understand, as right now I feel so weak and in so much pain. I am pretty sure I am literally dying.

“I can’t understand,” I said, “What do you mean by changing both your fates?”

“It means the fate of you and your mate, the Winter King, dear.” The voice sounded so kind and gentle. I bet the owner of it must be smiling, though what she said appalled me.

“What?” I frowned, miserably, “How could that b*st*rd be my mate? He is my biggest enemy. He killed my father and my brother, my friends and my countless armies. He is a bl/oody monster. I don’t want him to be my mate.”

“But you are his mate, sweetie.” That voice insisted with great gentleness, “You are fated for each other and here’s a chance for you to change both of your fates. If you succeed, you can stop him from destroying the world and you can bring all your family and friends back to life.”

That aroused my will to live.

Ever since that ruthless Winter King appeared from nowhere 100 years ago, the world had been in complete darkness. He launched countless bloodbaths for no reason and had slaughtered all the shifter’s packs and demolished almost all the supernatural beings.

I, Lily Green, am the daughter of the last Wolf Alpha and the leader of the last rebellion’s army. But I was strangled by that fearsome b*st*rd seconds ago and my army was defeated. Now the world was about to end. And what made it worse was that today is my 18th birthday.

I was supposed to find my mate today and be happy with all my family, but that b*st*rd ruined everything.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt regret and fury burning in my chest at the same time.

I asked that voice with both anger and despair, as I thought she must be playing a joke on me.

“What should I do? Tell me what I should do to stop that bloodthirsty monster?”

The voice answered me gently, “You shall go back to the past, my dear, to be time before he turned to the evil Winter King. As long as you can stop him from turning evil, the world will be saved, and so do your friends and family.”

That sounded ridiculous, but I responded to her as I was in such hopeless despair.

“How could I do that? How could I go back to the past?”

The voice was still full of gentleness, “I will help you with that, dear, but you must remember, you can’t solve the problem by simply killing the Winter King.”

I frowned, as that was the only thing I wanted to do with that b*st*rd, “Why not?” I asked, “If he is dead before he was even born, the world would be in such great peace.”

The voice sighed, refusing to give me a direct answer, “You’ll find the reason once you meet him, dear, and now I am about to send you to Princess Lucy.”

I was confused even more, “To whom?”

But I didn’t get any response from her this time.

After she said that, the darkness around me started fading very quickly. I felt my body get lighter and lighter and my mind began to get blurry.

I thought I must have had the most ridiculous hallucination upon my own death, but gradually, I felt so cold and my arms were struggling to move as if I was fighting to escape from a really bad nightmare. I frowned miserably. Then all of a sudden, I heard a very strange female voice speaking to my ears anxiously, “Are you okay, Your Highness?”

I twisted my brows even tighter as I hated this ridiculous hallucination so much. But that voice refused to leave. On the contrary, it became more and more anxious. In the end, the owner of it even started to cry, “Please wake up, Princess. Please. If something happened to you, your father will sentence me to death. Please wake up, please!!”

Well, that was too clear and too real to be a dream. I snapped my eyes open curiously.

Then I saw this strange young girl’s face pop into my vision.

“Your Highness, you are awake!!! Oh! Thank Moon Goddess!!! I am worried sick!!!”

There were worried tears all over her face. I stared at her blankly, without knowing what was going on here.

All of a sudden, my wolf Cora yelled in my head excitedly, We’re back to life, Lily! Look! We’re alive!!We are not dead!!!

I kept lying still on the ground for about 2 minutes before I realized what was happening here.

Sh/it! That bloodthirsty Winter King just strangled me to death and then a strange female voice told me to save the world or do something like that!

“Are we now back in the past?!” I widened my eyes in horror and asked Cora in disbelief.

Cora was still super excited, I believe we are! Look around, Lily. This place is very different from our original world!

I stood up from the cold dirt ground immediately, then looked around as Cora said.

It was a cold winter's day and the weather was cloudy, so it’s hard to tell the time. But the trees, the road, the sky and the young girl in the maid's uniform who was staring at me worriedly were all very strange to me!

Sh/it! I was transported to a totally different place, and it is highly likely to be “the past”!

What did “the past” even mean?!

I recalled what that voice said, then cupped my face with both my hands. The feeling was very different from what I used to know. I then looked down at my dress. My blood-sopped blue jeans and the white T-shirt had gone. Instead, a well-designed deep blue gown was wrapping my body tightly with a thick black coat covering my shoulders.

Oh My Moon Goddess, please tell me this isn’t true!!! Why was I transported to a totally different and strange place?! And why am I now dressing differently?!

Chapter 2

Lily’s POV

You don’t remember? Cora was shouting at me with excitement, The Winter King was about to kill us, Lily. Then a strange voice called us, and we answered. Suddenly, we appeared here and, apparently, we are not dead!

“Of course, I remember!” I frowned as these horrible memories replayed in my mind. “It’s just…how could that be true?!”

I remember clearly how that bastard Winter King strangled me in his castle and how that strange female voice asked me to go back to the past to change my fate or our fates…

She said that blood/y Winter King is my mate! How could that be?!

I thought that was just a ridiculous hallucination upon my death, but now you’re telling me that everything she said was true?! Did that mean I was in the past now? But how could that even be possible? And again, what the hell did “the past” even mean?

“So where am I?”

That was too much information for me to process in a short time. I kept looking ar


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