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My One and Only Omega

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Is there anything more tragic than having a crush on your boss? Being secretly in love with an Alpha that still engages in sexism. Would it be a bitter secret love that was going to end in vain? Would it be unrequited love? Or would it turn into an unexpected love story?

CHAPTER1: I'm his Assistant?

Ok, what does it say?" I ask my brother Ciel nervously.

"Wait, Yuri.....It says that..." He scrolls down on my laptop and exclaims "YOU GOT THE JOB BRO!" He hugs me. I was so excited that I couldn't express my feelings.

"Seriously? I can't believe it, little bro" I answered in disbelief. He let me go and said,

"Believe it bro it's true." I laugh and hug him again full of joy and excitement.

I know you guys are confused, So let me tell you. 2 months ago I got fired from my job as a secretary because my boss's son tried to harass me because he already knows that I am an omega. I slapped him and when my boss came in. He asked what happened and why I slapped his son. I told him everything the truth but his son denied it, saying that I slapped him for no reason. My boss believes everything his son tells him. So he fired me.

And 3 weeks later my brother told me that CEO Sebastian Caleb de Raizel, an Alpha, DE Raizel Corp. owner, is hiring an assistant. Ciel thought that I should apply for it but I didn't want to. Because Sebastian Caleb de Raizel is a cruel, cocky, arrogant, player and most of all omega hater. But here I am, I'm going to be his secretary tomorrow.

" Your first day is tomorrow and we need to buy business clothes," he said. Oh, how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself and my little brother Ciel. Ciel Etrama my craziest, funniest, sweet, and caring brother. And I'm Yuri Etrama. I'm 26 years old and I'll be working as Sebastian Caleb de Raizel's assistant.

He grabs my arm and said, "Now let's go"

Six hours later, we were done shopping. We were so tired so Ciel, and I collapsed on my couch.

"I'm exhausted," He said as he took off his shoes.

"Ok. Ok, you can stay over for tonight but make sure to go home early tomorrow ok? I said tiredly while rubbing my eyes. But he was already asleep. I chuckled and went to my bedroom.

When I got there I took off my clothes and took a cold shower and after that, I went to my bed and couldn't help but think about my first day as Sebastian Caleb de Raizel's new assistant.

I woke up the next morning at 6 because I had to be at DE Raizel Corp. at 9:30 am. So I got off my bed and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for Ciel and me, but when I'm finally there in my living room he wasn't there, so I checked my phone and I received a message from him and read it.

I just smiled at his message and went to my kitchen to prepare some breakfast for myself. Then after eating my breakfast I cleaned the dishes and kitchen and went to my room to get ready.

I took a shower and washed my hair and when I was done I put on my robe and put a towel on my hair so it would dry faster.

Then after that, I went to my walk-in closet. I picked out a black business professional suit. I put them on and blow-dried my hair and tied it in a type of messy tied-up. Then I took my bag and ran out of my house to the garage and went inside in my car to take off.

I parked my car in the parking lot when I arrived at De Raizel. My mouth hung wide open at the sight. It was a huge building made out of glass. Then I start walking until I reach the receptionist's desk and ask politely.


The receptionist looks up, she looks like she's in her mid-forties, and smile, "Hi honey" she said

"Good morning, I got an email yesterday saying that I'm Adam Moon's new assistant and today is my first day so..." I said. "Oh yes! That's right. You're Mr. Yuri Etrama, Mr. Moon's new assistant. Wait a sec sweetheart" She took the cordless phone and after a few seconds, she said, " Raizel, Mr. Etrama is here... Ok... Bye." She hung up the phone and then she said, "Please follow me"

I follow her to a door which I'm guessing is Raizel's office. I tightly hold my folder in my arms when a deep voice inside the room said, "Come in"

The lady opens the door and it reveals a really spacious office.

"Mr. de Raizel, Mr. Etrama is here." I stop looking around the room and my eyes land on someone else's eyes. They are brown mixed with grey and a hint of gold.

"You can go now Miss Linx," He said to the lady as he continued staring at me up and down. I look at Miss Linx and smile at her as she closes the door. I turn to look at Raizel when I see that he was still looking at me. I look down at the floor so he won't see my fcking face that turns to red "Mr, Etrama please take a seat" he points at the chair in front of his desk. I slowly walk to the chair and sit down. I look at him and see him leaning back on his chair with his arms crossed. "Mr.Etrama an omega right?" He asks me while still looking at me.

My eyes are wide open. How does he know that I am an Omega and why does he still accept me if he really knows the truth that I am an omega?

"Ho..How did you know?" I asked him with an uncomfortable look.

He just smirked at me.

He leans forward and whispers huskily, "Get ready for hell"

CHAPTER2: Hell day

It's already 12:30 pm and I was supposed to be home three hours ago. That fucking bastard named Sebastian wasn't kidding when he said that I should get ready for hell because this is fcking actually hell. He made me organize some stupid letters for a company, re-study some upcoming plans, and when I gave it to him to check. He told me it's not well written. He made me write it like five more times. Like seriously. What type of boss is he?

It's my first day and I officially hate my new boss. Right now I'm in my office. I never had such a beautiful office like this one. The furniture in the office has a dark color and I have a big glass window. The only thing that I hate about this job is my annoying plus rude boss.

I keep on dozing off every now and then. Every-

"Ehem" Someone clears their throat behind me. I spun my chair around to see Sebastian standing at my office door, arms crossed over his very muscular chest, eyebrow raise, and a you-better-tell-me-what-you-t


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