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My resistant Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Benoni
  • Chapters: 31
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 42
  • 7.5
  • 💬 16


Emily skywalker finally meets her long awaited mate; Alpha Asher and she expects life to be cozy but this mate of hers wanted nothing to with her, who was different from every one else. Emily's already chaotic life at Asher's territory spirals out of control when outer-worldly beings begin to come after her, no one knew what they wanted. Emily soon realizes that danger lurks everywhere; hiding among her own kind. Would Emily survive and conquer her mate or would she succumb to the strange attraction she had to another man whose identity was one to be wary of.

Chapter 1

I never liked going to parties or anywhere else but tonight an exception was made by my best friend; Reene on my behalf. Reene pulled me through the crowded field with her legendary strength, just in case I decided to run off. I, unlike Reene imagination of me taking off was actually enjoying myself; I get to see the entire premium gist Reene always gave to me for myself. We arrived at our destination; the make shift bar. We had already been here thrice and we still haven't tried quarter of the drinks made available. The variety of unrecognizable liquid lined up on the table would have been troubling to me but i was here to unwind and not be the perfect student i acted as. They said werewolves were immune to intoxication but that didn't seem to be the case at this party, everyone including Reene were swaying on their feet’s, I reached towards her to keep her steady for the rest of the party. It was Gendar night, the only night in a year when all six packs in the region came together to celebrate their beginning and peace treaties. Only adults pack members have access to the party, and I had just turned eighteen a few months unlike Reene who was a year older than I am. Most werewolves regarded Gendar as an opportunity to know everyone better, a time to get to know each other without the fear of being stabbed in the back. But for me, Gendar didn't really hold anything special aside from the fables I have heard from Reene and my siblings who met their mate here. Reene had downed another glass of dark liquid after I took my eyes off for one minute, she tilted her head to her back, got back up and offered me a shy smile, "Look over there Emily, those guys are cute. Shouldn't we go talk to them?" I glanced over her shoulders, scanning through the sea of people in an attempt to guess which one out of all the fine men out here tonight she was referring to. I finally saw who she was referring to; I rolled my eyes upon clearer realization on who she saw- her mate, Derrick. I frowned in unabashed single hood, "I don't think he has seen you yet. You should go to him instead of making his stand there gaining the attention of the women from other packs." Her mate set off for pack mission weeks ago and I bet Reene could sense him through her drunkenness and was just waiting for him to make the move. Reene pouted and once again without any warning pulled me with her Hercules given strength, Reene stopped swaying and put on a look of confidence as she walked towards Derrick to sway the girls around him away and it worked when they all saw Derrick’s face blossom with a smile upon seeing her, they kissed tongue tied and I fought the urge to not raise a flag to announce my presence. "Hi Walker," Derrick pulled out of the kiss and finally acknowledged me, his hand still holding Reene in a tight embrace. "It's strange seeing you in a place like this." I rolled my eyes, like he should be here when he is supposed to be off on a mission. Derrick, Reene and I have been friends since we were just pups, for some strange reason they always knew they were soul mates and always hanged around each other tightly and when Reene turned eighteen their dream came true. It feels like it was just yesterday when Reene balled her eyes out nervously because she was scared they weren't going to be together. I wasn't much of a talker and my friends knew it so it was not really a surprise when I passed a smile off as a reply. Derrick’s presence worsened Reene's drunken behavior because she started giggling for no reason like an empty-head, I watched him whisper jokes that I couldn't relate to and giggle about. I stood there like a salted fish, waiting for my time to join in on the jokes and suddenly the bustling crowd grew quiet. My eyes travelled through the crowd and noticed everyone was looking in one direction, and a dozen men and women who one could pick out from the crowd because of how good looking and neat they all were now stood. They all wore black of different shades with silver buttons decked on their shirts, and this was what got everyone quiet- the silver pack had arrived at the party. The silver pack had been quiet for three years now; they were not seen or