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Queen Luna's Revenge - The Victim or The Villain

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Excerpt: "What are you waiting for? I SAID GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW!" Alpha King Jairus Mathiasen growled menacingly, and he was in front of her instantly, leaving his mistress's side. His sweet luscious lips that used to kiss her tears away or pepper kisses all over her body, having her skin erupt in a flurry of warm, comforting, and sensual tingles now curled into a scowl as he reared back his hand and struck his Queen Luna Aakifahlynn across the face, this time with the already prepared and signed divorce paper. Causing her to stumble, hunching over sideways with the force of her husband's shove behind the slap. With her reflexes, she was able to right herself as she held the side of her face that stung in the aftermath of his heavy hand. And yet mild sparks were warming it simultaneously, but she was thankful he did not use his full strength on her weakened body. Yes, her husband, a man she had married, loved, and given five years of her life as a doting and supportive wife and Queen Luna. That same man was her mate for eight years and counting. A mate who was destined to be with her, he was made specifically for her, and she for him. Blessed by the Divine Moon Goddess herself with the aim that her creation, whom she calls her children, would never be alone in this treacherous world. They would always have each other if no one else. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn stared at the man, her husband, but she did not know who this person was before her. She surmised for the fourth time during this nightmare she would not seem to wake up from. _________________________________________________ There is no wrath like a woman betrayed in the most gruesome way. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn Mathiasen was a fierce Ace wolf, gifted and highly favored by the Divine Moon Goddess. She was also a devoted mate, wife, and Queen of the Tamman Kingdom in the Anatola Continent. Aakifahlynn was betrayed most horrendously by her husband and mate, Alpha King Jairus Mathiasen. In the moment before her death, she resigned herself to her faith and welcomed the unknown of the afterlife if there was such a thing. However, she was stunned at what happened next. Queen Luna Aakifahlynn found herself alive three years earlier, with memories of her past life still very much untouched. Wrought by sour detestation, with a second chance, Queen Luna Aakifahlynn vowed the destruction of her enemies. However, what would happen when her sworn Ayacquean enemy offers to help her? The disgraced, dark, and mysterious Emperor Demarion Dracul. Can she trust her enemy? What secrets is the Emperor hiding? The Ayacques were considered enemies of the Kingdom of Tamman because they never surrendered to the throne and their constant incitement of war. They were conniving, calculative, deceitful, yet desirable. What would happen if this unlikely combo started noticing each other somewhere along the lines of their thirst for revenge? Dive in and find out, and in the end – Would you call her the Victim or the Villain?

01. Sore Thumb

The Kingdom of Tamman 1805

Drawing nearer to the castle's stylish, expansive black iron gates, standing tall, strong, and domineering with intricate patterns. On the tall, sturdy post on either side stood a ferocious black wolf statue on its hind legs, snout pointing towards the sky.

Queen Luna Aakifahlynn noticed a crowd outside the gates from the backseat of the silver royal limousine, the first of its kind.

One thing about the Royals, they had the best and the latest of what this wretched world had to offer.

Getting closer, she could see that the crowd out here filtered out from what was happening inside the gate.

She could hear the muffled screaming and shouting but could not clearly decipher what they were saying. However, suddenly the place went silent as Queen Luna Aakifahlynn focused her hearing, tuning in.

It was as if someone knew she was tuning in and gave the order for silence.

The uproar stopped. However, the people continued shouting and fist pumping in the air, 'Yeah,' 'Whoo hoo,' 'they are here, finally.'

Her unique shade of blue eyes, bright and glistening with excitement, slid toward her husband and Mate, Alpha King Jairus Mathiasen, ruler of all magical beings, and smiled tenderly.

Softly squeezing the hand, she held, "Oh, Jairus, what have you done?" Her voice was full of admiration as her heart swelled in her chest because of her mate.

Jairus smiled down at her, eyes glinting with his own excitement. He kissed the back of her palms he held tenderly.

Her childhood sweetheart Jairus always had a knack for surprising her. So tonight, when he whisked her away for an intimate dinner, just the two of them, it was no surprise.

It was no surprise when they took the time and drove through the Kingdom under the moonlit sky. King Jairus knew she loved her people and would enjoy this time, confirming that the people were indeed doing

well before she left.

Queen Luna loved his spontaneity. Now they were back home, driving through the castle's gates, and there were so many people. 'What was going on? What did he have up his sleeve?'

Aakifahlynn did not know, but she had been down on herself ever since her body failed to produce magic, and on top of that, she lost her wolf.

She had been feeling unworthy of leading, which is why she had spoken to her husband a few weeks ago to discuss the next steps, given her current ineptitude in performing most of her duties.

Queen Luna Aakifahlynn needed a sabbatical to cleanse her mind, body, and soul because her body was betraying her without compassion or

mercy, and she wanted to be at her best self to lead her people.

She lost the strength and power she enjoyed having. She was a force to be reckoned with at full strength and ability.

Sadly, this happened to her because she had mainly fed the magic side of her for a very long time and neglected her wolf.

Queen Luna Aakifahlynn felt as if she was being punished.

Nevertheless, she had done it, and if given a chance, she would do it again for her mate and Kingdom.

And if this Kingdom should continue to stay safe from impending attacks, Queen Luna Aakifahlynn knew she needed to get herself in better shape. Get things right with her body to function as it should.

'But what was all this? Was this a surprise going away gathering for her?' It must be. He must have gathered the people last minute for a celebration before she left on her highway to recovery.

"Baby, what's going on?" Aakifahlynn beamed at her husband, leaning into him as she tugged his shirt. He was being somewhat secretive.

