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Paty Leo

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  • Author: Paty Leo
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

Bo is an Omega of the Jaded Mark Pack. She has nothing and no one to support her. She has had to navigate life on her own as a kid through her teenage years scrapping for leftovers in the harsh streets. She comes across a poster that reads the Alpha requires a new s*x slave. The Alpha is scary and ruthless but life as his s*x slave was preferable to the life she had already. Bo goes through the requirements and she has everything it takes to be chosen as one of the Alpha’s s*x slaves. She applies for the job without thinking. Alpha Kendrick needs three s*x slaves. He holds an audition where girls turn up to take the interview and test to become his s*x slave. He has concluded that he’s never going to discover his mate so he uses women as his s*x slave and discards them as he pleases. He sees it as his way of giving the moon goddess the middle finger for cursing him to a life without a mate. His loneliness makes him ruthless to everyone around him. After the interview, he picks three girls to be his s*x slave, and that night all three girls are summoned to please him. Bo is a virgin and she has no sexual experience or exploits to brag about. Bo feels a sharp pain in her chest when Kendrick gets close to her and her inner wolf, Hera, confirms that Alpha Kendrick is her mate. She freaks out and runs out on Kendrick. This act infuriates him so much and his rage gets heightened the next day when he is talking to his Beta about it. Kendrick decides to make an open spectacle of her for her defiance and he orders a public execution will pass the right message to those who would think of defying him in the future. Bo cries and begs for her life but Kendrick is unmovable in his verdict. She wants to explain that she is his mate but he stops her from speaking because he is convinced she has nothing useful to say. He stabs her through her heart but before he does that, her last words are utterances of her vengeance that will rain upon them. As she dies, Kendrick feels a sharp pain in his chest that stops when Bo takes her last breath. He screams in anger knowing he has just taken the life of his mate.


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