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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: JD2
  • Chapters: 27
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 50
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


"On the blood moon eclipse, the child of prophecy shall be born." A mysterious attack by Rogues sent Red Crescent Park to the ground, forcing them to seek refuge in the neighboring park. Silver Hart, the Alpha's beloved Sister and a trained killer, narrowly escapes death and meets her mate, Beta Theodore. Just when she thought everything was getting better, she finds out he is in love with a mated she-wolf and wants nothing to do with her. Thrown into the mix is a century old prophecy. Suddenly she is warped around finding out about the mysterious fire that burnt her park to the ground, becoming the protector of a prophecy child, and resolving the tension between her and her mate.


Witches and werewolves have always been at odds with each other. The two creatures of nature could never coexist. The werewolves thought that the witch's magic was an abomination. The witches see the werewolves as weak.It was rumored that a werewolf, an Alpha, murdered the head of the witch coven and forcibly mated with her spawn causing war to break out between the two races. A war that persisted for decades.While the werewolf could reproduce faster, witches were not capable of breeding like that causing them a tremendous loss. After so many years, the werewolves came out victorious.As the last witch fell, she swore that they would return and take away the thing the werewolves loved the most.The werewolves didn't go unscathed either. Those who participated in the war were scarred for life, doomed to be a Savage, creatures without any sense of reasoning.The offspring of the Alpha and the Witch turned into a Seer. Seer Amarynth. A hybrid.A prophecy was made centuries ago by her. It was foreseen that a child with powers equivalent to the moon goddess would be born. One who would either bring the werewolf race to a whole other level or destroy them.Eighteen years ago, half of the world's strongest Park was wiped out overnight by Savages. Rogues who have lost all sense of reason, who only knew how to kill and eat. They were rare but that night, an inhumane number of them plowed the soil of the Red Crescent Park, bodies dropping as they went.It was an unexpected attack. The Pack adequately wasn't prepared. They couldn't fight against a horde of blood-tasty Savages. All the male adults were mobilized and they fought. When they dropped, the female adults went into the battle next.Of course, Red Crescent Park won being the strongest. The few of them left hunted and killed every one of those Savages for days without stopping but their thirst for revenge would not repair the damage the rogues had caused.Their Alpha and Luna died along with every other person who joined the fight leaving the Pack to a bunch of children to govern.With the memory still fresh, these children passed through brutal training and tests to become stronger. They underwent experiments and drank poisons until they became another breed of werewolves. They call them the Terminators.They were the fastest, strongest, scariest werewolves on earth. They could bring down an entire city without shifting.Recently, more attacks have risen from different Packs in the world. Women, especially pregnant ones were being murdered at an alarming rate.When these rogues were captured, they all whispered something before they died."Destroy the child."Rumors say they are after the child of prophecy. The question is why?


The forest rustled as they ran. Silvia looked to her left and right. She was alone. She could have sworn her elder brother was right beside her a while ago. He must have run ahead leaving her behind. Damn alpha. She did not stop to scrutinize her surroundings. She was still in her pack. She hadn't crossed the border yet.

The air around her smelt of blood, rogues, and smoke. Everything she hated. She could feel the heat behind her. It had intensified, scorching her. The once clear forest was covered in clouds of smoke, making it difficult to see. Her eyes stung.

Their pack, Red Crescent, was attacked while they gathered for a pack meeting. They set their houses ablaze. Stupid rogues. How did they even get into the pack undetected? Did they think they could take over the strongest pack in the city?

They were fighting machines, trained to kill. Some measly rogues could not fight them. This was a doing of an insider. That snitch was dead meat.

A howl resonat


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