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Revenge Of The Reincarnation Alpha Nadhea Martinez

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Nadhea Martinez an Alpha female reincarnated back after her old life has been fooled by Brittany and Zayn Brown-the brother and sister of the Brown family - who take the opportunity to snatch their respective goals from Adam Smith and Nadhea. Hence Nadhea is considered a suffering doll. Brittany two-faced controls in order to get Luna's dignity while Zayn controls the status of the strongest Alpha replacing Adam Smith. After knowing reincarnation in the same place when having s*x with Adam and having memories to improve the lives of both, Nadhea follows the two bastards ' game by pretending to be innocent. Nadhea should have rejected Adam's confession in her previous life then the second chance Nadhea accepted it with much love and sincere wholeheartedly without disturbing the existence of Zayn and Brittany. Xander, the Beta man who is looking for a solution to all the problems related to the Smith family is quite capable of accepting Nadhea's decision. However, Nadhea still took revenge for the actions of Zayn and Brittany Brown by torturing mercilessly. Smith's company will also be destroyed if they both s*ck like parasites. Will Nadhea be able to exact her spectacular revenge against Brittany and Zayn with her own hands? How did it feel to accept Adam Smith's true feelings as long as Nadhea used to abandon him and leave him alone?

Chapter 1 : Reborn and Bitter Karma

Nadhea groaned in pain that spread throughout the body. Not only that, Nadhea's gaze changed to so many times when she got on the same day. I had s*x with Adam for the first time. Same room. The dominant room is black and white with the scent of two overlapping hormones. The full moon between the windows reminds of something else.A big hand grabbed his collarbone, touching the start down but was held back by Nadhea. A heavy hoarse voice interrupted him then turned to the side. "Why can't I touch you, Nadia? you ran away from me again?"tanya Adam Smith bullied Nadhea's soul from the inside. Adam glared at him for a moment but was undone for his anger. Nadia pulled out her coat. Just shake your head in response. For the sake of Nadhea, the man did not say anything. Compared to Nadine. His whole body felt this should not be sure to have been reborn to its original place. Where Nadhea loves desperately to Zayn and declares elopement. This time the scenario changed to make a new decision. If this is true, Nadhea is in her second life. It's God's game to make sure the same choices don't happen again. Nadhea held her forehead full of cold sweat. The howls of nocturnal animals, the dim rays of aromatherapy candles and Adam's rude snoring are clearly visible. The man next to him turned around. Nadhea's mind was filled with her old life. Adam, not marking his own for Adam and uttering aloud that Nadhea loves Zayn rather than death separating the two of them. Nadia is still holding her breath. Then, without warning, Adam took control. "Please don't forget where you are, Nadhea. I am the strongest alpha for you. Nothing else."After saying that, Adam leaned towards ranum Nadhea's lips roughly. It's like tomorrow doesn't show up. Adam's stocky body pressed the weight of Nadhea who began to thrash know this incident is almost the same as before. The green eyes turned red staring at Nadhea fighting for her rights.The fondling continued. The kiss deepened to check the contents of Nadhea's mouth. The palate, the rows of teeth and the tongue play more and more intensely. Nadhea is trying to fight her equally alpha powers. Almost a groan that made Adam cackle on the sidelines of the kiss of death. When Nadhea needs a supply of air, Adam lets go until the thread of Saliva hangs over both lips and then licks it. This is just the beginning. Nadhea winced as Adam took off his top suit, squeezed her plump breasts and sniffed the scent of fear sweeping through the room. Another groan is heard causing Adam to treat Nadhea as a fragile object that breaks easily. The licking stopped. "Don't! I don't want you to mark it, please."The hoarse voice of Nadhea ruined the moment Adam stole time to take his animal side. Nadhea makes sure she is happy with Zayn.I never thought Zayn could be replaced by Adam. Adam widened his eyes. His people rejected him as their greatest enemy. An angry growl thundered. "If so, I'm going to break you!"Adam's hoarse was not immediately threatening but was done with action. "Without marking you, I will make him as rude as I want."Nadhea heard those words horror. Adam pulled up both of his legs. Shoulder to shoulder as much as possible. Hands are placed on top. Nadia looked down. "No. No way!"Without hearing any more, Adam tore off all the rest of Nadhea's clothes, inhaled the pheromones secreted to remind her of her partner's taste and drowned her face. "There is no rejection. You chose a rough way that I don't recommend," Adam replied twisting his reddened n*ppl*s asking for a massage. Nadhea's head was backwards when the jolt occurred.Not to mention Adam slipped his fingers into Nadhea's vagina, teasing her cl*t line from getting wet and knowing that little dot would scream out loud over Nadhea's response. Deliberately showing Nadhea's actual position, Adam shook his hips still wrapped in his office pants.Nadia's face lit up quickly. It's not fair! Why be reborn when Nadhea suffered a second