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My Moonlight Omega

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: KANWAL
  • Chapters: 86
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 63


Years ago, the werewolf world settled in Mariana Pack, where Alpha Jeon and Beta Jia, the leader and his wife, resided with their seven-year-old daughter, Veronica. It was an incredibly tranquil region. However, as time passed, a significant change occurred when Alpha Jeon and Luna Jia were maliciously poisoned. This event brought about a transformation within the pack. In the aftermath, Veronica, who was once an owner, found herself enslaved. Those who were once under her authority became her adversaries. Meanwhile, Alexandra, the lone heir of the Haethon kingdom, harbored deep anger within her wolf. Though he was already thirty-three years old, he still had not met his destined mate. Fate took an unexpected turn when Alexander paid a visit to Thomas Jefferson's Mariana Pack, his business partner, and the pack's leader. It was here that he finally discovered his mate—a slave. Can Alexander free his mate from the clutches of slavery? Furthermore, can Alexander uncover the truth behind Alpha Jeon and Luna Jia's untimely demise? As for Jackson, a psychic who has a connection with Veronica, will Alexander succeed in saving his mate? And more importantly, will he unveil Veronica's true nature as a Moonlight Omega, far from being an ordinary omega?



In the midst of thunder, the city quaked as people hurriedly retired to their abodes. However, on this desolate street, a perilous scheme was about to unfold.

"Task completed?" A frigid voice echoed through the air as the young man entered the hall. He shivered instinctively upon hearing that voice, which struck fear even amidst the roaring thunder.

"Yes, madam, said the figure before him. It was no ordinary woman, but rather Katrina, the Luna of the Mariana pack.

"Good, show me," the cold voice said once more. A silver-haired gentleman unveiled a mysterious bag and extracted a series of photographs. Katrina held the envelope delicately in her slender fingers and began to examine the images.

"My, I must commend your craftsmanship. No one would suspect that these pictures are fabricated. It brings me pleasure to see that our pack harbors such an intelligent young man," Katrina praised. The young man, upon hearing these words, felt a surge of happiness and proceeded to express his gratitude.

"Now, go and do not set foot in this pack again." Katrina's guardian presented the envelope to the young man, who thanked her and departed. Katrina continued to scrutinize the pictures, her lips curling into a wicked smile.

"Finally, the moment I have been longingly awaiting has arrived. This omega has been nothing but an annoyance, stealing the rights of my daughters. Thomas Jefferson takes great pride in his niece, Veronica. Today, I will crush all his pride. The era of Veronica Jeon's destruction commences now."

Katrina's smile widened. "This falsehood will utterly ruin your existence, Veronica Jeon. You aspire to be a leader. Let us see how you shall rise to lead this pack." With that, she turned and began her walk towards the awaiting car. Her guardian shielded her from the rain using an umbrella. She settled herself within the vehicle and commanded the driver to take her to the palace.


"Veronica," Alpha Thomas called out her name. As she stepped into her uncle's office, Aunty Katrina and her guardians stood before her. Upon observing their presence, she positioned herself in front of her uncle. His eyes betrayed no affection for her on this particular day. "You summoned me, Uncle?" she inquired anxiously.

He peered at her and tossed a handful of papers in front of her. As her gaze fell upon them, her eyes widened with shock. The photographs displayed her in bed with a man. In one particular image, they shared a kiss. Tears cascaded down her cheeks. "These are not me, Uncle," she stammered. However, both Katrina and her guardians accused her. She was utterly perplexed and unable to comprehend the situation.

"I apologize, my alpha, but I exerted great effort in attempting to prevent Veronica from traversing that path. She dried her tears. I apologize for my failure." Katrina began weeping; her insincere tears started to affect everyone, yet Veronica recognized her deceit.

"Uncle, I am unaware of this. Uncle, it is all falsehood." And then, for the first time, she comprehended that she was an orphan. The slap across her face tore into her very soul.

"Veronica, you shattered my trust. You are no longer permitted to utter a word. I committed a grave error by placing my trust in you." Her hand rested upon my cheek, while her eyes gazed upon the floor.

Alpha commanded, "She is not my niece; she is not the future leader of our pack; she is now our slave. Katrina, remove her from my sight; do what you must with her; she is dead to me." Then Alpha Thomas Jefferson departed.

And thus began the most arduous period of her life, when exams lay in wait for her incessantly. Tears cascaded from her eyes.


In the dead of the night, she stood by the doorway, her belongings scattered on the ground. Fear consumed her. She glanced about; perhaps a human being was present, but there was no one in sight.

"From this day forward, she observed Katrina standing before her, wearing a smile, this is your dwelling, and I am your mistress." Her smile was akin to poison to her.

"Why, aunty, did you falsely accuse me?" Tears of anguish streamed down her cheeks while her heart throbbed. She yearned for an explanation. The rain soaked her, yet she did not budge from her spot. Her body quivered from the cold, but she desired an answer regarding what had transpired within her pack.

Katrina drew near, swaying her curly hair; red was her signature hue. With her lithe figure, towering stature, and that gleaming crown upon her head, which once belonged to Veronica's mother, this woman was undeserving of such an accolade.

"I did not desire this, Veronica, but you left me with no choice. How could I bear witness to your ascending as the leader of this pack? I implored you to leave your aspirations unfulfilled, yet you paid me no heed. She circled her. — I warned you countless times that if anyone were to lead this pack, it would be my daughter, Lara, but you failed to comprehend. Now, do not shed tears before me."

Veronica glared at her in anger. "This pack belongs to my father, and I am its leader." Her face turned away, and Katrina struck me. She continued to observe the raindrops falling onto the ground. Katrina gripped her chin in her hands; her nails dug into Veronica's cheeks.

"Remember this: starting today, your position will be that of our servant. It is imperative that you refrain from questioning my authority or raising your voice in my presence, and above all, you must comply with my every command. Bear in mind that any form of defiance will lead to dire consequences."

It was evident from the tone of her voice that she was issuing a threat. Consequently, she found herself rendered speechless.

Katrina continued to fix her gaze upon Veronica, then, shaking her head, she departed, leaving her stranded in this wretched place. The guard in Katrina's employ handed her the key to the house before making his own exit.

With trembling hands, she grasped the key and proceeded to gather her damp belongings. Fearful of the impending thunder, she hastened to unlock the door and promptly shut it behind her upon entry. As she surveyed the room, she discovered that seated on the floor, tears were flowing freely. This undeserved treatment is overwhelming.

It is often said that patience yields sweet rewards; however, in her case, the fruits of perseverance have been exceedingly bitter. Throughout her childhood, youth, and now into her twenty-ninth year of existence, she has known nothing but a constant state of suffering. The desire to escape consumes her. Her name is Veronica Jeon, and this is her agonizing tale.




Chapter 1

Veronica's POV... 

On the night of my birth, a full moon illuminated the sky. Jia Beta, my mother, and Alpha Jeon, my father, held the esteemed positions of alpha Luna within our Mariana pack. After two years of marriage, my parents welcomed their long-awaited child, an occasion that was cause for celebration among our pack.

Alpha Jeon often recounted the grand three-day festivity held in honor of my birth, while my mother would fondly reminisce about how joyous my uncle, Alpha Thomas, was following my arrival. It took my father three years to find his mate, my mother. Many believed the moon's blessings had not graced him, and he was plagued with sadness and loneliness due to the unkind words of others.

Despite his tireless search, my father continually came up empty-handed. Moved by my father's sorrow, my grandfather decided to intervene.

At the age of 19, my father's engagement was arranged with Beta Ka


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