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Rich Young Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Rodah
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20
  • 3.0
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RICH YOUNG MATE BLURB Amelia was a young and beautiful lady known around the pack for being wealthy. She was a respected female neurosurgeon at a big hospital located in the middle of a three-pack built by three Alpha who are close friends. While driving home one fateful night, she came in contact with a motorcycle rider and felt the spark between them. She met Damon, her mate and he claimed her instantly. What happens when Amelia's fate is tied with the three friend's children? How will she be able to overcome the hate and jealousy from her colleagues? What secrets were revealed when she found her mate Damon, who is the son of an Alpha among the three friends?

Chapter 1

"Amelia! You forgot your spec!" A lady in a white overall called upon her colleague who was rushing out of their office.

Amelia, who had pulled the door to their office, halted and turned to face her colleague, Mariela, arching her eyebrows to find out why she had called her back again for the third time.

"This," Mariela pointed to her desk and there laid a file full of patients' documents that Amelia had planned to take home to work on.

She mouthed an oh and rushed back to pick up the file, searching her eyes around the areas of her desk. "Anything else, anything else?" she mumbled to herself hurriedly. It was almost midnight and she had to leave for her pack that was some meters away from where she worked. She had to spend about ten minutes getting there and she was late.

"You should go home very early tomorrow, Amelia, your leave is three days, why are you in such a hurry," Mariela pouted, leaning on her desk, her hands crossed beneath her bosom. Amelia was on leave and she was not pleased, which meant she would be bored staying in the hospital with no one to chat with since Amelia was her chat partner.

"I know you'll miss me, you don't have to make it popular," Amelia said to her and swirled around, heading for the door after scrutinizing her desk unable to find anything she had forgotten again. She got to her colleague and placed a peck on both of her cheeks. "I love you, hun, you should have a good time before I get back," she asserted and moved away, trotting towards the door to leave.

"Have a good time too and greet grandmother for me, tell her I don't miss you but I miss her," Mariela pouted and Amelia chuckled, loudly as she ran her way through the hallway.

"Here she comes, the good girl."

"Geez, I hate her smell!"

"I can't wait for her to leave, she disgusts me."

"Shut up, Jane, you should stop the hating words, why are you so jealous of her?"

"Jealous? Whatever."

The gossip and hate went on until Amelia came into view, passing through the receptionist where the nurses stayed and hung out whenever they were on night duties. Even after hearing their abusive words at her, she walked past them, greeting them with smiles plastered on her face and they shared the real fake smiles back with her.

This was the very price she had to pay for being a brilliant and popular neurosurgeon in a 3-tiers hospital. Not only that, Amelia was only twenty-three and had a successful career. Amelia was rich and powerful with a reputable status.

She was given the executive post in the big hospital known around the state which was most surprising to people.

Some do appreciate her and take her as their role model while some pretend to love her but poke fun at her at the back. Although she knew all this, she never let it affect her career. Like why the hell will she take it to heart? She had been hard-working all her life and she deserved whatever she got.

She got outside of the parking lot and the cold waft hit her skin. She groaned, tugging on her coat and running to get her car at the parking lot. When she got to her car, she used the button key to unlock the door and quickly rushed in, dropping her bags and the file on the other seat while she took the driver's seat.

Within some seconds, she pulled her car into the road and burst through the highway, racing down to her pack.

Amelia worked in the biggest hospital owned by 3 packs as it was being named. The hospital was built in the middle of the three packs after they reconciled after a long time of separation.

The three Alphas of the pack were close friends and dealt with different businesses such as owning a school, oil company, hospital, and lots more that would benefit their packs. However, their main focus was the hospital since it was one of the best hospitals in England with great specialists.

The company won different awards both from the packs and the human world since they were also known to humans as well as they have patients from the human world.

Thankfully, Amelia was one of the great specialists and was also tagged the best neurosurgeon in her field of study.

Amelia played some songs from her playlist as she sang and danced along with it, driving peacefully home since the highway was cool with lesser noise.

Crossing the border of her pack, she felt good to be back home. It's been a month since she left the pack after being occupied with lots of work. Even when she was given some days off, she still used them at work but that very night she was determined to go home to her grandmother.

Just when she was driving through a walking path, almost getting home, she lifted her face to a motorcycle rider who was coming right in front of her. Staring deeply into his eyes, Amelia felt the electric spark between them. She gasped out loud when she discovered she had finally found her mate after many years of waiting for him.

Amelia got a lot in thought as the motorcycle approached her and she lost focus of the road. Screaming and wailing at top of her voice, Amelia found her car swirling as she tried hard to control the wheel but she couldn't while her car went dangling into her pack woods. She began to think of her death as her car fell deeply into the woods.

Some moments later, the car stopped with Amelia's heart racing fast at the incident that had unfolded in front of her. With her teary eyes, she slowly raised her head and found herself staring at a huge tree that had stopped her car from thrashing and she, witnessing her death. She covered her mouth, choking on tears and thanking the goddess for saving her precious life.

Chapter 2

Damon drove his motorcycle out of the mansion with the thought of going to a restaurant to find something to eat. He had just returned from New York where he had gone to study medicine for seven years. He finished all his program that day and returned to the country on a late flight so by the time he got home, everyone was already asleep and he was extremely hungry after his trip. He decided to visit a restaurant where he could get something to eat at that time of the day.

Crossing the path that led to the restaurant, a car driving at high speed suddenly flashed through him. He shifted his gaze from the road to the owner of the car to see who was driving. Fortunately for him, his eyes met with the one person he had never thought he would meet at that time of the day. He felt an electric spark vibrate all through his entire body and he knew confidently that he and found her, he found his precious mate.

Looking as confused as ever, he found himself watching as she lost c


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