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Amy Frey

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  • Author: Amy Frey
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15
  • 7.5

Had I known he was the mastermind behind it all, my retaliation would have become more intense than fire. I was stabbed in the back. He experienced a wave of unease and uncertainty when he woke up from a nightmare in the morning. His mind was cluttered by conflicting emotions as he attempted to focus. He couldn't! "What was happening?" That person was Noah Evans, the next in line to succeed the "Michina" bloodline throne. If only he had known the strength of the powers he possessed. The capabilities he had. And how well it could be used. Noah enters his father’s palace full of celebration with a wide smile, seeing his lovely mother hugging his father,’ Happy Birthday Dad, he said joining in the hug. Indeed he was blessed with everything, a happy family, a powerful pack, a handsome figure, everything seemed perfect, but then he felt conflicting emotions once more! What could they be? The uneasiness he felt, the uncertainty! What were they? ***** Aaaaah, he kept weeping rolling on the floor, his dress soaked with red blood as he continued to shed better tears. The tears he hasn't seen him cry in years. " He is dead, a pack attacked and killed him ". That was the only word that seemed to ring in his ear at that moment. He let out a scream as thunderstruck in the air, accompanied by lightning. Who was behind it? , Noah vowed to find answers and take revenge. Little did he know his enemy was someone very close. " All he wanted was revenge".


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