heard of by anyone, their territory completely sealed off. Rumor had it that their Luna passed away and the pack went into chaos because their Alpha became redrawn but as stated, just a rumor. A familiar voice from across the room bellowed loudly, a deliberate effort to draw attention and place every one at ease. "I wasn't expecting you to come this year." I didn't need to stand on my toes to see who spoke like the other wolves around me did, unlike them I already knew it was Alpha Alvin of the Dark creed pack; my pack, Reene's father. I lost my mother during a pack war and while my father was busy wallowing in self-loath, his best friend had taken me in and raised me like his own. A man walked out from the silver pack team and shaked hands with Alpha Alvin, he was most likely the infamous Alpha of the silver pack but i couldn't see his face and only had views to his back. Still occupied in my thoughts, the party resumed like it did not just stop in a chokehold and I had somehow gotten to the other side of the party where people were less and discussions took place about the silver pack. Apparently it wasn't just a rumor that the Luna of the silver pack died but nobody knew exactly what happened except members of the silver pack. I couldn't begin to imagine how he felt about her demise, I had witnessed my father's behavior and how he almost fell into a slump. A chill swept over me and as I turned around I ran into a man, the chill I was currently feeling radiated from him, I quickly turned around to apologize to the man I had bumped into; sweat ran down my back as I suddenly began to perspire under the cool night as I realized who I had disrupted. A member of the silver pack, the silver badge resting abreast the jacket was blinding but it couldn’t over shadow the aura oozing from the man in front of me. I moved away from him and my eyes caught the man behind him who was also from the silver pack but their badge looked entirely different. The man I bumped into was either their Alpha or Beta, regardless of who it was I didn’t want my powerless self to be in the same proximity with them. “I’m so sorry” I apologized as I kept moving further away from him, the further I moved the more his features came into view. I know I said the badge was blinding but his face and full body was better, his body hidden inside the oversized jacket didn’t have a word in my vocabulary to describe it. His crystal clear eyes locked on my blue orbs, and, I inhaled sharply at the sight of his face. I couldn’t move and my stomach churned repeatedly, the shock almost knocking me to the ground. The world swayed and so did my heart, as my blood flowed in the opposite direction. What is happening to my body? I couldn’t think or move my eyes away from him, every single nerve that contracted to form the crease between his eyebrows were within eye sight. A few people from nearby stopped to look at us curious about what was going on, if asked I wouldn’t say anything ‘because I did not know! The man took steps towards me or I took steps towards him, as the distance between us closed and my breath became labored, every step between us looked like mortal enemies to me. When the distance between us eventually closed as he stood before me, he grabbed my face as if unable to control his movements. The moment his cold hands touched my face, I felt warmth instead of the initial cold radiating off him towards me. His warmth crawled from my face to my toes and I found myself leaning in for more. He pulled me into his arm and inhaled my skin and hair to take in my scent, his movements feral. I did not want to pull away and my brain wasn’t sending any signal to move away. After a few minutes, he pulled away and his crystal clear eyes were now hazed and in shock. There was a new statement behind them besides being cold, possession. His arms keeping my body tightly pressed to his roamed my body in a way that had to mean one thing, That I was His.

Chapter 2

The sound of whispers from my surroundings woke me up from my daze, my brain awakened and I pulled out from his embrace, it turned out to be harder than I thought. It was at this moment that I realized it and he realized it too because the moment I started struggling he pushed me away, I was confused as to how I kept standing on my feet. I looked at him, his once clear eyes that I admired wholeheartedly at first sight were no longer hazed and in shock instead it held something else; anger. I was strangely concerned as to whether this anger was directed at me or someone else. Someone pushed their way through the crowd which surrounded this man I was yet to identify and me. Reene’s father, Alpha Alvin and my father; the beta of dark creed pack came forward along with the guests from silver pack and officials from other packs. My father spoke first, his face held no emotion unless his creased eyebrows counted as a show of his disappointment in my display,


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