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Nameless, under the moonlight

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ole
  • Chapters: 45
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 154
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


There is a much more inferior position in the Ruber pack than that of an Omega. It’s reserved for those not worthy of anything. Yes, that’s me, the nameless girl. No rights, no roots, no identity, not even worthy of a name. No one knows where I came from, if they do, they don’t talk about it. I am a worthless, good for nothing slave, Beta Diana took in when no one came forward to claim. That’s what they all think, but they are wrong. From the depths of my soul, I know that I’m worthy of so much more than this. Just wait until they see my wolf, then they will know that the nameless girl is not so nameless….


*Nameless POV*

“This is not sparkling enough, you worthless piece of trash!” Beta Diana yells while her little princess giggles.

A slap on my face, a kick on my ribs and a spat on my face, I block her words and continue scrubbing the corridor.

There is a much more inferior position in the Ruber pack than that of an Omega. It’s reserved for those not worthy of anything. Yes, that’s me, the nameless girl. No rights, no roots, no identity, not even worthy of a name. No one knows where I came from, if they do, they don’t talk about it.

I have been on my knees since dawn, scrubbing these floors. Tiles and a mop would be more effective, but I don’t have a voice here. I am a worthless, good for nothing slave, Beta Diana took in when no one came forward to claim. That’s what they all think, but they are wrong. From the depths of my soul, I know that I’m worthy of so much more than this. Just wait until they see my wolf, then they will know that the nameless girl is not so nameless. I have not met her yet, but I will turn eighteen in a few months’ time. The full moon after that my wolf will surface and she will be great. I can’t wait!

Until then, I must scrub the walls, floors and serve the Beta and her family with my sweat and blood.

It’s after lunchtime when I finish and retreat to the shed I share with many other slaves. My mind takes me to the future. ‘Day dreaming’ is what many call it, it’s the reality in my head that keeps me sane and I can’t help but hum my favorite tune.

“Wolf or mate?”

I am startled but let out a sigh of relief when I see Betty. A gentle soul in her forties, she is the nicest of the Omega’s here. She sews me school clothes, hides food for me and even prevents other Omegas from abusing me.

“Wolf, always, Betty, and I promise to repay your kindness when I get my wolf.”

She sighs like she always does when we talk about this.

“I hope you get everything you are hoping for, but there are no guarantees, child. Your wolf could turn out to be an Omega, like ours.”

I know what she means, but I can’t imagine my wolf being anything else but majestic. The packs are all about hierarchy. The Alpha and Luna are the ultimate law, then follows the Betas, who are the second in command. The Gammas are Betas run ups, Epsilons are our esteemed elders and finally, the Omegas, who are slaves. Everyone assumes their parent’s position in the pack until they turn eighteen, after that their wolves determines their position. Usually, one’s wolf will be exactly like that of their parents, but miracles do happen. As for me, I have no idea who and what position my parents were. I don’t know if they are alive or dead. That’s why I am really looking forward to this. Maybe, she will even lead me to them.


It’s almost sunset when I finally manage to sneak into the woods. I run as fast as I can before someone spots me and finds something else for me to do. I’m startled by a movement a few meters away and drop on the forest floor, out of sight. Rogues could abduct, hurt, or even kill a tiny person like me. I sigh with relief when my eyes land on him. All black shiny fur, two meters from the ground, he is absolutely beautiful! Now I really can’t wait to meet my own wolf. In a split second he shifts into his human form. My jaw drops, but I can’t get my eyes to look away. Tall, dark, chiseled jaw, and sharp piercing eyes. Pure muscle and majestic. Leroy is just a year older than me and the future Alpha of our pack. Every girl in the pack dreams of being his Luna, but Rose has claimed that position. She does not care if she is mated to Leroy or not, we all hear and read about their projected colorful future on the school tabloid. As for me, I’m grateful for his progressive mind. Omegas and nameless members like me don’t get to attend school in other packs. He has insisted that we all attend and even provides the school bus for those of us without cars. It does mean waking up at dawn to complete my chores, but education is my other key out of here.


A week later, I jump off the school bus and I catch a glimpse of Leroy standing with Rose and immediately take a different route to my classroom. Besides hating how Rose pretends to be so nice to me when he is around, I am also worried if his wolf will be able to sense that I saw him naked days ago. Betty says wolfs have incredible senses and even so the Alpha ones. Luckily, our paths hardly ever cross and I will keep it that way until the images of his nakedness completely fade from my memory.

I curse inside and my heart starts pounding when I hear his laughter outside my classroom. Deep, melodic and infectious. D*mn it, its Monday. That’s the day we share the class for the physics and math lessons.

“Your Majesty,” everyone greets when he walks in with Rose behind him. I keep my head down and focus on the book in front of me. Every girl here wants him, surely his wolf will be busy sensing that, right?

Mrs. Deon walks in soon after and gives us instructions for our next experiment. We have to work in pairs, but I don’t bother looking around for a partner. Even the Omegas in the class find me too inferior to them, so I am used to and even find peace in working alone.

Mrs Deon has just walked out when I feel like walls are closing in on me. That’s because Leroy leaves Rose’s desk and approaches mine. He sits on top of the desk with his eyes piercing through me, and I can’t breathe.

“What are we doing?”

