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My Stepfather Is My Mate.

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"Go harder, stepfather.' I moaned loudly as he slammed his crotch into me and held my waist with both hands. "You are so f*ck*ng tight, love.' he went faster and deeper into me. "I want you so much, fill your stomach with my c*m, f*ck.' "Fill me up, f*ck, ahhhh...I... want to carry your child, Alpha, go harder please.' **************************** Natalie Zaenrys grew up in an abusive home which affected her life for years with constant fighting and quarreling all the time and was also denied love and affection by her parents. On a fateful day, her father, the leader of the Mackenzie Clan pack comes home on a rainy cool night with a pregnant She-Alpha, determined to get married to her and divorce her mother, this broke her heart at how her father was breaking their home and even worse, she had just found out her mate, her boyfriend she's been dating for years was getting married to her childhood best friend. Natalie turned cold and vowed never to love again, however to make matters even more worse, Natalie was drawn to another mate, who ruined her family and cursed her pain, the last Lycan on earth, diving into the forbidden love, her mother's Alpha. For more details, questions and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account) Thank you!


Trigger Warnings For This Book: This is a dark werewolf romance containing Violence, r*p*, abuse, betrayal, painful love, hate to love, drugs, murder, assault, and a Reverse harem involving scenarios of b×g, b×b raw s*x scenes, and slavery.

Don't read if you are not up to eighteen.

For more details, questions, and more books, follow me on Facebook Elena Titania. IG - elena_titania (New account.

Thank you!

In one hundred and five, a Lycan out of the wolves' league was chosen to be the king in the house of wolves, histories, dragons, faes, vampires, tales about our ancestors were being documented for the unborn wolves to read and study, and to know what they went through as wolves back then in the 80s.

They needed us to know they truly existed before humans, but hid themselves away from them because they were afraid of what the humans would do to them, because in the human world, they were unacceptable and would be treated like animals or worse, experimented and turned into lab rats.

They hid themselves their whole life, went to war and caused bloodshed all over the land with faes, dragons and vampires.

Yet, the wolves admitted to making many mistakes and made a request to the future generations to not make the same mistakes they did and should live a better life, pave a good path for our future and not take after them, that they heavily regretted their lives and wished they were never born but if they could turn back time, they would make a lot of changes.

They suffered so much and questioned whoever was listening to them to take away their lives and fade away, but that didn't sit well with the clan, they refused to believe what was written in the scrolls and made a claim that it must have been the vampires that tortured them to this extent, that was why they felt regrets for their actions for creating war.

We also discovered back then, the wolves were once very wild, untrained, and uncultured.

We were more like rogues back then, tearing each other apart over nothing useful, we lost ourselves and forgot about humanity, except for the Lycans who didn't lose themselves.

They decided to take over the wolves, train them and bring them up in a civilized manner to avoid blood loss, lives, and bring everyone together, which will eventually bring peace to the realm and choose a leader for us because they knew within us that we were the problem itself.

Creatures that are connected to the world, and the world to us.

Those days are long gone, forgotten by mankind and the wolfkind.

The history of these stories was once again destroyed by the war, ruined, and lost for another hundreds of years but we still recall them through certain burnt histories, the leftovers, the ones which were hidden and left by our predecessors, we also realized that we were not the only creatures on earth, apart from humans, vampires, Faes and Dragons existed during those times.

The wolves could feel it, it's in our blood, this wildness, this power we sensed, built up inside us was still as strong as ever, that's why when we discovered the moon goddess who introduced herself as the goddess, who created wolves with her powers, it took us a while to accept her.

The moon goddess was a much stronger force than us, keeping us alive and making our lives the best ones ever by bringing along a Lycan, which became our king, and on no account should we ever disrespect him unless we want our heads cut off.

Though Lycans were superior for their powerful strength and power over us, the wolves still hated them and wished to rule as well, however, that was impossible.

Wolves are shifters, hunters, and fierce and they are also sexual beings searching for their mate to breed their pups, so no matter how powerful they are, they must obey their Lycan King.

The wolves also love to have s*x, the hormones which range in them are greater than the ones in humans, they burn hot in passion and loathe being interrupted when in the act.

Our power runs through our veins and fills our lungs.

Most of them are arrogant, and disrespectful and can control anything they desire, especially their mates.

Though our people were blessed, the world was a bit young and still evolving, we were in tune with the nature that surrounded us and the Lycans created a clan for us to gather and be who we needed to be.

Now, at times I fear that we're losing ourselves every day and drifting away from our roots, their behavior at times scares me, when I see a similar incident written in history repeating itself and while the Lycans are trying their best to stop this from happening, from turning into a war because werewolves are very stubborn to the core.

The Lycans continued ruling the kingdom, and the realms but on the inside, our greatest enemies were the vampires and the dragons.

They were the rulers of the realms, controlling everything behind the scenes.

I regretted being born into this lifetime, I wish I was the daughter of a powerful Alpha and of the realms, then I wouldn't be suffering so much and maltreated.

Even though the Lycans were on our side and also our king, a lot of wolves were still suffering in the outskirts of town and I was one of them because I was from a poor background and from a weak pack, if only I was consequential.

I sat down on the ground wearing a torn yellow gown with my legs close to my chest. It was quite dark and the rain was pouring heavily on me that day because I had just been bullied by a couple of guys who thought they were so strong and better than everyone else. After all, their families were influential Alphas and pretty loaded.


I was scared to tell anyone because I would just be laughed at and mocked for reporting to anyone about them, especially to outsiders since I was the daughter of a poor Alpha, who was a farmer in the fields and I didn't want to bother and make my parents worry about me, it will break their heart.

So, I endured the pain and kept it to myself and in front of my parents I was the cheerful child but in the dark, I was a drenched cat, soaked and beaten with eggs.

No one knew about some kids bullying me, except for my sister, Claire, who was with me from when we were kids.

She was an Alpha, my only sister and my best friend in the world too and I told her not to tell anyone about me or to our parents, though she felt remorseful and bad for not helping me.

Felt sorry and cried for me but my decision was the best part to follow because if she speaks of it to anyone, my problem will only get worse and I don't want my parents life to be


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