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Bo is an Omega of the Jaded Mark Pack. She has nothing and no one to support her. She has had to navigate life on her own as a kid through her teenage years scrapping for leftovers in the harsh streets. She comes across a poster that reads the Alpha requires a new s*x slave. The Alpha is scary and ruthless but life as his s*x slave was preferable to the life she had already. Bo goes through the requirements and she has everything it takes to be chosen as one of the Alpha’s s*x slaves. She applies for the job without thinking. Alpha Kendrick needs three s*x slaves. He holds an audition where girls turn up to take the interview and test to become his s*x slave. He has concluded that he’s never going to discover his mate so he uses women as his s*x slave and discards them as he pleases. He sees it as his way of giving the moon goddess the middle finger for cursing him to a life without a mate. His loneliness makes him ruthless to everyone around him. After the interview, he picks three girls to be his s*x slave, and that night all three girls are summoned to please him. Bo is a virgin and she has no sexual experience or exploits to brag about. Bo feels a sharp pain in her chest when Kendrick gets close to her and her inner wolf, Hera, confirms that Alpha Kendrick is her mate. She freaks out and runs out on Kendrick. This act infuriates him so much and his rage gets heightened the next day when he is talking to his Beta about it. Kendrick decides to make an open spectacle of her for her defiance and he orders a public execution will pass the right message to those who would think of defying him in the future. Bo cries and begs for her life but Kendrick is unmovable in his verdict. She wants to explain that she is his mate but he stops her from speaking because he is convinced she has nothing useful to say. He stabs her through her heart but before he does that, her last words are utterances of her vengeance that will rain upon them. As she dies, Kendrick feels a sharp pain in his chest that stops when Bo takes her last breath. He screams in anger knowing he has just taken the life of his mate.

Chapter 1

Bo Queensley

The darkness of the street hid me from the eyes of those unsuspecting pedestrians going their way. They couldn’t see me or tell I was there even if they wanted to.

My stomach growled once again in a fit of maddening rage. At this time of the day, the rich had already eaten twice yet here I was with an empty belly and a devious mind.

I pulled the hood of the dark cloak I wore over my head and moved into the busy street which was the playground in which the street urchins like myself did the unthinkable relieving the rich bastards of their excess wad of cash, jewelry, and on rare occasions the lottery tickets.

I took deep breaths to steel my nerves before I picked a target. It was a trickery thing to do especially with the others running loose in the streets getting a head-on. The kids had an advantage I no longer possessed. They were small and their size gave them the ability to weave through the crowd easily and avoid being noticed. I had grown up and lost that advantage.

A woman wearing a yellow hat and brown fur coat walked toward where I stood observing the scene. She looked rich and I could tell she wasn’t powerful enough to be a threat. Her aura read normal. I made my move in the opposite direction. I was going to use the old bump technique and empty the bear skin purse she held.

Just as I got close enough to make contact with her, a hand grabbed hold of my arm and yanked me away with the force of a thousand whirlwinds. I was about to smash my fist into the sucker's face when I caught the familiar scent of Garreth Wesley. Garreth was the patrolling officer in charge of the district and he was one scary sonofabitch.

“Bo.” He growled at me. There was a vicious look on his face. He was a good-looking man when you looked past his serious expressions and prehistoric mannerisms.

“You look furious. It’s not a good look on you.” I said smiling nervously at him.

This wasn’t the first warning I was getting from him but the last time he had warned me, he made it clear it was going to be the last time.

“I think a night in the slammer is way overdue. Turn around.” He reached into his pocket to get his cuffs.

My brain worked fast trying to think of a way I would be able to survive the encounter I was having with him. He wasn’t f*ck*ng around. That part was obvious.

“I think we should take deep breaths and talk about this in a civilized way,” I said putting my hands out.

He shook his head. His expression made me realize he was out for blood and I had fallen into his trap. He yanked his cuffs out and rushed me but I was fast enough to avoid his hand. He tried to grab hold of my cloak but I was just too fast for him.

“Tired yet?” I asked flexing my ankles. “I could do this all day long.”

He bent low breathing hard, you would think he was about to have a heart attack. He cursed.

“I need you off the street. You are going to get in trouble if you continue picking pockets.”

“How?” I scoffed.

“Have you seen yourself? You are a grown-*ss woman. You’re no longer a kid.” He said as he struggled to stand upright.