time facing Adam? Adam put on a serious face every touch he made made his passion grow. Licking from the curve of the neck, the two breasts are s*ck*d slowly and make the same massage towards the southern area. Nadhea does not stop crying her body is sensitive. Nadhea's body still remembers Adam.Zippers open. The big tent behind the pants is enough to make Nadhea look up. Adam enjoys toying with the fingers lodged in his c*ck. Three fingers have entered stirring inside looking for pleasure but cannot reach it due to the thin membrane blocking it. Adam smiled with a wide grin. "I'm sure you were made for me, Nadhea. Your evidence is leaking and so am I."Though unclaimed, their Alpha sides shout at each other to finish. Finally released makes Adam moan of pleasure when his possession is free. Nadhea knew Adam's p*n*s size was twice as large trying to resist the moment of receiving the touch. Their red eyes both catch up on new pleasures. Slowly the tip of the p*n*s leads the entrance Nadhea trying to flirt. "Not this! I'm sorry, Alpha!"nadhea shouted for Adam to be gentle but was not listened to. A few moments Adam touched his left hand positioning his own to enter. Nadhea's pleading voice could not stop her passionate intentions. One long breath, Nadhea strengthened her last breath was choked when the pubic shaft pierced no forgiveness at all. Nadhea's hand squeezes the sheets as long as Adam doesn't ask Nadhea to comfort himself over the size of his lower body penetrating further and further.Blood poured heavily out a mess. Nadhea believes that this night was the most painful because she was refused a gentle request for s*x. Adam, on the other hand, enjoyed all of Nadhea's pain. His red eyes saw Nadhea's body convulsing violently. On the bed, the strongest alpha tore Nadhea's body in half. Nadhea's cry was like the sweetest melody in Adam's life. "Enough! Enough, take it out! This is so sick!" Then Adam moved his hands while shaking his hips in and out. "F*ck me! that's what you want, right?"Nadhea closed her eyes. Nadhea did not want to attract much attention from Adam but fussed over the sweet shrill voice. "I'm yours, Nadia. So are you. Don't run away from me and stay where I am until I die. Got it?"The need for the will of each alpha. Moreover, two pairs of eyes interlock with each other. Nadhea whined knowing that Adam deliberately emphasized the word belonging so that his mind and soul were ringing during his life. There is no comment when that fat organ hits the point of Nadhea's deepest pleasure. The mouth is wide open, the cheeks flushed with every push of Adam who sets the rhythm and the hot breaths of each other as his arrival begins. Adam's hips slowly slowed down but enough to prove one thing. Nadhea draped her hands on Adam's big back. Scratching desperately despite his actions gives elongated scars. Two voices broke out in silence. A jet of white liquid enters Nadhea's body to the brim. Great Again Nadhea felt full able to sleep the Alpha side in it. The bedspread is filled with a sea of red color. Nadhea's virginity was taken only by one Adam Smith. Spikelets of sweat fell on Nadhea's face. Adam's chest covered Nadea's shadow. The tempting view was not interesting because Nadhea's mind was divided in two. A peck on the cheek as the last act before Adam dropped his body while caressing Nadhea affectionately. The knock on the door didn't ring a bell. As predicted by Nadhea, Brittany came to check Adam's room. Outside light enters the room. An intoxicating Aroma immediately smelled. How surprising Nadhea was enveloped in Adam's warmth full of possessiveness in her bed."Oh my God! What are you two doing?"Nadhea shifted her heavy weight to the left side. Adam was fast asleep. The alpha male's cry felt the satisfaction of one long night. Despite the twofold pain, Nadhea asks Brittany to come closer. This Two-Faced Woman comes into Nadhea's life at once a terrible threat. Both hands are crossed. "I-It... I can explain, Brittany, " said Nadhea sudden headache when absorbing the scent of the room. It is rare that his head resists something this wild plundering a part of his mind. "Oh yeah? You thought I could just trust you because of the sight I saw!"Brittany's resentment put poison in it. Incredible blind jealousy was instantly captured by Nadhea. Why is Nadhea fooled so easily?After all Brittany is not one of those women who loves Adam one-sidedly. A lot of women have Adam. Nadia nodded to herself.

Chapter 2: Closed Person Beware

"Adam and I are here..."Brittany raised one of her eyebrows but changed for a moment. Adam wakes up from his forehead scratch annoyed to see Brittany trespassing into his room. Adam's left hand clasped Nadhea's waist in an implicit way. Nadhea gasped when Adam got up to reply to her reason. "I asked for it. Can't I have Nadhea, Brittany?"A dark deep voice made the two women freeze to death.Nadhea could not say no if Adam came out of his blanket to reveal his upper body perfectly sculpted by God. Sixpack Adam attracts all the women who look at him except Nadhea because this is his second life. Like a broken cassette tape rushing around in his brain pressing that it was not the only woman in the world disturbing Adam. His wealth can also be used. Nadhea shook her head as she recalled that night. Nadia heard a kiss on her shoulder.Brittany inhales Adam's masculine. Nadia turned her attention to the woman. 'These little th


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