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Revenge Hotter Than Flames

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Had I known he was the mastermind behind it all, my retaliation would have become more intense than fire. I was stabbed in the back. He experienced a wave of unease and uncertainty when he woke up from a nightmare in the morning. His mind was cluttered by conflicting emotions as he attempted to focus. He couldn't! "What was happening?" That person was Noah Evans, the next in line to succeed the "Michina" bloodline throne. If only he had known the strength of the powers he possessed. The capabilities he had. And how well it could be used. Noah enters his father’s palace full of celebration with a wide smile, seeing his lovely mother hugging his father,’ Happy Birthday Dad, he said joining in the hug. Indeed he was blessed with everything, a happy family, a powerful pack, a handsome figure, everything seemed perfect, but then he felt conflicting emotions once more! What could they be? The uneasiness he felt, the uncertainty! What were they? ***** Aaaaah, he kept weeping rolling on the floor, his dress soaked with red blood as he continued to shed better tears. The tears he hasn't seen him cry in years. " He is dead, a pack attacked and killed him ". That was the only word that seemed to ring in his ear at that moment. He let out a scream as thunderstruck in the air, accompanied by lightning. Who was behind it? , Noah vowed to find answers and take revenge. Little did he know his enemy was someone very close. " All he wanted was revenge".

Birthday Party


Letting out a deep breath, His face was so blurry that he could hardly see who was coming close to him.  As darkness hovered around all he could see was a shadow, he spotted  a man dripping in blood, laughing out like a psycho . 

“I will come and get,” his deep masculine voice spoke up. As the figure proceeded taking a step towards the little boy,who could do nothing . The figure  looked so huge although his face couldn't be seen . 

He could do nothing.


“Help!! , he shouted as the shadow unseen continued to draw nearer and closer.

Help ! , the little boy shouted once more .

Everything started trembling. Thunder struck with lightning.

The shadow grabbed the neck as he started gasping for breath . he heard his father's voice from afar, he jolted back to reality with a shout . 

Holy freak! , not again . It was his dream world .


He was shouting profusely.

what was going on!.

He was so afraid. 

He has so many questions racing through his mind right at that moment . Tiny drops of sweat cringed through his face . 

Coincidentally a knock came to his door, 

“Young master, Everyone is waiting for you.” 

Oh yes!, 

Today was his dad's birthday.  The day they had all be waiting for.  He stormed off his bed, snapped his finger, and some maidens entered, dressing him up.

Noah Evan was only thirteen years old when his father was celebrating his birthday. He was the great-son of Alpha Melton.

Alpha Melton ruled the Liranus pack, and today was his birthday. He walked out, seeing everyone singing for his father, the great alpha. “Happy birthday,” he said to his father, hugging him. 

Huge applause followed as the crowd cheered on .


 Another chamber was shown,  as he sat down on his chair pouring his whiskey into a glass cup . 

While winking it from one hand to the other He was a short man. With his muscles pushed out, he looks so mighty in his form, and he has a lot of muscle, making him who he was.

He looked so ambitious, like he was thirsty and longed for power. 

Maybe he was ! 

Maybe he wasn't! 

Who knows . 

Let out a loud laugh. “Today is the  D-day.”

 “It is mine,”

He laughed out loud, whistling at the same time. He smirked with his red, dangerous eyes. 

“Let go,” he ordered.


 “Happy birthday, Alpha Melton, Gracious be to you,  You shall rule from this time forth and forever more

 Vance spoke up with a cunning look. 

Noah Evan seems terrified because he cannot describe the feeling that took over him. When he saw his father's younger brother Vance, he cracked his head so badly that he had a recurring vision of the dream he had last. He held his head with his two hands, trying to control himself.

" Noah '', t Luna Mica his mother called out.  As she hugged him from behind she slowly patted him gently . 

 “Won't you go greet your uncle?"  Luna said to Noah. Then he came back to his senses, rushing to greet his uncle Vance, the short, ambitious man. He was named that  because, when he was very young, during the time he went to harvest with his older brother Melton, he said he wanted to ride his brother's horse because it looked more royal than his.

