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Rejected Silent Lone Wolf

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"I, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Kevin Allen, reject you, Ella Moore, to be my mate." Shaking my head in disbelief, I couldn't fathom that Kevin Allen, my best friend, would reject me today, at my 18th coming-of-age ceremony, in front of all the werewolves of the Blood Moon Pack, due to I’m a mute Omega. ----Many years later, Alpha Kevin meets his mute mate again. He will pay a heavy price and regret for his mistake in rejecting her when he was young.

Chapter 1

Ella's POV

"I, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Kevin Allen, reject you, Ella Moore, to be my mate."

His voice was icy, and my heart shattered instantly. Tears streamed down my face in large drops. I could only clumsily gesture with my hands. Unable to speak, my mouth only produced choked sobs.

"I'm sorry, Ella. I'm only 19, we're still young, and I'm not ready to bond with you. Besides, you... are not suitable to be the Luna of the Blood Moon Pack."

He stared at me with a helpless expression. Seeing my helpless look, he remained expressionless, making me feel estranged.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I couldn't fathom that Kevin Allen, my best friend, would reject me today, at my 18th coming-of-age ceremony, in front of all the werewolves of the Blood Moon Pack.

"Hey, Ella, you mute girl, get off the stage from the testing. Alpha Kevin has rejected you. Don't stand there foolishly, there are other mates waiting for the test!"

A male wolf below urged, followed by waves of mocking laughter.

"So shameless, a mute Omega still deluding herself to be an Alpha's mate. It's like a toad wanting to eat swan meat."

"Huh, she thinks being Alpha Kevin's follower since childhood would make the Alpha accept her. Ridiculous. Even though her mother was the former Alpha's beta, she's just the lowest omega, worthless, how could she be worthy of an Alpha."

I chose to ignore these taunts, as I've done for the past 18 years. However, Kevin was different for me. He was the most precious person after my mother. The rejection by Kevin at that moment caused immense pain to my body and soul, yet I held onto a glimmer of hope.

I struggled to compose myself, holding back tears, continuing to communicate silently with gestures.

Why? Do you see me the same way they do?

Do you agree with them?

My panic makes me look clumsy, and I hate that, but I want to confirm Kevin's true thoughts. I know he is not that kind of wolf. He once told me that I was the strongest female warrior. Although I knew he was encouraging me, I had imagined that in his heart, I was not a worthless wolf.

The helplessness in Kevin's eyes grew deeper. He sighed, shifting his gaze away from me, seeming unwilling to face this situation.

"Ella, you've always been a clever and obedient she-wolf. You know I've just ascended as an alpha, I still need to grow. What I seek in a mate is a female warrior like your mother, not... not someone like you."

Not someone like me, a mute, an omega with no fighting capability.

I understood the latter part of his sentence. It felt as if all my strength had been drained, every sincere feeling shattered, just like these 18 years of companionship.

Kevin and I grew up together, I couldn't believe he didn't know how the werewolves looked down on me, yet he chose to reject me outright in front of their scrutinizing eyes.

"Ella, even if we can't be mates, I still regard you as a sister..." Kevin continued, but was interrupted.

"Kevin, shut your mouth!" My mother, Ariana Moore, jumped onto the stage, embracing me, and shouted at all the werewolves, "My daughter is the most precious treasure in the world. Stop mocking her right now, or I won't be lenient with any of you!"

The warm embrace of my mother made me feel even more aggrieved. Her armor was tough against my back, yet it gave me strength. "Ella, remember what I taught you? Stop crying, don't show your weakness in front of anyone, don't give anyone the chance to hurt you."

I nodded, wiping away the tears from the corners of my eyes. What my mother said was true, tears of the weak are worthless.

"Kevin, my daughter is not worthless. She also has her strengths. Don't forget, from childhood to now, every time you got injured during training, it was she who healed you and stayed up late making medicines for you." Anger burned in my mother's eyes as she confronted Kevin, not mincing words. "And now, here you are humiliating her in front of everyone."

"Beta Ariana, I never intended to humiliate Ella," finally, a hint of regret appeared on Kevin's handsome face. It seemed at this moment he realized the pain in my heart. "Ella, I'm sorry. I never meant to truly hurt you, I just..."

Just what?

I gestured again using sign language.

However, Kevin just sighed, refusing to continue. I understood him, he was always like this. When he didn't want to argue further, he'd remain silent. His last words were his true feelings.

He never really thought enough of me as a trustworthy partner.

I locked eyes with him and nodded.

Alpha Kevin, I accept your rejection, but from now on, we have nothing between us.

After completing my hand gestures, I caught a momentary surprise in Kevin's eyes. Clearly, he hadn't expected me to be so resolute.

Ignoring him, I stood up from my mother's embrace, wiped away all my tears, and descended from the testing stage under the gaze of all the werewolves.

After a brief silence, a new round of ceremony began on the testing stage.

Every year during the Blood Moon Pack's coming-of-age ceremony, young werewolves awaken their inner wolves on this day. The lucky ones also find their mates.

And I, I was the unfortunate one. Not only was I told that I was the lowest-ranking Omega, but I was also rejected on the spot as a mate.

Chapter 2

Ella's POV

My mother was Kevin's father's beta. Last year, when 18-year-old Kevin took over, my mother became his beta. She's a fierce warrior, achieving feats in multiple battles and earning respect among the wolves in the Pack. I, on the other hand, am the opposite—an Omega who is mute. I often wonder why there's such a vast difference between us.

Would Kevin reject me if I were also a female warrior?

I huddle in the corner of my room, alone and heartbroken, shedding tears.

"Don't cry, my sweetheart. Get up now; I'll take you to train in the forest." My mother barges into my room, lifting me out from under the pillow with one hand.

Mom, can't you let me be alone?!

I angrily gesture in sign language.

"No, what you need now is to connect with nature, my little wolf. Come, channel your sorrow and anger into strength, make yourself stronger, and Kevin will regret it." Her ton

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