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My Psychopath Alpha

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I vividly remember sometimes, remember that I run from someone " I did that to survive, They always treated me like a monster" I remember his words that he shouted clearly in my mind, but who said that? And why? Why was he running after me? Do you know what the prophecy says about Silver? He will bring chaos, destruction to every place he steps a foot in. The only way to stop him is Hazel. The brown-haired girl. ... Silver thinks he is a good person, a werewolf who wants to live like a human, he wants everything to go as he plans, or he will lose all of his sanity, if he still has any, would Hazel be able to stop him?

Chapter 1: I like Him

" KILL HIM !! "


he was running fast, couldn't change to his wolf form, wounded because of many arrows inside his body.

" You Slaughtered Our People! "

" We Will Burn You Alive! "


" The crops came out nicely "

A young woman called Hazel was washing the crops by the river.

She has beautiful brown hair like her name.

A beautiful face with a gorgeous smile.

She is a farmer like her family in their small village.

Their world was peaceful and calm.

Suddenly she sensed someone staring at her from her side.

She turned quickly to find a man, badly injured staring at her.

He was extremely taller than her, has shining Silver-eyes, and tall black hair, and his clothes were ripped.

" W, what in the world? "

She said as the crops fell off her shaken hands.

He stared at her for a minute before he fall unconscious on his face in the river.

" Hey, hey, are you alright? "

She screamed trying to pull him with her thin arms.

She succeeds and puts him on the ground.

" Uncle! Brother! Help me! "

She screamed for help, they came quickly to help the anonymous person that knocked out, bringing him to their village.

And from now on.

They decided that he will work with them as a farmer.

They didn't know back then, that he is a curse that came to end their peace.


After one year

Hazel's POV

" No Umera you can not pull the plants like that, we cut it with scissors. "

" We will eat or sell it anyway, what is the difference? "

He asked me while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

I kneeled beside him and grabbed the Lotus he was cutting.

" When you pull it from its root, it dies, when you cut it, you give her a chance to be reborn. "

I told him while looking into his beautiful silver eyes.

" What if it dies anyway? What if it keeps on bleeding and dies?"

He asked confused, or rather, sad?

" Then we at least tried to save it. "

I smiled saying that then grabbed the crops to go to my father.

" I wish everyone gives chances like you do, Hazel. "

I looked behind me after his whispering and saw Umera's warm smile towards me before he hides it quickly, faking looking away.

I smiled feeling my cheeks burning and ran to my home.


" Quite absurd isn't he? "

His name is Umera, which is what he is telling me.

He looks older than me, I found him nearly dead by the river.

He says he can't remember what happened to him before we met.

I believed him, my family didn't.

For the crimes that happened to other villages near us, we should be afraid of strangers and keep our guard.

Our village is very important for the kingdom, we deliver to the king the best quality crops we harvest.

Fruits, vegetables, and Lotus.

Anyone can poison our crops that go to the king, so we take caution from everything, everyone.


" Look at him, he is a complete spy. "

I keep hearing these comments about Umera.


As for me? I'm not going to lie.

I like Umera so much, not every day you can meet someone kind, caring who is handsome at the same time.

He treats me well, he is so polite, and shy.

I don't think he is a spy, or her to do us any harm.

But indeed.

he does creepy things sometimes.


Nine months ago

" Dad! I'm not marrying that b*st*rd, he is shameless, he molested me in front of my students !!"

I yelled as I feel my legs hurt, I kept running from that lunatic the whole day.

" Are you crazy!! He works for the king! He is so rich, do you like your life as a villager! A farmer for the end of your life! How could you slap him, go apologize to him right now! "

Dad screamed at me and I started to cry as I felt how helpless I'm.

How week I'm.

" I don't want to marry a rich man,

Thanks to my mom, she never taught me to run after money. "

I spoke sniffling as I clench my dress cloth.

" Yeah, your mom was stupid. "

Dad said throwing his wooden plate by the sink.

I wanted to say because she married him, but I swallowed the words as hard as I could.

I ran outside again to cry by the river, I couldn't stop even to take a breath.

I calmed down a bit to take a breath as suddenly I saw a beautiful sunflower in front of my face.

I looked beside me and I saw Umera standing, smiling happily like he always does whenever he sees me.

As if, he is here for me.

He doesn't care about being bullied in here, because of me.

He doesn't care about my wedding or anything happening around us.

Umera just wants to comfort me.

" Why are you smiling? "

I asked him loudly, his pretty smile didn't disappear as he simply blinked.

" Because I'm happy to see you. "

He answered raising an eyebrow as if I asked a dumb question.

Indeed I did.

I laughed without knowing it, Umera is way too honest.

" I just wish to be happy like you too, to live here forever without someone trying to buy me out like some crops. "

I confessed while taking the sunflower from his hand.

" Ha, You pulled it. "

I looked at him, and as I swore, for a moment I saw his eyes shining and I flinched.

With these hallucinations, I need to sleep.

" I promise you, Hazel, I'll make you happy, soon. "

He swore as he held my hand to his chest and smiled wider.

I felt that something is wrong with my heart.

It pumps so hard as I look into Umera's eyes.

I wish I could rely on his promise, but I'm getting married to a lunatic tomorrow.


I went to sleep that day, the day before the marriage as supposed.

I'm just 23 years old and my dad wants to get rid of me already.

I opened my eyes in the middle of the night like I always do.

I saw Umera's silver eyes watching me from the crack of the door.

