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Revenge Me My Luna

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"Edward approaches me quickly, grabs me by the waist, and whispers the word "Mate." I can't take my eyes off him. Those golden eyes like gold make me melt. I am surprised to see him so bold. Edward was a shy but tough kid, you couldn't mess with him, he had very high standards, and you knew you couldn't outdo him. I don't know how to react. "Don't just stand there! Kiss him!" Layla keeps yelling in my ear. "I want to taste him, do it!" she continues to scream. I noticed that Edward hasn't moved from this position at all. He holds me tightly by the waist and looks deep into my eyes. I get lost in that gold, but Layla is right. I want to taste him. So I put my hands around his neck, pulling him closer to me. He seemed surprised at first, but he let go of the restraint he held. Our lips merged and allowed us to taste each other's sweet aroma. I felt Edward pulling me closer to him during the kiss, as if he wanted us to become one and the same person. When we stopped to catch our breath, he rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. "Thank you, Moon Goddess, for giving me the love of my life!" he says with his eyes closed and his head still resting against mine. I looked at his face, paying attention to every detail. He really had a beautiful face. So far, I had only seen him from a distance, but now that I see him up close, his beauty seems to have doubled, or maybe it's because of the connection we have now. He looks deeply into my eyes and starts kissing my forehead, cheeks, neck, and then my mouth. "Goddess, you're so sweet," he tells me, continuing to kiss me continuously. I had no choice. He was my mate, and as much as I hated being kissed by anyone else, I loved being kissed by him. I could smell that honey scent and I melted on my feet. He starts kissing my neck and shoulder, making me blush."



Author Pov.

Deep in the depths of the forest, where the silvery light of the moon shines over the ancient trees, lives a couple. Edward, the Alpha of the Moon Pack tribe, exudes a powerful, stoic, and tough presence, taking on all the pack's problems without flinching and resolving them in an instant. His golden eyes sparkle like stars in the night, and his hair, black as coal, sways in the gentle night breeze. Selena, with her silvery skin and hair as white as moonlight, her emerald green eyes like fresh grass in the midst of spring, is the Moon of the pack, Edward's wife, and at the same time, the mate destined by the Moon Goddess for the Alpha.

Their home, built of wood and stone, is a sanctuary of harmony. Every evening, as the moon rises in the sky and spreads its magical glow over the forest, Selena and Edward find each other under the celestial vault in a dance of gazes and tender touches. The two feel connected at their core, indulging in each other and thanking the deity for their bond. This gift is stronger than the wind carrying the scent of pine and the fragrances of night flowers.

Despite his responsibilities as Alpha, Edward finds time to explore the world with Selena. On summer nights, they traverse the forests at astonishing speed, Selena following at a leisurely pace, savoring the earthy scents and collecting memories like fallen flower petals. Together, they discover secret places in the forest, where the moonlight dances on quiet lakes, and dreams come to life.

Their daily life is a subtle balance between the wolf and human world. Selena skillfully juggles between the two, bringing harmony to their community and taking care of the tribe members. Together, with Edward at the helm and Selena by his side, they guide their tribe with wisdom and compassion. At night, the tribe gathers around the fire, listening to ancient stories and feeling the warmth of their community in the midst of the frozen forest.

It wasn't always like this. But the two of them wanted as much as possible to do everything in their power to maintain a close connection with the members of the pack. They came to the conclusion that this should be their tradition. Each person in the pack would celebrate the moonlight and the good or bad deeds they had done during the day. It was amazing to see at night how various puppies ran from left to right and how they played, some with their parents, others with friends. Everyone had something to do and the joy that Edward and Selena felt was endless.

But their life is not without challenges. In their werewolf world, rivalries appear as dark shadows and echo under the silvery light of the moon. Edward, a steadfast Alpha, faces difficult decisions for the good of his tribe, and Selena supports him with confidence and strength. With each challenge, their bond becomes stronger and they show support to each other like a lighthouse between two turbulent shores.

Chapter 1

Selena's POV. 

*Flashback *

It all started with his scent! A delicate symphony, like a perfumed wave embracing your senses. It was sweet and floral, carefully chosen by Moon Goddess, as if she brought the essence of spring with her.

I remember how Edward first told me he loved me and how we found each other despite the problems back then. How he gave me strength then and now, to overcome all the bad. How he lifted me up as if on little clouds.

On my eighteenth birthday, when I was supposed to receive my wolf, Layla, Edward was nowhere to be found.

Back then he was just the Alpha's child, he hadn't found his Luna yet, and his father didn't want to give him the Alpha position until he found her. Or until he chose a Luna.

Edward was always stubborn. He clearly and firmly stated that he would never choose a Luna and that the moon goddess surely gave him a mate, but he hadn't found her yet.

I remember that o


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