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Reborn as the Alpha’s Mate.

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*When will you leave him?! - A The contact name was saved with just the letter A. Nothing else. She had answered with just one word. *Soon.* She had replied with. And the person had sent another text. *You know what will happen if you don't - A *I know. - Valentina The conversation was a week ago. And there had been contact since then. She wondered if the person that was being talked about was Remy. Could it be him? Who else would it be? She was once Goldie Everly Parson. On her 23rd birthday, Goldie went out with a group of her friends for her birthday party. On their way back, they are involved in a car accident. Goldie is rushed to the hospital, but is pronounced dead. In the morgue, her body is placed next to a strange nameless Jane Doe woman. Few minutes later, Goldie comes back to life, but not as Goldie Parson, but as the mysterious werewolf Valentina Combe. Remington Albrecht, alpha to the Pack that had a cruel history with Lunas, did not expect to ever find or even have a mate. When he finally meets Valentina Combe, he marries her right away. But the mysterious Valentina is hiding a dangerous past. When Remington finds Valentina again, after she was pronounced dead and came back to life, he doesn't know that the woman he called his mate was no longer Valentina, but Goldie Parson, in the body of Valentina. True love blossoms between the two of them but Valentina's past threatens to destroy them. Will their love survive?

Chapter 1 - Prologue

"Well, this man here is your husband and he's here to take you home."-Life comes at you fast. At least Goldie Everly Parson remembered that. Of course she did.She could remember the events of the night quite vividly. It was her 23rd birthday party. Her best friend Blossom has dragged her out to party despite her numerous protests to have a quiet night inside the house where they could eat cake and watch a movie marathon. It had all fell on deaf ears, Blossom was bored in the house and she needed some form of entertainment, even though it was at Goldie's expense. Life was generally good. She had been back home in town shortly after graduating from UCLA. Her parents were happy to have her back home but she wasn't planning on staying long. Only just a few days with them before her trip. Her plan was to backpack Europe for a year like she had planned to take during her gap year and then get a job in the family business like her father had promised her. So far, everything was going according to plan. So when Blossom suggested that she came out just for the night, she had begrudgingly agreed. Partying was Goldie's idea of a good time but there were really no good spots in town and she tried to tell Blossom that. So she wasn't too keen on partying. But Blossom told her of a spot that opened up right at the outskirts of town and Goldie decided to go just to make her happy. Blossom had invited two other friends of hers. A guy named Callum who Goldie was pretty sure Blossom had not known for a month and a cousin of Callum who had decided to tag along.That was it. They headed to the Nightshade bar. Goldie had put on her best clothes. A shimmery black open back dress she had been dying to wear and the new Louboutin heels she had been gifted for her birthday. She had let her curly blonde hair down and she put on blood red lipstick with shimmery eyeshadow. She looked good and she loved that she did.Nightshade was a new bar, and even though it was literally in the outskirts of town it had more crowd than Goldie expected. So far, it exceeded her expectations. They had stayed longer than they had planned to since they were having a good time. The dance floor was lit and the booze had flowed freely. Until it was time to go home but Goldie who was supposed to be the designated driver was too drunk to drive. Blossom offered. Claiming she was sober even though they all knew she wasn't, she was just better at hiding it. They all agreed. What did it matter to them? Blossom had driven them drunk before. She had even prided herself in being the best drunk driver ever! It was a self proclaimed title that seemed to work. Everything had been going fine during the trip back home.Goldie managed to keep her eyes open to keep Blossom company and the roads were free so Blossom was driving pretty good. But things had gone awfully wrong. That was one of the last things Goldie remembered. The truck, it had come out of nowhere and she barely had time to register the shock before the head on collision. And everything went black."And how many bodies were brought in at the time?!"Dr Calloway asked as he walked into the morgue, the slight chilly crisp air that gave him the creeps hit him the moment he walked in. "Five."The nurse said as they stood in front a gurney table."One Jane Doe. Few hours ago. She was found in the woods. Cause of death still unknown. She had no injuries.""Interesting."The Dr murmured as he scribbled something in his pad. "And the rest? I understand that there was an accident on a highway with some teens.""Young adults sir. All in their early twenties. They were all very drunk, sustained multiple injuries, only one was brought in alive, she died a few minutes ago.""Tragic."The Dr murmured again. He walked towards a particular body and checked the name tag on it."Goldie Parson."A chill ran down his bones. He touched the sheets, they rustled as he pulled them away from the upper body. There was a sour look on Dr Calloway's face. He knew the Parsons. Goldie's father regularly donated to the hospital's children wing. Goldie was their only child. Her parents would be devastated. He thought as he walked away, unable to bear the pain. "Okay. Get the table set for an autopsy. We will perform an autopsy on the Jane Doe."The nurse nodded.""Yes Dr Calloway."Something smelled off. Bad, even. Her nose tingled and not in a good way. She could feel a sneeze building up. She sneezed. The effort alone it took racked her body. And then the commotion started. Loud, banging noises, someone screaming, she thought it would never end. And then she tried to move her legs but found out they were as stiff as wood. She opened her eyes slowly, the light slowly poured in, someone had placed something over her eyes, over her entire body, like some sort of fabric, she pulled them off with her hand. Even though the effort alone took more strength than it would normally have. She was naked under the sheets. Naked and she was aware of the fact that she was in an hospital. What the f*ck happened?! She thought as she looked at the figure that was trembling from afar. What happened?! She asked herself again as everything plunged into darkness.

Chapter 2 - Jane Doe

The hospital had been in a commotion all morning. All morning since the Jane Doe had woken up. The news had spread far and wide in the hospital and people were pouring in to come get a glimpse of her. The hospital had been fighting off the press all morning, everyone wanted to see who the mysterious woman was. Dr Calloway didn't believe in miracles. Just coincidences. The Jane Doe was brought in dead with no apparent cause of death. That didn't mean that she was actually dead, he also didn't have a chance to examine her. Whatever it was, he was determined to believe that she wasn't really dead in the first place. To make matters even worse the woman was too disoriented to speak or even tell them anything tangible. She must have suffered from long term memory loss and  they were currently running a series of tests in the lab. Dr Calloway was concerned with other grim things. The waking of the strange woman had totally overshadowed the death of the four people who di


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