 He formed a plan to set a trap for his own precious horse, given to him by his great-grandfather. He set a trap, and the horse was caught in it, and it died. He lost something so precious, all because he wanted to have his brother's royal horse, and there were a lot of things that made him an ambitious man; he could do anything.

 “Uncle Vance, welcome,” Noah spoke, slightly bowing his head . 

Vance patted his back when he felt something strange running through his vein. “I will come and get it.” He heard that voice pumping his heart, and a vision of blood reoccurred right again .. 

Slowly he retraces his steps backwards to understand what was going on. 

As a young child, he didn't want to move close to his uncle throughout the party, thinking he was possessed. Uncle Vance walked forward to him, and he stepped backward, running to hide behind the back of his mother. 

As Vance noticed it, he stopped while  clearing his throat, calling the attention of everyone.

 “Hello everyone,” he said, taking a glass of wine. “As you all know today is the greatest Alpha’s birthday?” he said cunningly. “I hereby propose a toast to him, Cheers! 

"We will all die one day,” he said consciously, and everyone looked at him furiously" . He noticed his statement and changed it into a joke.

 “Yes , yes , I'm not withdrawing back my words. We all will die one day; I’ll die, you die,” he said, pointing his hands to the alpha and smirking. “We will all die, but till then, let all enjoy life like no tomorrow,” he said, lifting up a toast. 

"Cheers,” As everyone in the kingdom responded to the toast made . 

“Hmmm, I'm not done with my speech yet, but I have a gift for my brother here,” he said, and the crowd thundered a deaf- hearing applause. He took a sip again. “I will be taking out the Alpha and the Luna on a vacation, to a special place I prepared for them,” he said, whispering to himself,

 “I'm the grave" . A loud applause covered his thoughts. 

“Noah, would you like to go?” he said, and Noah, who was not feeling comfortable around him, said, “No, I won't."

  “Are you sure you won't go?” he asked again. 

“No, I won't." 

Noah said, Vance was so angry, but he had to fake a smile. He took a step forward, asking him again, making Noah have blurry vision recurring again. He could not control it.

 He shouted, “I won't go."  running to his room, leaving everybody speechless. 

Vance was furious, and angrily he bit his lips. “This little boy will destroy my plans,” he whispered to himself. 

“Let him be; he is a child; he has every right to reject the invitation. I'm sorry." Melton spoke up while walking down from his throne. 

He tapped his brother while lifting out his toast . 

 “Don't worry, you will be gone soon,” he thought, plastering a fake  smile 


After the party, all the citizens of the Linirus pack went home. It was time  for Vance to accomplice his action. He walked into the palace. “Your highness, it is time,” he said, bowing down. “Are the carriers ready? he asked. "Yes, they are,” he replied, smirking.

 The Luna was also present when a heavy wind blew with thunder striking. “I'm sorry, I don't think I will be able to go,” Luna said. 

 “Why won't you go?” Vance asked furiously. Before Luna could respond, Noah was seen running towards the palace, and all the maidservants tried stopping him when he entered. "Mommy, mommy, mommy,” the thunder is striking. I need you,” he said, holding his mom's clothes. 

“I need to help my young son sleep, and I will delay you; he's afraid of the thunder striking,” she said, before any word from Vance the Luna walked out.

 “Shall we?” he said to his brother.

Birthday Gift

“Of course we shall,” King Melton said. “Isn't it too late for you to go outside, and the thunder is striking badly?” one of his guards asked, Vance snarled at him, making him scared. "It's okay,” Melton said, trying to calm his brother. *********************** Mica the Luna was seen patting her son's back. “The thunder doesn't hurt; it's just a sign of nature,” she said to her son. “Okay, if you say so, mom." “You have to be strong; you will take over the throne after your father, and for a kingdom to last, you must not be afraid of anything,” she said as thunderstruck, making him freeze. “Oh, calm down, little boy, it's nothing,” I said. “Okay, Mommy, do you mean I will be a king one day, and I won't fear anything?” he asked again, looking into his mother's eyes. “Yes, just like your father, who is so mighty that no one could dare confront him,” Luna said, 'I want to be mighty also, Mom. I don't want to fear the thunder again,” he said. Luna rubbed his head. “You have to st


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