"Sweetie, it's a surprise, you'll see." He gazed upon her. She could see the love she was so used to by now in his eyes.

She snuggled into him, basking in the almost mute sensations contact with his skin provided her. It was weak due to her condition. However, she felt it nonetheless.

Her body used to come alive instantly at his touch. However, now, his gentle touches left in its wake a lazy awakening. And yet her emotions were just as strong as they were for him the first time she laid her eyes on him.

Completely enamored.

Aakifahlynn gazed out the window at his side as they drove up to the castle's main entrance.

Looking up at the vast sky, "Beautiful," she breathes. It was nearly midnight. Queen Luna was sure of it. The night sky was scenic.

The backdrop was a chilling midnight blue-black glittering with millions of tiny stars that filled the sky, complementing the Moon that shone in her wondrous glory.

The Moon was full and bright, and somehow, the brightness and fullness of it gave her a warm, comforting sensation that the Divine Moon Goddess was looking down upon them.

On a night like this, a celebration before she leaves to get herself right for her people and the Kingdom.

She wondered if the Divine Moon Goddess was pleased with their ruling, and if yes, then why was she weakening by the day?

Why had she lost her wolf?

Nevertheless, she gazed at its brightness and allowed herself to be wrapped in its embrace. While her husband's muscular arms encased around her, igniting her skin with the light sparks of the mate bond.

Alpha King Jairus stroked her arms as he held her close, gazed lovingly into her eyes, and smiled a smile that could melt any woman's heart, and she would melt every time.

Jairus's hazel eyes slid back to what was happening outside the vehicle.

And though Aakifahlynn was extremely weak right now, she could feel the vibrations of excitement radiating from her husband.

She leaned in, turned his face to look at her, and kissed him. It was gentle and sweet. Her mate was simply the most precious.

The vehicle finally came to a stop by the entrance of the castle. It was as if the driver had intentionally driven up to the castle slowly.

Jairus quickly departed the vehicle, his eyes glazed over momentarily, then back in focus. He held his hand out for Queen Luna Aakifahlynn to take as she exited.

Scooping her up bridal style, Jairus carried her inside the castle. She giggled lightly at his swift movements as she curiously wondered what was next.

When Jairus whispered in her ear, his lips brushed over the tip, kindling the hairs on her skin to stand at attention.

As if reading her mind. "I have a little something to show you first," Alpha King Jairus kissed her temple tenderly. So soft, she closed her eyes and relaxed in his arms, overcome with so much love for this man.

Surely it was another surprise, a private one, maybe before they greeted the people. Her cheeks stained tomato red as she blushed and nestled further into his chest.

His arms tightened around her.

Life was not perfect, but at least she had her husband and mate who would be back home rooting for her and supporting her in her absence.

Queen Luna Aakifahlynn was sad to leave him and her people, but she knew it was a sacrifice she needed to make.

She did not have a choice if she was to get back in the shape of being a faithful and devoted Queen Luna at full strength, fully capable of defending her Kingdom.

Jairus has been by her side aiding, comforting, and supporting her. Her true champion, she had not left yet, and she was already anticipating her return.

Soon Jairus set her down, and she realized it was his private study. The room was fully lit with exquisite candelabras set up around the room. These were on the cabinet jammed into the wall, the coffee table, and his desk.

A chandelier glowed above them, filled with white candles. The sofas are still the same on the right as you entered.

Jairus strode straight to his vast mahogany desk ahead of the entrance. He pulled out a cream letter-sized envelope and handed it to Aakifahlynn. Looking into her eyes, suddenly, a blank expression on his face.

Her eyes widened, then a smile stretched her lips, and her eyes glinted. 'Oh Goddess, was he able to make the trip after all?'

She would have loved it if he could, simply to get her settled, but she knew of the ramifications. A Queen and King can only be away

from their Kingdom for a short time, especially at the same time.

The council consisted of the Elders, Dukes, Marqueses, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, and Lords who advised against this. They were all from varying magical beings simply for transparency and to maintain a balance.

Nevertheless, she hoped he could at least spare a few weeks to make the trip and back like one of their short delegate outings. Visiting prestigious werewolf communities and towns around the continent.

Aakifahlynn eagerly took the envelope and quickly opened it, gently lifting the top and slipping her fingers in. She pulled out a few ink-quilled sheets of paper.

Her eyebrows furrowed. Odd, she thought, this was not a train ticket. She asked, confused, not bothering to zone in, "What's this?"

She gestured the paper at him, her voice skeptical, confusion written all over her face. She looked at the sheets again.

And read, however, nothing in this world could have prepared her for what she saw in bold capital letters.

How did she miss this at first glance? It was sticking out like a sore thumb.


Aakifahlynn clutched her aching chest with one hand as she held the papers in the other.

Her eyes were wide in shock, a shiver of dread ran down her spine, and her already strained state weakened as she read.

'The PEOPLE OF THE KINGDOM OF TAMMAN,' Aakifahlynn's eyes narrowed, and eyebrows deepened, "Jairus? What's this?" Her voice was barely audible, but she knew he would hear her with his wolf senses.

Aakifahlynn continued reading, but she did not like how he stood there lightly, leaning his butt on his desk observing, and each time she questioned, he gestured to her with a roll of his palm to keep going.

But it was not that she could not read and understand. It was just that she could not begin to fathom what brought this on. 'How? When? Why?'

This made her a bit anxious and uneasy; she continued, 'To All Who Shall See These, Presents.....DIVORCE GREETING'

'Know ye shall license and p


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