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Rejecting My Fated Mate

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"Please, don't do this." I heard Gregory whisper.  He reached out to touch my hand and I instantly felt a spark of electric shoot through my body and tingles all over my back.  "Evelyn, you felt that didn't you? We belong together." He said with such hope that it felt as if my heart was being ripped out of my chest.  Stepping back from him, I gasped, I had rejected him so how could I feel such a spark at his touch. That didn't make any sense and I was left feeling even more confused than the moment I had set eyes on him again.

Chapter One: My First Shift

Evelyn POV

My name is Evelyn, and today is a momentous day in my life. It's my 18th birthday, and I'll shift for the first time. I am filled with excitement and anticipation. Meanwhile, I will find out who my fated mate is on my birthday. He is chosen by the Moon Goddess. I can't help but feel a flutter of hope that it will be Gregory, the son of Alpha Anderson and Luna Selena in our pack.

My parents, Thomas and Davina, hold significant roles in our pack as Betas, second in command. They maintain peace within our group by preventing fights from breaking out among other members our pack. They are exceptional pack members who fight fiercely to protect and ensure the safety of our pack. Growing up as their only child, I have been fortunate to have a loving and supportive family in the MoonCrest Pack.

As I rise from my bed and meet my gaze in the mirror, I cannot detect any visible change now that I have reached the age of maturity. However, there is a newfound sense of responsibility and possibility that courses through my veins. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life, where I will embark on the journey of discovering love and building a future alongside my fated mate.

Excitement and nervousness intertwine within me as I prepare myself for the momentous revelation. The mirror reflects the image of a young woman filled with love, hope, dreams, and the determination to inherit the values instilled in me by my parents and our pack.

My skin, still kissed by the remnants of youth, is smooth and blemish-free. Its pale canvas carries a hint of pink, a subtle reminder of the vibrant life coursing through my veins. It is a canvas that awaits the brushstrokes of life's experiences, ready to be painted with vivid hues and intricate emotions.

My eyes, my most captivating feature, are wide and full of wonder. A mesmerizing hazel color dances within them, adorned with glimmering specks of gold. They speak volumes, reflecting the depths of my soul - a blend of curiosity, resilience, and a touch of vulnerability that only those who truly know me can discern.

My hair tumbles down like a waterfall, caramel tresses frame my face in untamed waves. Each strand seems to have a mind of its own, exhibiting the rebellious spirit that resides within me. It's a wild yet deliberate chaos, a testament to the fire that burns within my heart.

My features are soft and delicate, mirroring the innocence and purity of youthful exploration. High cheekbones grace my face, adding a touch of sophistication to my otherwise unassuming countenance. Sprinkled across my nose are freckles, hints of whimsy scattered like stardust upon my visage. And my lips, adorned with a gentle pink, curve naturally into a smile, reflecting the warmth and compassion that reside within my very core.

Today, on my 18th birthday, I stand at the precipice of adulthood, ready to embrace the unknown with open arms. Although I may not look any different, I know that within me, a transformation is taking place.

“It‘s time to shift, Evelyn,” My wolf instructed.

“Sure, what should I do now?” I felt extremely nervous about her presence.

“Let go of yourself! You might feel the hurt but it will subside. I will gradually take control.” She said.

I could feel my bone hurting, my whole body suffering from the unbearable internal pain. As I focused on cooperating with my wolf, I sensed her taking strong control.

In a minute, I stood on all fours under the moon light. The beauty of my white fur was charming and glowing. I took a deep breath. My wolf lifted my head proudly.

“We are beautiful in white.” My wolf said.

“How do I call you?” I asked.

“Yilena. Your lifelong companion”

“I love it. It's so weird to have an inner voice chatting with me, Yilena.”

“You'll get used to having me soon, Evelyn.”

I am no longer the wide-eyed girl who yearned for answers and adventure. I am now a shifted werewolf, armed with determination and strength, ready to face the challenges that come my way. My journey to find my mate is just one part of the grand tapestry of life that awaits me.

I hope that my heart's desires align with fate's plan. Gregory's name lingers on my lips, for I have long admired his quiet confidence and unwavering loyalty.

As I make my way towards the outside of the pack house, my heart flutters with hope. Gregory's name dances in my mind, a mantra of possibilities and dreams. I can't deny the way my heart races at the thought of him being the one I am destined to spend my life with.

Gregory, with his strong and chiseled features, exudes a quiet confidence that draws me in. His piercing blue eyes, as deep and vast as the ocean, hold a depth of emotions that I am eager to explore.

Whenever our paths cross, my heart skips a beat, and a sense of familiarity washes over me, as if we have known each other in another time and place.

We have shared countless moments together, from childhood games to adolescent adventures. We have laughed, cried, and supported each other through the trials and triumphs that life has thrown our way. Our connection is undeniable, and I can't help but believe that it goes beyond mere friendship.

“ Is it him? Yilena?”

“Yes, he is the one. Gregory is our mate. I can feel his wolf, Daniel.” My wolf answered.

No. It couldn't be. I was about to come face to face with my mate. My heart sunk, knowing that gregory hadn’t returned until later this afternoon.

What could have happened to him? A feeling of dread filled me. I couldn't wait to see my mate, not even for a minute!"

Chapter Two: War declared By Alpha Adrian

Gregory’s POV

I could not wipe the smile from my face as I packed my belongings and got ready to leave the training college.

Today was the day that I would finally return home to MoonCrest. It is such a beautiful place, nestled in the heart of the woods, holding a lifetime of memories and the promise of a bright future. I felt a surge of gratitude for my parents, Alpha Anderson and Luna Selena, who had guided and nurtured me throughout my journey towards becoming the next alpha.

My mother, with her breathtaking beauty and gentle nature, exudes a warmth that draws others near. Her comforting presence fills every conversation, her words a balm to the heart. On the other hand, my father manifests the qualities of an exceptional leader - unwavering in his resolve, his strength resonates in every decision made. Inheritances from both parents blend within me, granting me my father's stature, his eyes akin to alluring sapphires that hold oceans of depth and features as


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