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Pregnant After Rejected by Alpha

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When I woke up, I was naked and lying on a soft bed that wasn't mine, being held by a stranger whom I absolutely didn't recognize. At the same time, there was an intense pain between my legs, I nearly screamed out loud. Did I give my virginity to an unknown man?! ****************I am the youngest daughter of Silver Moon Pack's Alpha Aiden, and I have a twin sister. We look alike, but our destinies are completely different. She is a female warrior and is known as the next Alpha, while I am an Omega who cannot shift into a wolf, which is considered shameful by the Pack and my father. For 18 years, I have been guarding my virginity and waiting for my mate to appear and take me away until Blood Moon Pack Alpha's birthday, I had a one-night stand with the infamous Alpha Nicklaus, my father's enemy. When I found out he was my mate, I was rejected. I finally decided to hide it all, I got pregnant.

Chapter 1 A handsome stranger

Gabriella's POV

Fine... I never thought I would become like this.

When I woke up, I was naked and lying on a soft bed that wasn't mine, being held by a very handsome stranger whom I absolutely didn't recognize.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I don't remember what happened the night before. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, hoping and praying that it was just a dream.

But when I opened them again, the tall and straight nose and s*xy lips of a man greeted me. At the same time, there was an intense pain between my legs; I nearly screamed out loud.

Did I give my virginity to an unknown man?!

I don't know who he is or how we ended up in the room together. All I know is that the day before, my friend and I attended Blood Moon Pack Alpha's birthday party.

Like everything else in my life, it feels like a complete nightmare.


I sat down in my room with my laptop, creating content as usual to post with my fake blogger name. I hate being around people; I love my room and love to remain here except when my beautiful sister sends for me.

I finished writing the content and got a call from my best friend named Jane. Sometimes I wondered how I ended up becoming friends with her. She is the opposite of me; she loves to have fun and she is so good at talking to people, unlike me who loves my space.

I met Jane in high school, and she stood up for me when other students mocked me. Usually, my sister defends me, but on that very day, she was absent from school because she felt ill. Ever since that day, Jane has been a really good friend to me.

“Hi Jane, how are you doing?” I asked, taking off my reading glasses that prevent my eyes from getting damaged from the brightness of the laptop so I can focus on the conversation with Jane.

“I am fine as usual,” she replied. Then I heard a male voice saying, ”Hey Gabby, I hope Jane is not giving you trouble.”

“Knock it off, Steve. In ladies' talk you are not to interfere.”

“My bad.” I laughed. These two are just too unique, I must say. Sometimes I fantasize about meeting my mate and being happy just like Jane and Steve, but the question is, will my mate accept an Omega like me? Well, I shouldn’t be worried about that now.

“Sorry for that, best friend. Let me guess, you are creating some mind-blowing content?”

“Yes, you guess right.”

“Wow, why don’t you let the world know it’s you? I assure you they will value you more.”

“I thought we talked about this?”

“Yeah, Gabby the shy girl. Anyway, that’s not the reason I called you.”

“Tell me, is there something happening that I should know?”

“I called because of the birthday party we are attending tonight.”

“What birthday party?” I tried racking my brain, but I really could not remember talking about a birthday party.

“Really, Gabby? You are going to act like you don’t remember?”

“I am serious, I really don’t remember. Give me a clue, please…” I asked calmly.

“Alpha Nicklaus' birthday party tonight.”

“You mean the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack?” I gasped.

"Yes, your brain is functioning now."

"I've mentioned before that I dislike attending parties, and I believe I made it clear that I won't be going. Moreover, the Blood Moon pack is our enemy, and I'd rather avoid any complications with our father."

"Oh, come on. I promise we'll be discreet. He won't even find out, and besides, it's a masquerade party. No one will recognize us; it's part of the rules." She tried to convince me, but no matter what she said, I couldn't fathom attending a party. The crowds, the music – it wasn't my scene.

"No, I won't attend, with or without me."

"Don't be stubborn. You've heard the saying: 'If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed.' Well, I'm your mountain, and I'm coming for you."

"Nothing will change my mind." I ended the call. Jane was persistent, but attending a party was out of the question for me.

I decided to return to the content I had been working on before Jane's interruption.

Tracy, as usual, entered my room without knocking. "Hey, sis."

"Sis, maybe I should give you a free lesson in knocking before entering a room."

"Are you hiding a man in here? Come on, spill the beans. Is he cute?" She playfully teased, and we both laughed – a typical sisterly exchange.

I am the youngest daughter of Alpha Aiden from the Silver Moon Pack, and I have a twin sister named Tracy. Despite our striking resemblance, being twins doesn't mean we share the same personalities.

Although Tracy and I look identical, our destinies are worlds apart. Tracy is a fierce female warrior, destined to become the next Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. She's kind, brave, and well-liked. On the other hand, I'm just an omega, unable to shift into a wolf. I'm constantly overlooked by others, including my father. But I don't mind, because I have the most perfect sister in the world.

Tracy is truly amazing. She stands up for me and shields me from the pack members' scorn.

"Father's waiting. Let's go and brace yourself for some scolding."

Oh no, I'm in trouble. It's time for training, and I'm terribly late. Father is probably going to give me an earful.

"No need to worry. I'll vouch for you."

"Thank you, sis. You're the best gift life has given me." We headed to the training room together. Seeing my father, I felt faint. When he called my name angrily, my heart skipped a beat.

"Late again. I can't fathom why I bother training a worthless Omega like you. You should thank your sister for this opportunity. I can't fathom what she sees in you. But don't think I won't punish you for this tardiness."

"Father, please punish me instead. She was helping me with some tasks." Tracy covered for me.

"Defending her once more? Fine, I've made my decision. She's no longer allowed to train. Don't bother pleading on her behalf." He stormed off angrily, and Tracy followed to placate him, as usual.

I don't understand why my father despises me so intensely. Sometimes I wonder if he's truly my biological father, as he's never treated me like his daughter. It's not my fault I can't shift into a werewolf-like my sister. I never asked for this, but I'm doing my best. My father is one of the reasons I prefer solitude, earning me the label of an introvert.

Lost in thought, Jane appeared out of nowhere. "I've finally tracked you down. I told you I'd be here. Let's get ready for the party."

Given my current mood, maybe attending a party wouldn't be such a bad idea. It could be a one-time experience. "Alright, Jane. I know you won't give up, but just this once, okay?"

"Deal. Let's head to your room. I've got a stunning gown for you."

"There's no way I'm wearing something revealing. Absolutely not."

"Oh, yes, you are."

Little did I know that an inadvertent decision would completely alter the course of my life. And the one thing I guarded closely would soon be shattered in the near future.

Chapter 2 Mate

Gabriella's POV

At Alpha Nicklaus's birthday party, we were granted passes to enter, but I found it difficult to breathe in this dress. Everyone wore masks so that no one would recognize each other, but I still felt out of place.

I tried pulling my dress down to cover my skin, but Jane just started laughing. "Relax, girl. You look sexy in the dress, and stop making it weird by tugging at it like that. Do you want everyone's eyes on you?"

"I told you this was a bad idea. When are we going home?" I questioned.

"Home? We've only just arrived. Just relax and have fun. Here, take this." She handed me a glass of gin, but I declined. "You know I don't drink alcohol."

"Come on, just a glass won't kill you. Don't you want to experience some fun? Now that you're out of your lonely room, this will help you socialize." She urged me, and to av


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