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Author Rosie Meachem

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"You've failed me, Faith. We've been married for seven years, and you haven't given me an heir to the company. I can't continue a life with someone useless to me. I have met someone else, and she is more than willing and able to give me a child.”   Three long years had passed since Faith, now 30 years old, had laid eyes on her selfish ex-husband. Now, on the verge of confronting him face to face, this meeting promised to be different. She wasn't just his former wife and the mother of his unknown child; she had transformed into the new CEO and owner of a rival company, a force threatening to surpass his sinking business. In the shadow of his company's desperate situation, Faith understood that only her company held the key to rescuing him. The question lingered: would she choose to extend her hand in assistance, or would revenge dominate her plans?   Meanwhile, David's curiosity grew as he sought to uncover the identity of the CEO of this rival company. To his disbelief, he looked at the stunning visage of a woman introduced on television as the new leader of this formidable competition—his ex-wife. A wave of regret crashed over him as he realised his enormous mistake, treating her with disdain. Suddenly, he yearned to win her back, to make amends for his past misjudgments. But would he succeed in convincing her to give him another chance? How will he feel when he finds out he was a father all along?


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