It was terrifying at the first, but I got used to it.

It was like he is guarding me,

Protecting myself I pretended to be asleep as usual.

But sometimes, I hope he tells me his feelings towards me.


The next day

the wedding never happened.


Because my fiancé disappeared.

And I'm not sad about it.

Everyone looked at me with sympathy as I'm the bride with the wedding dress that standing alone in the alley.

I noticed Umera as he is standing handsomely in this formal suit with a faint smile on his lips, and his eyes are fixed on me.

I couldn't help but hide my smile with my bouquet.

Did I just imagine getting married to Umera?

That day, Umera's kept me company by playing with me, my dad was extremely angry that Umera is the only one happy about my fiancé disappearing.

He put Umera in a cell telling me he is the reason that my fiance ran away.

He scared him or something.


Even if he did, I'm not mad about that.

I was going to free Umera but when I went to the cells I found the cage is already open.

" Looking for me? Your father already allowed me to leave, someone testified that I was sleeping the whole night before the wedding. "

He explained happily from behind me I turned to hug him tightly for the first time.

Umera froze up as I feel that I did a mistake.

I was about the break the hug but Umera tightened it more as I feel him lifting me from the ground, I was on my tiptoes.

" I know you aren't the reason my stupid fiance had run away, and I don't care if you did."

I told the truth as I feel his smile on my neck, his fingertips brushing my hair softly.

" Thank you, Hazel, I needed that. "

Umera broke the hug and looked into my eyes, His silver eyes filled with tears.

I smiled shyly as I needed that hug too.

" Hazel, Can, I.. "

His face is so close that I couldn't breathe.

His whispering makes my whole body shiver, I choose not to pull away from him as I got closer, we were breathing the same air

And right after I shut my eyes, Umera placed his lips softly on mine.

Tinder and sweet taste.

That is what I expected during our first kiss.

But before I knew it, the kiss started to get more passionately, his right hand is holding my cheek, while his left arm is around my back.

I felt numb in my legs, couldn't stand nor breathe anymore, and noticed that his temperature is getting extremely hot.

I broke the kiss suddenly pushing his sweaty chest softly, I couldn't meet his eyes at the moment.

" Sorry, I couldn't resist. "

Umera is breathing loudly as he speaks, I felt some regret that I pulled myself away from such an amazing kiss I would never have in 100 years.

" I have to go. "

I said because I wanted to escape that awkward moment.

I shared a kiss with a stranger I know for just three months.

The innocent man kissed me like a savage beast.

It is so hot in the winter, I couldn't stop smiling or calm my heart.

I slept in my room, feeling the sense of being watched.


End of flashback


Hazel's POV

" And that when the frog started to - "

I was telling the kids of other villages stories but I stopped suddenly when I saw Umera joining them, taking a seat.

I shyly smiled at him and continued with my story about the legend, that because of, we can't go outside the village anymore.

I decided to tell the kids.

" Listen, children, I know you came from different villages to learn how to read, but I must warn you. "

" There's a real story, about a silver monster, someone said he looks like a wolf, and someone said, he looks like a human."

I said completely terrified but I must warn them.

" Every day and every night, something bad happens to any villager, there is always someone to die, a guy drained of blood, or a guy dies from animal scratches, big scratches. "

" Wow Hazel, what a story you're telling the children. "

" Dad! "

I stood up when I found my dad behind me, I looked at him and he stared towards the quiet Umera.

" I told you to make sure your fiancé has a nice time today, you threw the food at his face!"

My dad said firmly grabbing my arm tightly, it almost hurt.

" He was trying to to-"

" I don't want to hear more lies! He is rich and a gentleman, he will get us a lot of money, instead of spending time with a useless outcaste, come here. "

He is dragging me with him I was going to fall but I felt someone holding me by the waist.

" Umera! Than-"

I was trying to thank him but suddenly my dad pushed him harder and he backed away.

" I told you to stay away from my daughter, didn't I ?"

My dad screamed and he was making a scene already that Umera get close to gaze angry at him.

If he looked at me like this, I'm going to die from fear honestly.

" You think when you stare at me I'll be scared! Like you did with my daughter's fiances "

My dad asked him and left my arm for a moment I backed up.

The usual fight between them is going to happen now...

" Oh, I did more than stare, you should have seen their faces back then. "

Umera openly threatened my father, and if I didn't know his real passion personality I would be completely scared.

But at the same time, I have to take my dad's side.

" He is such a good person, father, please give him a break.


I'm smiling proudly at the man that I love.

But it was only for a short time.

No one is perfect, no one deserves to be trusted.

We're living in hell, and I opened its gate.

I wish it to end

I wish


To be continued

Chapter 2: Abandoned by Family

Hazel's POV

" Come here daughter, let's talk alone "

My dad grabbed my hand carefully and went inside the yield.

" I know these few months I was harsh on you, but you know why? "

" No, I don't!"

I said in confusion and he was looking outside in fear.

" I know you always take his side instead of me but please hear me out. "

My dad said while speaking quietly, and by 'He', he means Umera.

" Your previous fiances, not just disappeared, they were found out killed. "

" What!"

" Shhh, and all of them died before a day from the marriage, does it make any sense to you?"

He asked me and I widened my eyes in shock.

" I can't believe it! you blame Umera for a thing he didn't do !!, LOOK AT HIM! He is an innocent man! "

I opened the yielding door and we saw him play with the children of the other villages


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