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Rejecting to be His Luna Queen

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As the first female battle commander of the military from the Waevalon Kingdom, Rachelle Simon believes that she does not need a mate in her life until she knows who she really was or where she actually came from before she arrived at the Dark Soul pack. She is living in peace until an annoying mysterious brute named Claude Hackworth arrived at their pack to visit his sister who happened to be her Luna and claimed that Rachelle is Claude's mate. However, she determines that she is not going to utter the words that she is accepting him. What will happen if Rachelle gets to meet and see her mate again in an unexpected moment but he will not introduce himself as her mate but the newly crowned Alpha King of Waevalon Kingdom?

Chapter 1: Rachelle Simon

"Rachelle Simon from Dark Soul Pack, I hereby give to you the power of a battlefield commander. At the age of 16, you just reached a high position that no one had ever done. You're the first woman who stepped in to become one of the best battlefield commanders. And I am obliged to admit that I am so amazed and proud of you." I bowed my head a little as the Alpha King put the gold medal and hooked it on my neck as a sign that I really became a battlefield commander.

I murmured 'thanks' to him and gave him my best smile. As he pinned the gold shining badge at the left breast pocket of mine, as proof that I am now graduated to be a soldier and now became a commander. I heard the claps come from the other ungraduated soldiers. I couldn't hide the excitement I felt. What surprises me really is when the Alpha King whispered when he was finished pinning my badge.

"I am so proud of you, Rachelle. This day was very reluctant for me to come without my son, the soon-to-be Alpha King. He was in his training for now to become a king. But I skipped to look at him and look forward to seeing you. I was a little bit surprised that you are a woman with great skills and just became a battlefield commander. I've been anticipating seeing you and now you're in front of me, I'm giving you the right award for you. I can't help but say how I am so proud of you even though you aren't my daughter."

I got teary-eyed and muttered 'thank you' at him again. Why am I so grateful to him? This compliment was too much to bear. I gave him a bow which showed that I am respecting and honoring him that much. Once more, I glanced at him. And say, "Thank you, Your Majesty, Alpha King." I gave him my sweetest smile.

I opened my eyes and smiled at one of the best memories I had in my life. Being awarded to be a battlefield commander at my pack was inspiring me. I knew I really deserved to be awarded this despite the other men in my pack disagreeing that I am now their commander in their training and their war. I knew that they didn't approve of the way I trained them. Well, who wouldn't like to be commanded by a woman? I knew I just hit their ego but I suddenly don't care about them—being egoistic and a chauvinist, too.

I creased my forehead as I noticed something in one of them where soldiers in Dark Soul Pack didn't run faster in the massive blue track oval mat than the others. I blew my whistle causing him to catch his attention to mine. "Use your strong-muscled legs, private! Run faster! You're getting late! What do you think will Alpha Storm say to you?!!" I said snapping at him.

He saluted at me. "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am." He said and started to run to chase his other companions who were running at the oval ground.

I kept on eyeing them and relaxed a little. I don't want Alpha Storm to say that his men were weak. He keeps on saying to me that I should train his men in his pack—Dark Soul Pack, a pack where I usually belong.

I don't want to disappoint my Alpha because he already gave me his trust in me even though he was disagreeing that a woman like me commanded them. But I knew he understands me very much. He was the same age as me. He was just 20 years old, the same as mine. And last week, we'd just met our Luna. Her name is Casey. She's a big mystery for me because Alpha Storm never told us where she was coming from. But to all the pack, they didn't seem to care anymore as long as we had a Luna, everything will go well for us.

In keeping the men strong, the first workout I trained at them was the Spartan race. I was very strict and I kept on watching them. This training will help them increase endurance and have muscle-stronger legs even when they shifted into a wolf form.

I also performed various dynamic stretches and bodyweight drills, such as squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, and dynamic planks. My study shows that performing a proper dynamic warm-up improves mobility, reduces the risk of injury, and stimulates the nervous system to improve movement.

I also trained myself on my own. From what I had learned since I was training to be a private soldier, I also applied it to myself and Alpha Storm's men.

"Seems you really are very strict, Rachelle, huh?"

I looked to my side and I saw Luna Casey walking toward me. My eyes widened wondering what she was doing here and I was captivated by her beauty. Don't get me wrong, I am not a lesbian. I was just appreciating her beauty.

"Luna..." I greeted her with a bow. I am respecting her not just because she was a Luna but because of her modesty and benevolence.

She chuckled which surprised me so I looked at her. "Just call me by my name. I am not used to it calling me like that. Enough of formalities, eh."

I felt reluctant in calling her by her name but I did what she said. I shouldn't refuse her. "Okay. Uhm, Casey," I smiled at her. Then I realized something, "Wouldn't you suppose at the packhouse? I thought Alpha Storm wouldn't allow you to enter this training gym," I said politely, unwilling to offend her. "He'll get angry with us," I said worriedly.

I knew Alpha Storm. He was overprotective of Luna Casey—Casey, I mean. He doesn't want to let Casey go on in here. And I don't know his reason though I never ask. My training with our pack members was so violent, savage, and brutal. But knowing his mate, Casey, is I think a hard-headed person.

"Nah, don't mind him. I'll talk to him later if he approaches you to let me in. Just let me wander around. I've been dying to see how you trained Storm's men. You know what? You're a remarkable warrior."

I couldn't help the blush creeping in my cheeks with her compliment. Our Luna was complimenting me. And this compliment overwhelmed me. I murmured 'thanks' to her shyly.

She smiled at me and her eyes looked around to the other men keeping on training. "I wonder if I should try those." I followed where she was pointing at. She was pointing at the sword sparring—my favorite training. Then she gawked at me. "I'm good at sword sparring and I want you to be my opponent, Rachelle."