I snarled because I knew he was right. Picking pockets had been easier when I was a kid. At that age, people tend to ignore you and I was invisible but now when I walked through the streets, half the guys I walk past stared at me as if I was a lamb walking past a hungry pack of wolves.

“You know I have no other choice. It’s not like I can eat sand and stones off the road.”

He sighed getting the dust off his blue official trench coat. I knew he was just looking out for me like he always did but he had to understand my position.

“Just think of something else.” The sound of his walkie-talkie made him stiffen.

He walked away holding the damned thing up to his ear. My stomach growled louder than it had before and I could feel cramps that made my ribs feel as if I had been fed to a shredder.

I yelled in fury and kicked a big piece of rock sending it far till it thudded against a wall. My life was the most pathetic life any werewolf in the Jaded Mark pack could be cursed with. The only upside to it was that it had enabled me to sharpen my evasive skills making me fast and sneaky.

How I had survived this long was beyond me I had no family to fall back to and no friends to take me under their gold-plated wings. All I had were the clothes on my body and the hair on my head.

“I told you she was here boss.” A voice said from the alley behind me.

I turned around to see the boys standing there. They gave me an ugly snare baring their greasy teeth at me. In front of them was the fat b*st*rd they all referred to as ‘The Boss’ and he held a baseball bat in his thick hands.

“Bo Queensley.” He said in a voice that would make a child cry. “I thought we warned you to stay off these streets. This is our ground.”

I shrugged trying to think of a quick route to maneuver past them but they had covered everywhere. The fat b*st*rd had turned pickpocketing into a unionized organization and he used the kids as his instruments while they returned 50% of their loot to him. The reason he wanted me gone was that I didn’t give in to his b*llsh*t scheme and I had the balls to tell him to drop dead like the fattened frog he was.

“Well, I guess I didn’t hear you the first time. Or the second time either. You’d have to speak a little louder this time, Auggie.”

He scowled at me with a vicious look. He hated whenever anyone called him Auggie which is short for his real name Augustine Bartholomew Luchin.

He gestured to the boys to converge on me. “Deal with the b*tch.”

The kids all came at me all at once holding baseball bats. I braced myself folding into a fetal ball as they all took swings at me bashing my skull as hard as their little hands would let them. Some of them managed to kick me in the ribs knocking the air out of my lungs. I bit hard into my lips and let the pain I was feeling ride through me like hot wave.

“That’s enough.” He said in a gruesome tone. He sounded like he enjoyed the power he had over these kids using them as his foot soldiers to achieve his f*ck*d *p goals.

“The next time we see you anywhere near these streets, you are going to have to have to say goodbye to some fingers and a few toes.”

The sick f*ck!

The worst part was how he meant it. He felt powerful using the kids as foot soldiers to achieve his f*ck*d *p goals. They did his bidding no matter how ugly or gruesome it was.

They left laughing as my breath came out in a whizzing sound through my windpipes. It was as if someone was playing a busted bagpipe.

I struggled to my feet but my legs couldn’t hold me up for long as I crumpled on the floor. My sides hurt whenever I draw in oxygen and my spit was mostly made up of blood.

For a moment I stayed on the floor biting my lip willing the pain to flow through me like a raging storm. My vision was bloody and I didn’t need to stand in front of a mirror to know they had busted my eyes.

“F*ck!” I yelled. My voiced echoed through the empty alleyway.

The wind threw a crumpled poster at my face and I cursed as little sand got into my eyes. This day was turning out to be unnecessarily shitty.

I grabbed the poster ready to toss it away when the word Alpha written in bold letters caught my eyes. I read the whole thing taking longer than I should have because of the condition of my eyes. I re-read everything once more just to make sure I wasn’t missing the gist.

“This might be what I need.” I smirked.

Chapter 2

Bo Queensley

The woman in front of me gave me a look as if she disapproved of me in that first glance. She had the look that said it all. I was used to people giving me that same look as if I was trash and would never amount to anything.

“Bo Queensley?” She asked looking down at the file in front of her.

I nodded.

The poster had been the holy grail I needed at my lowest moment. The Alpha needed sex slaves and was holding an audition where candidates would be interviewed for the position. Only three girls were going to be chosen for the position and the number on the tag that was handed to me in the entrance showed #157. That added with the crowd waiting outside made it obvious my initial thought when I saw the poster was on point. The only reason I had dressed up in a sun dress, combed my silky black hair, and used make up to cover the bruised spots where the healer’s medicine hadn’t fixed yet was because of the compensation cash they had offered to give the


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