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Revenge on my Fated Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Uhasa
  • Chapters: 79
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 97
  • 5.0
  • 💬 4


"You stand before me with nothing to offer but your obedience. S*x slave, SIGN this, and you can salvage what remains of your family's dignity," Freyja's voice thundered, laden with an authority that rattled Theo's very foundation, a stark reminder of his tragic past and the hidden scars that adorned his soul. "I accept my fate." Theo's voice was barely a whisper with a heavy heart and a resigned spirit. Freyja's resolve burned fiercely, "You are oblivious to the depth of my pain, to the scars you etched in my past life. My retribution will be your undoing.” ... In the dark realm of werewolf lore, where power and vengeance intertwine, the destinies of Freyja and Theo are bound by a history tainted with betrayal and blood. As Freyja, the fierce alpha of the Thunderclaw pack, fights to right the wrongs inflicted upon women, her path collides with Theo, a man with shadows of his own. Unveiling a past life of cruelty, love, and sacrifice, the two are trapped in a web of emotions and a war that transcends time. Will Freyja's quest for justice lead her down a path of love or vengeance? Can Theo escape the shackles of his dark past, or will history repeat itself in a tragic spiral? In this gripping tale of werewolf clans, power struggles, and fated mates, prepare to be drawn into a world where love and revenge dance on a knife's edge, and where the past holds the key to an uncertain future.

Chapter 1: Descent of Tears

Third Person's POV:

"Please stop. I can't take it anymore. It's unbearable and painful. Stop thrusting, please. I beg you," Seraphina gasped, her words strained and filled with a desperate plea for mercy.

Her voice echoed through the dimly lit red room, a symphony of pain and anguish that seemed to reverberate against the walls. Her voice, strained and raw, carried the weight of unbearable suffering being tied on the 4-poster swing bondage bed.

Maxwell, towering over her restrained form, growled in response. His voice was a low, menacing rumble that sliced through the tense air like a sharp blade. "No, did you forget that you are not here to deny?"


Seraphina winced, her body contorting against the restraints. She tried to find solace in her words. "M-Max, it's a different kind of pain." Her eyes once filled with defiance, now held a glimmer of vulnerability as she struggled to convey the depth of her internal turmoil.

Maxwell, unyielding in his dominance, reminded her of her place with a cruel clarity. "You should know that you are just a contracted Luna. But I think you forgot your place in my palace. You are not a queen but a slave. A sex slave to me only. Nothing else." His grip tightened on her hip, increasing the speed of the thrusts.


As he continued to plunge inside her, the room seemed to pulse with the sheer intensity of their conflicting situation. "How dare you disobey me? Nova liked your room so I ordered you to leave that room. Now, suffer, you foolish woman." His words, a venomous mixture of anger and possessiveness, cut through the air, emphasizing the power dynamic between them.

Seraphina's anguished cries filled the room, each one a testament to the internal struggle she faced. Maxwell's gaze, once fierce, now flickered with a subtle hint of uncertainty as he noticed her distress. She was bleeding with his strokes, and suddenly, his relentless pace came to an abrupt halt.


"Aaaaahhhh--- M-Ma-Max---" Her quivering body betrayed the toll this encounter had taken on her. Maxwell's knitted eyebrows softened for a moment as he observed their entwined forms. It was then that he realized the severity of her condition.

Seraphina lost consciousness, Maxwell, gripped by an unexpected surge of concern, hastily released the knots and cuffs that bound her. Gently cradling her limp form, he carried her to a more comfortable space within the room. He couldn't have fathomed that his unchecked anger would lead her into such a serious state.

The room, now silent save for the fading echoes of her cries, bore witness to the complex emotions and unintended consequences of their tumultuous relationship.



The harem's doctor entered, and she started examining Seraphina, "She had a miscarriage, your Highness," she replied, lowering her gaze.

"Okay, so that's the reason for the bleeding. Nothing else." The doctor was stunned by Maxwell's cold reply. He sounded like it didn't matter to him.

"Yes, your Highness. That is the main reason. She will regain her senses anytime. But she might be so weak and need a few days for proper recovery." The lady doctor replied, and Maxwell nodded.

Seraphina's senses were almost back. Wrinkles were visible on her face due to pain. "Seraphina, are you feeling better?" Ember, Seraphina's chief maidservant, was gently roaming her hand on Seraphina's face. She opened her eyes.

"What happened to me?" Her voice was cracked due to pain. "My abdomen to thighs, everything is numb," she inquired.

"What kind of woman are you? You were pregnant. Didn't you know that?" Maxwell's jaws were clenched, and his behavior wasn't acceptable to the lady doctor and Ember, but his supreme position didn't allow them to answer him.

"What? I was pregnant and bleeding. Doctor, is my baby safe?" Seraphina's eyes were filled with hope, while the doctor remained speechless, knowing how much Seraphina wanted a child. She just shook her head with disapproval.