My eyebrows all rose. I looked at her unbelievingly at her words. Did I hear it, right? I wasn't deaf though. I really heard it clearly. What did she say again? Opponent? Does she want me to be her opponent?

I'm really good too at sword sparring, I might add.

But it seemed that I wasn't convinced that she was good at it. I am a bit boastful but I just couldn't believe it. Only me, a woman, can do that. Well, they wouldn't actually let a woman spare her time in training. Men could only do that but I changed history. I'm the first woman who changed all the wrong things they think about us, women.

Men thought that women were actually weak and fragile and must stay at home when their husbands or mates were on patrol. But I was so p*ss*d at what treatment they treated us. Women could do what men could actually do. Underestimating us, women would be actually a conflict to all of us, our lineage of Eve.

But it suddenly shocked me that Casey could actually use it to execute in sword sparring. I shrugged it off.

For the first time in my life, this was my first time meeting Casey and she was truthful—I knew she was telling the truth—that she could do sword sparring. So, I nodded my head and bestowed her my smirk. "Sure. I'm always ready to have some opponent who can defeat me with it. Honestly, I'm also good at it," I said proudly, chin up as proof that I wasn't lying and I am very proud of myself.

She gave me her smirk too which surprised me but I hid it. "Can't wait to beat you."

Raising an eyebrow, saying, "Same as you." I could say that she could be a match for me. I always wanted to meet a woman who would like to vanquish me but still, a mystery for me is where in the hell she really come from and she has the guts to challenge me.

"I've been anticipating waiting for this moment to come," she said, truthfully. I nodded my head, agreeing. "So, when will we start? I want to test your skills," she asked and waited for me to answer.

"I'm afraid you can't do that."

I stiffened at that familiar voice. Even Casey was stiffened. We both looked at our behind whose voice that though I already know who he was. I just wanted to make sure if that was him or not. As we both turned around, we both gasped his name.


"A-Alpha..." I stammered and bowed my head. Okay, I was starting to get afraid knowing that Alpha Storm was here together with Beta Hance. I knew Casey wasn't really allowed to enter the training gym I didn't know what could have been the reason.

I could feel Alpha Storm's eyes dart on me and he even mind-linked on me. 'What did I just tell you?'

I looked away. F*ck! Yeah, this is great. My Alpha will surely punish me later because of this. I could see Casey coming over to Alpha Storm. She hugged him from his waist and gave him a quick kiss. "Stop it, Storm. It's my fault. Don't blame Rachelle."

"Didn't I tell you that you shouldn't tend here?" I could sense that Alpha Storm calmed down and his voice became fond but I could still feel the dagger darting at me. Like he was telling me that we're going to talk after their talk. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Just want to see how Rachelle trained our men to pack members. I am so amazed by her. She's so cool! And I even asked her to challenge me by using sword sparring. You know well, I'm good at it," she said beamingly.

Alpha Storm sighed. "You can't do that again, Casey. I don't want you holding those types of equipment again," he said in a serious monotone.

"Why not? Tsk. Tsk. You can't make me, Storm. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to fight Rachelle the other day. Okay?" They both kissed. I looked away and rolled my eyes.

This was so disgusting. Kissing in front of me. I couldn't help but sigh. After their talks, Alpha Storm told Beta Hance to escort Casey to the packhouse and they left. I walked toward him and gave him a bow as a sign of respect. I opened my mouth to say how sorry I am but he summoned his hand to stop me from saying it.

"Don't budge. I can't blame you. My mate is a hard-headed person," he said, shrugging. I totally agree with him. I could see it. I raised my graze to look at him. I found him smiling. "So, you want to agree with Casey's challenge?"

Surprised, but I hid it. I smiled back and gave him a nod. "Yeah. Just curious how she'll fight," I said, shrugging like it was a trivial matter to me. Then I remembered something, "Any findings?" I asked, trying to mask my worriedness.

His smile slowly disappeared. "Sorry, Rachelle, but I still couldn't find it. It is quite impossible to find. But Hance and I are trying our best though."

I heaved out a sigh and gave him a sly smile. "Thanks. At least, you're trying your best." This was bad. I should really find it. I really should.

The silence was ragging over to us. We both watched the other pack members train themselves to be stronger than before. I couldn't help but give up all their findings. I know Alpha Storm was really trying his best. He couldn't find it anymore, I think.

Alpha Storm was the first to break the silence. "Casey's brother will come to visit here. I don't know when he will be going here. He just told me one of these days."

"So, why does he want to visit here?"

"To see her little sister and to talk to me about some serious business matters. He's my friend, as well. I want you all to be prepared."

"Okay." I just said. There's nothing I could open a topic to him. It's a little bit awkward though. I gave him an excuse and told him I'm going to rest now. My mind started to swirl up and think about how I'm going to find what was losing me.

I'm just Rachelle, the werewolf warrior woman and the battle commander in the military. I should find a way. Find what was lost from me.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Visitor

I cocked my head from side to side and stretched my arms. I yawned as I watched men start to train. I prepared myself to start my training too. Today, I was planning to shift in my wolf form and run through the forest. I want to test my strong legs and fix how keen my eyes were. It has been three days since I last saw Casey and Alpha Storm's news about Casey's big brother going in here. I had been paying my attention and expected if there would be anything looking suspicious about the upcoming of Casey's brother. Storm said that he was an Alpha too and he hasn't told me the right description about him and what his features or his look like. I didn't assume anymore if Casey wanted to battle with me or not. Maybe Alpha Storm warned her not to go here to the training gym.

I stepped to my feet and walked towards the forest. I mind-linked Alpha Storm that I would go for a run in the forest and wanted to be alone. As I shifted, I wiggled my fur and enjoyed t


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