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Not Just Any Omega

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“Why would I reject you? We are mates. Tell me why.” he demanded to know. “I am an omega. They say my mother was banished. I have been an omega for as long as I can remember,” I told him and felt shame wash over me as I twiddled with my fingers. He let out a low growl and caused me to recoil into the corner of the bed. “Victoria, I assure you that I will do nothing. Those who have harmed you in any way will be dealt with accordingly. Mark my words,” he said, leaning over to kiss my forehead. Victoria is nineteen years old and unwanted in the Red Moon Pack. She’s just the Omega Girl that nobody wanted. Beaten and scolded daily, she sees no end to her pain and no way out. When she meets her future mate, she is sure he will reject her too. Most of the werewolves get their wolves when they hit eighteen, but here she is, 19 years old and still not got her wolf or shifted. Of course, the pack found it to be yet another reason to treat her like trash, beating and bullying her. Except she’s not just an omega girl. Victoria is about to find out who she really is, and things are about to change. Will Victoria realize her worth and see she is worthy to be loved? What will happen when her sworn enemy, Eliza, vows to take everything from Victoria?


Victoria’s POV

It hurt.

My body felt weak; pain overwhelmed me. I couldn't cry out or make any sound for help. What was the point?

Nobody would care.


I was just a plain old worthless omega—only suitable for preparing the food for the whole pack and cleaning up. I barely got a chance to eat myself. Maybe that's why I was so weak and my wolf hadn't come to me.

Most of us get our wolfs when we hit eighteen, but here I am, 19 years old, and still not gotten my wolf or shifted.

Of course, the pack found another reason to treat me like trash, beating and bullying me.

Today was the worst one of all. Eliza had only stopped when her brother, the future alpha, came in and ordered her to stop. Of course, nobody would disobey the orders of an alpha.

He didn't care about me.

None of them did.

I couldn't blame them; my parents were traitors to them, after all.

I was just the child of traitors and now an orphan who nobody wanted.

You see, my name is Victoria. I am nineteen years old and live here at the Red River Pack. My mother was banished from the pack when I was five. Rumors had spread that my mother was having an affair with someone from an enemy pack, and my father abandoned me not long afterward.

The mate bond was too much for him; he missed his mate and couldn't stand around me because I was a constant reminder of what he had lost.

We are one of the largest and strongest packs in the world. The Alpha Evan and Luna Michelle lead us. We have a high-security level, so it took a lot of work for anyone to get in and attack us. Our warriors were trained thoroughly daily from a young age.

As an omega, we prepared top-of-the-chart healthy meals to ensure our pack was always healthy and that anyone rarely got unwell. Their wolf side would heal so quickly. Without my wolf and being unable to attend the pack hospital, it was more complicated, and I took longer to recover from any bruising and beating I received.

If I left, I would stand little chance out as a rogue. I hoped I would find my mate one day and everything would be different.

I missed my mother so much and wished that everything were different. I often wondered what life would be like if I were still surrounded by the family that once loved and adored me. I may have only been five, but I still remember my mother's beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. I saw her every night in my dreams.

It would be better if I never woke up; I could feel happy and be with my mother again in spirit.

None of this would have happened to me if she were still here to love, care and protect me.


Victoria’s POV

“Get on with your work, you lazy piece of sh*t.” Ralph appeared beside me with a smirk on his face. He’s the son of the Alpha’s Beta Craig—another one who enjoys nothing more than making my life miserable.

I had just finished mopping the floors when my heart sank at his chirpy voice.

He was a handsome guy, tall and muscular. His thick brown hair was a mop of curls on his head; it fell over his dark green eyes. Most of the girls in the pack fell over to get his attention. Alice was the worst for it; she worshipped the ground he walked on. Always there, sticking to his arm like super glue. Any girl that looked his way would have a war on their hands, and if looks could kill, you would be dead.

I gulped nervously and gripped the mop handle, praying he would leave me alone to get on with my job.

I couldn’t take any more hassle.

“Can I get you anything, Mr Ralph?” I mumbled politely, hoping that he would not start anything.

He stuc


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