Seraphina whined with grief, "No, it can't be true. I lost my baby even though I couldn't feel its existence. How careless I am!" Every word of hers contained the whimper of her heart. Ember was trying to calm her by hugging, and the lady doctor was sitting by her side.

Meanwhile, Maxwell mocked with laughter, "Hahaha, you are behaving like you are the first lady to face a miscarriage. Moreover, why grieve on something that never existed? You want to have a kid, that's simple. Get well soon and come to me. I am strong enough to make you pregnant with just a few strokes." Seraphina's patience level reached its highest peak.

"Stop it, you heartless creature. Don't you have any sense of what you are saying in front of other people? For God's sake, I am the Luna of this pack. Show some respect toward me," Seraphina blurted, and in return, she was snubbed by him, "Shut up, you low-grade woman. Remember one thing; you are only a contracted Luna. You belong to Omega. I showed pity on you and brought you to the palace just because of your intelligence and beauty. Otherwise, who would give you such a supreme position? Now, stop crying. It's sick to tolerate this. I am leaving." Then he looked at Ember. "When this crazy lady recovers, inform me to fuck her. I will fulfill her wish to be pregnant." Then he again returned his gaze to Seraphina. "Till then, bye." Maxwell intended to leave the room.

"Yeah, till then, go and fuck your favorite Nova. Why did you even marry me? You should marry her. You both are the same." Ember was trying to calm her, but she was out of control with the situation she was going through all the time.

"I won't answer why I didn't marry her. But I wish you would die; then there wouldn't be any restrictions to marry her. She is the deserving person to be my Luna, not a useless, headless chicken like you. Now, pack your grief and sit calmly. I have so many things to do rather than listening to your sad songs." Maxwell reached the door.

"Don't you have any humanity?" Seraphina sobbed.

"Huh!" Maxwell turned his head at his 9 o'clock turn. "Doctor, just prescribe some good medicines for her. She has lost her mind with her unborn child. I withdraw my compliment by calling her intelligent." Then he turned back to see Seraphina's face. "From the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, you expect humanity. Are you fucking serious? How can I have humanity when I am not even a bloody human? You badly need some better treatment." Mockingly he shook his head and left the room even before Seraphina could answer him back.

The lady doctor subsequently left the room to bring the medicines, and Ember was the usual companion of Seraphina in the room.

Haunted by Maxwell's cruelty and the loss of her unborn child, Seraphina felt the weight of despair crushing her spirit. The echoes of her pleas and Maxwell's heartless words reverberated in her ears, an unrelenting reminder of her profound agony.

As the midnight moon bathed the palace grounds in a silver glow, Seraphina, shrouded in darkness, quietly slipped away, leaving Ember in peaceful slumber.

Under the moonlit sky, she sought solace in the embrace of the Moon Goddess. Tears streamed down her face as she poured out her heart in a desperate dialogue with the celestial being.

"Moon Goddess, hear my pain. I am broken, a mere vessel of suffering. I thought that being Luna held promise, but it was a mirage, a cruel illusion orchestrated by Maxwell's ruthlessness. I can no longer bear the chains of this life, shackled to a fate that strips away my humanity. The contract to bear his heir is a mockery of my existence. Please, release me from this torment."

The wind howled in response, carrying the weight of Seraphina's sorrow. Raindrops fell, mixing with her tears, as nature itself seemed to mourn her anguish.

In the shadow of a blood-full-moon night, Seraphina, holding a silver knife gifted by Maxwell, took her last breath. Her inner self whispered through the night, a final, heart-wrenching expression of her pain.

"In this cruel dance of fate, I am nothing but a pawn. My cries go unheard, my worth reduced to a mere vessel for his desires. I cannot endure this existence any longer. My heart, shattered by the loss of my child, now seeks refuge beyond the veil of life and death. May the Moon Goddess guide me to a realm where pain can no longer reach me. Or I will be in the supreme position to suffer like this."

As Seraphina's life force faded, the nature elements roared in symphony with her grief, mourning the tragic end of a soul tormented by the ruthless whims of an Alpha.





Hello readers,

Welcome to my new book.

I hope you will love this world.

I am so excited and thank you for choosing my book to read.

Let's dive in.

Chapter 2: The Mission of Searching

[20 years later]

Freyja's POV:

"Everyone, kneel," I roar, gripping the harem's throne handle. They all kneel immediately, petrified. It's a different kind of serenity to see them like this. Each of them was once a man, a ruler in their own right. Alas, they were caught in my eyes, and now they are nothing but the sex slaves of my harem.

"Who will take the punishment tonight?" I ask, already knowing their fear. As expected, their gazes are fixed at 6 o'clock. The scenario amuses me, and I laugh inwardly, swallowing it digestively.

"Do I need to point at someone? If I need to do so, then you might know the consequences." I scan my eyes through all of them, searching for the sacrificial lamb of tonight.

"Oh, come on. Raise your hand, man. Otherwise, one of your fellow slaves might howl the whole night." I try to give them a warning with a sweet smile, but it only turns out creepy.

None of them is willing to raise their hands. I sway my favorite toy,


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