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Paraden High

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The Kingdom of Paraden was once a peaceful place before chaos ensued. Dakurodo, also known as, The Dark Lord, threatened the fate of humanity and, along with his allies, had escaped to the outside world. Paraden was humankind's last hope and so they formed a team, which consisted of 3 warriors: Ichi, Ni, and San. One by one they captured Dakurodo's allies and soon the land grew closer to peace. Until one day they were forced to leave the human realm and journey to Paraden High. Here suspicions of treachery and betrayal began to grow, not only towards the students at the academy but also by the citizens of Paraden.

Chapter 1: DREAM


I'm running through the black forest, attempting to escape from him. I'm not sure how I got here, but it's not a wise move; the dark forest was his domain, and I'm weak, which means I can't even cast a spell or use my abilities. Although I can't lose my faith right now the King will definitely be doing his utmost to reach me.

"Aliah, run! run faster! " then he starts laughing wickedly

"Shut up!!" I exclaimed and covered my ears as I ran, but he unexpectedly jumped in front of me, causing me to?to a stop?

"Surprise!" he said while grinning at me with his very dark eyes. Once you see him, you can recognize his extremely horrible presence.

"Dakurado," I utter, this isn't the end for me yet


I wake up and I was in a forest it looks old and otherworldly. I can hear the sounds of a wolf howling and the trees were dancing through the breeze of the air, wait what am I doing here? I don't even know this place I run through the woods until I see a light from outside and when I get out I was on a bridge and saw many people looking at someone I get closer. It was a man trying to jump on the bridge, but I can't see his face.

"I didn't kill her!!! I love her very much!!!" – that man shout, I don't even know him, but why my heart is aching so much.

"Just come down and let's talk about this"- I can't see who's talking but I can see another man who was holding a gun and for sure he will shoot him. I don't know but suddenly I run to that boy and hug him. After that, I hear a loud bang of a gun.

-bang! bang!-

"Aileen!!!"- that was the last thing I heard and everything went black.


"Ahhh!!"- I wake up and try to catch up my breath.

"Are you okay? Did something happen? Talk to me!"- my brother asks worriedly. I almost forgot that he's with me right now. I got shot while we're on a mission so we're here at the hospital.

"Relax. I'm fine bro it's just a bad dream"- I answered to calm him then I smile and reach for a bottle of water. That dream is weird.

"Thinking something, I am just here if you need someone to talk" - Neil said

"Do I have a past accident before other than this?"- well, I just want to know if I forget something.

“None, this is the first”- he answered

"That's good then, anyway let’s just go back to sleep"- I am tired and it's still early.

"Yeah, just take some rest, I'll just go for jogging"- he said, I didn't see that he's in his running attire though

"Okay, get me some delicious food when you come back"- then smile at him

"No problem, leave that to me"- he gets his wallet and phone

"Thanks, bro"- then I close my eyes

"Goodnight baby"- he whispered and I hear the door close

-Z z z z z -

(After 1 week)

"Ohaiyo gozaimas bro!!"- I happily greet him since it was a good morning right now. I don't want bad vibes right now. I just got out of the hospital yesterday so I want a fresh start.

"Good morning too baby"- then he sits by my side. He just woke up late right now.

"I need to go now bro I am done eating and I also prepared you a breakfast"- then I got up and get all my bags.

"Thank you, baby!! Have fun at school!"- I hear him shouting before I leave at the house.

Hi, guys before I forgot I am Aileen Shin leader of Ichi we are part of the organization form by Paraden. My parents were both in Paraden that’s why I only have my older brother with me here. Back to reality, I'm going straight to Harvard University right now, and it is our first day today so we need to be good at the students. We need to transfer here and I believe this will be the last. When I got there I directly walk through the office where I am going to meet my group, but on my way, I suddenly bump into someone.

"Hey look where you going!" What? He was the one who doesn't look where he was going. Tsk

"You!"- I shouted and look at him, he turns around and looks at me. What the heck he's doing here?

"You should be the one look where you going"- I said, pretending not to know him.