I look around and back at him, dumbfounded. He can’t be possible planning on doing an experiment with me.

He raises his eyebrows and spreads his hands. “So?”

“I ..I..was going to do the diffusion and osmosis experiment.”

He beams, showing his ridiculously perfect set of teeth.

“Interesting, let’s do it.”

Did he say let’s do it?

I open and close my mouth, words failing me. Surely, he is not really planning on working with me. I can’t even get my heart to slow down when I think about the day in the woods. Everyone is pretending to be working but I can feel their eyes on us. How exactly am I going to sit through the experiment without making a fool of myself?

I sigh with relief and jump on my feet when the math teacher peeps in and summons me to his office.

“No name girl, to my office right now.”

“Saved by the bell. You can’t run forever,” I hear Leroy’s muffled voice as I walk away and follow the teacher.

Sir Lenray is the typical geek. Massive eyeglasses, a genius with very little social skills. I am relived to be out of the class, but I am now worried about the reasons for being called to the teacher’s office. I do my best to stay under the radar here. I do what I should and cause no problems.

Picking up my feet, I find him already sitting in front of his desk.

“Yes, Sir.”

He throws my math paper on the desc. “What’s this?”

I study my paper and the 65% on it and find nothing upsetting about it.

“You don’t see anything wrong with this?”

I shake my head while he pulls out all my math papers for the past three years.

“How about these?”

I swallow my saliva and curse inside. All my marks are around 65%, a mark I need to get into the university very far from here. I have done my homework. Humans can be cruel, but they have laws, rights, and regulations. That’s all I want and my 65% in math will get me that.

“You still don’t see anything wrong?”

“No, Sir.”

He chuckles and page through my recent paper.

“I teach the senior year and math for all grades because I have the highest IQ here. There is just no way that you could have gotten the equation in question five right if you did not know the answers to the second, third and fourth questions.”

I curse inside, I did not think of this at the time. That was the only challenging question in that paper, the thrill of solving it blindsided me.

He shakes his head. “Question five was the hardest, no one got it, except you. So, I went and looked at all your papers and found a pattern. You are intentionally making yourself average. The question is why?”

My hands begin to shake. Maybe this is just curiosity for him but it’s a matter of life and death for me.

“Hey, you are safe here,”his tone is lowered and I can feel the empathy is his tone.

Somehow, I believe him. He is a geek with no regard for anything else but science.

“I can’t get higher marks than Rose. It will be the end of my education and probably my life,” I confess and hope that he understands and keeps my confession to himself.

Rose is Beta Diana’s daughter. She is very competitive and conniving. We, especially me, can’t do anything better than her. I learned the hard way in fourth grade when I got 100% and the teacher complemented me. The beating I received when I got home that day kept me in bed for almost a month. Everything I do now is self-preservation until I get out of here.

“I see. You are gunning for Laymore University?”

I nod my head. It’s not the best but it will help me get out of here.

“Why not Fallow?”

I can’t help but smile at his ignorance. That’s the most prestigious university in the world. It’s where most royals and the wealthy go. It’s where Rose and probably Leroy is going.

“I am a slave, Sir.” I remind him. His ignorance to the hierarchy that governs our packs makes him the fairest of all our teachers, but also the most detached.

He reads through me and continues.

“There are scholarships to Fallow, but you have to be the best.”

I know this. I also know that he is one of those who received that scholarship, but I can’t be the best and risk being beaten to death for upsetting Rose.

“How about you write the correct answers. I will project low marks on the board that gets posted for everyone to see, but record your actual marks on the computer system?”

My heart leaps, new hope blooming inside. I know that I’m the best in my class, a scholarship to Fallow will be more than a dream. I will be set for life!

“Really? You will do that for me?”

“I was once a slave too, Nameless girl.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

I can’t help but hum my tune as I leave the teacher’s office, but my joy is short lived. The school’s rugby team is playing, and I must wear the stupid revealing uniform and perform the stupid formation dances like a bimbo. I don’t know who decided to make cheerleading compulsory for senior year girls because this is just dumb. I don’t even understand why the other girls find this exciting. Anyone with brains can see how degrading this is. I drag my feet, mumble the lame alphabets and rush to the bathrooms to change as soon as our performance is over. I keep my hair tied and body covered all the time because Betty suggested that I must if I don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Royals, Beta’s, and Gammas have rights, not the Omega’s and definitely not me. I have my future all planned out and it looks even brighter now with the possibility of going to Fallow, but whatever I do until I get my wolf and get out of here must be well calculated.


*Leroy POV*

The boys are all pumped up, ready to whip the other side but my mind is not here. They are all disappointed when I chose to warm the bench after half-time. They will have to play the rest of the game without me because I can’t concentrate. I am still trying to make sense of it all when the game ends and Marcus comes to join me.

“Who is the girl?”

I look blankly at him, but I know what he is asking.

“Which one?”

“Second from the left. The one giving us nothing?” he points out.

I knew he was referring to her but I still can’t help but flinch at the confirmation.


I don’t even lift my eyes to look and try my best to sound uninterested. I knew the moment I saw her in those tight clothes that she will turn heads and I don’t like it. Sky is continuously stirring and growling inside. I am doing my best to suppress him.

“Look at her, man. She’s bootylicious!” Marcus insists while seductively licking his lower lip and ma


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