He just looks at me with a little shock in his eyes, but he didn't say anything and suddenly turns away from me. Before he could totally vanish in front of me I reach his arm and pull it so he can face me. I smile at him and hit his stomach with my hand.

"Cazzo! What's that for?!"- I can see a bit of anger in his eyes, but I don't mind it's time for me to do the walk-out-thing, I turn around and walk as fast as I could.

"Caspita!!Che tipa violenta"-(What a violent girl) I didn't hear clearly what he said but I don't really care. I hurry up and enter the office.

When I got there I sit and calm myself. I hate this it's my first day here it should be great and not a disaster, but I miss that face a lot. Aileen Shin stop thinking about him! I close my eyes and try to relax.


I heard birds chirping and open my eyes. Why am I in the forest again? This is not happening ugh!!!

"Help! help!"- wait, where is that sound coming from, I try to follow it but all I can see are woods.

"Where are you?!!"- I shouted

"I am here!! Please help me!"- I think it's coming from the dark woods, I run through there.

When I am almost there the sound slowly disappears. I suddenly look at the other side and I saw some shadow and followed it.

"Wait!! Who are you?!!"- I asked, but it runs away like it doesn't hear me.

"You will never find them!!"- a voice suddenly whispered to my ear and keep on laughing evilly.

"Stop!!!"- I shouted and cover my ears, somebody help me, please!! I hear the voice coming closer and closer

"Please Stop!!!"


"Wahhh!!"- I suddenly open my eyes and I’m sweating too much.

"Here"- then he gives me bottled water. I look at him, do they finish their mission already?

"Thank you"- I get the water from him.

"Bad dreams?"- I just look at him

"How did you know I was here?"- I just get back into my sense right now.

"By this"- he answered and show me his phone.

Wow, I can't believe this did he put a tracking device in my phone. Tell me that this guy is kidding me because I might punch his pretty face right now!!!

"When did you put that?"- he's so irritating, I know he's my friend but why does he need to do this to me. He was about to answer, but then my team suddenly entered the office and they look very happy.

"Omo!, is that the handsome prince of San?."- say's Bella acting like she was shocked. She's so cute while doing that, especially when she smiles with those pretty blue eyes.

"Cj, welcome back"- Nick said happily. I look at him and just noticed that he change his hair color into cadet blue. which suits him by the way.

Okay, there just the one who is happy? Like I don't care, I am mad at him. I just look at them happily greeting each other and it makes me more bored, maybe I need to go on I have a class to attend. I stand up and get my bag, It's too crowded here.

I open the door and was about to leave when he runs to me and hold my hand, so I look at him waiting if he will say something.

"Excuse me"- I said then he let go and smile.

"I just want to talk to you about something, if you don't mind"- I am not in the mood to talk

"I think this is not the right time for that dude"- Nick said, maybe it's about a mission again

"Why?"- he asked like it was really important

"I’ll explain it to you later"- Nick answered

"If you don't mind I need to go"- then smile at him and get out. I need to be early, when I get out I look for a spot to take a picture well, I will just send it to my brother. He wants to see my picture on my first day here in school.

(A/N: Hello guys sorry for the wrong grammar or errors I will try my best to avoid those and promise to make it better. Enjoy reading and Get to know more the characters:)..)



I saw her leaving so I run and hold her hand, she looks at me like she was waiting for me to talk, but I was too amazed by her looks today. She's wearing a white t-shirt top with a yellow pinafore dress which suits her white skin. Her brown eyes are like shining and she looks pretty with that violet ribbon she puts in her crimson curly long hair. Well, she's beautiful like the old times nothing change.

"Excuse me" Oh I forgot, I let go of her hand and smile.

"I just want to talk to you about something, if you don't mind"- it's not that important, but there's something I need to confirm

"I think this is not the right time for that dude"- Nick said, which I don't understand

"Why?"- I asked

"I will explain to you later dude"- Nick answered. Okay, if he says so.

"If you don't mind I need to go"- she smiles and goes out.

"Okay, explain to me now"- I said to Nick

"Well, it's in the new rule that we shouldn't talk about private t


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