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My Little Mate (Book 1 of Little Mate series)

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Cole is the alpha of the strongest and most feared pack the red moon pack. He has everything he wants in his life; good looks, fame, wealth, and strength. But the one thing that he wanted most was not there with him and that was his mate. He has been looking for his mate for 10 years when he is 16 years old have his first shift but still fails to find her. And that thing makes a grumpier and easily annoyed person. He almost lost every hope of finding her and gave up on her and he took that frustration out on Everyone he got his hands on. Everyone in his pack was scared of him even his own family is scared of him because of his hot temper and easily; getting angry issues. One day he goes for a run and on the way while returning from the run he smells the most intoxicating smell in the world. Mate, Mate, " the beast inside him said when his eyes met with the baby's eyes and his whole world came to a stop and his whole world came up and down. What happens when a two-month-old baby is the mate of the alpha of the strongest pack? Follow them on their journey to know what happens after that. Read the book to know the afterstory.

Chapter 1 - The baby

(Cole P.O.V)

I was sitting in my office doing my office work when suddenly my wolf started nagging me to let him out and go for a run.

“What’s wrong with you? Dude?” I ask him.

“Let me out, Cole,” he said while growling at me.

“Okay, I will let you out but let me finish this file first after that I will let you out and we will go for a run okay?” I ask.

“No, let me out you *ssh*l*, now I want to be out now,” he demands while growling at me.

“Fine,” I said with a sigh and walked out of my office to the forest and let my wolf Roy take control over my body. We ran for an hour and we were returning to the pack-house when an intoxicating smell of chocolate and strawberry hit us and stopped us on our way. Roy started jumping in excitement while wagging his tail furiously and following the smell which led us to the end of the forest and the highway.

“What are you doing, Roy? We can’t go there like this, we will expose our kind and put us all in danger,” I said to him.

“Mate! Smell Mate! Want to go to mate” he said in excitement.

“Okay let's shift first and give me control then we will go there,” I said and he gave me the control back. We walk behind the tree where we have kept our clothes and shift then get dressed. I inhale the smell and follow it to see a car crashed into a tree and Roy whined seeing the scene in front of us.

“Hurt! Mate is Hurt!” Roy said whining.

“Calm down maybe moon goddess is not so cruel to us to take our mate whom we haven’t even met,” I said to him and we walked to the car and that is when we heard a baby cry. I opened the door of the passenger side of the car to see a woman holding a baby girl in her arms and the baby was about to fall. I don’t know why but I take her in my arms before she falls and that is when my black eyes meet with her beautiful ocean-blue eyes and I get lost in her eyes.

As soon as our eyes met she stopped crying and smiled at me. She stretches her tiny hands and touches my face It feels like electricity flowing all over my body.

“Mate! We found our mate!” Roy said jumping up and down in my head and giving me a headache. I sigh.

* Really moon goddess a baby. A f*ck*ng two-month baby is my mate,* I thought while looking up in the sky. And Roy growled at me.

“Don’t think like that you stupid human, you should find yourself lucky you will her first in everything, you will be the first to see her walk, first to hear her talk, first to make her yours, first-” Roy was about to continue but I stopped him growling at him because I know very well where his thought was going.

I checked the pulse of the woman who had carried my mate in her arms to find that she was dead. I walked to the other side of the car and checked the pulse of the man who was driving the car to see if he was also dead.

I look down at her feeling sad for my mate that she lost her parents at such an early age. She smiled at me and I can't help but smile back at her. Suddenly she sneezes making me chuckle.

“Looks like someone is getting cold, let’s go home and take a hot bath before you get a cold,” I said to her making her giggle.

*I will send someone to collect the dead bodies and car from here later* I thought and kissed her head, held her close to my chest to keep her warm then walked back to the pack house.

I was about to enter the pack, house when I heard a familiar voice and stopped in my way.

“Hey, Cole where were you? I have looked all over the house for you and even tried to contact you through mind link but you also had blocked it,” My best friend and beta of my pack, Zane said to me and I turned to look at him.

“Is that a baby you are holding there? When did you find Luna and have a baby with her and where is she? why---” he was about to continue questioning me but I interrupted him.

“Shut up dude! She is my mate!” I said to him while looking at her with a smile.

“I don’t know you were that desperate for a mate that you kidnapped a baby from somewhere, brother,” I heard my sister Stella say with a smirk.

“I didn’t kidnap her Stella and I am telling the truth, SHE IS MY MATE,” I said to her while she was walking towards us in all sweat while glaring at her.

“Enough!” I heard my father Mike shout at us. The only person who can make me scared to the core is my father. I turn to look at my parents walking toward us.

“Go and drop her where you take her from,” my father commanded me in his alpha voice.

“No, she is my mate and she is going to stay with us,” I said to him looking down at the ground. My father was about to say something but was interrupted by one of our warriors Trevor.

“I am sorry to interrupt Alpha but Alpha Cole was telling the truth she is his mate. I can say that because I am her protector and she is in my charge, I sensed her today and went to find her but failed. When I reach the place where she was before I can’t find her and when I smell the scent of Alpha Cole there, I know that she will be there with Alpha Cole safe and sound and come back to the pack house,” One of our warrior Trevor said to my father and I take a sigh of relief.

“Okay then, it was fine with me, do you know anything about her like her family or anything else? What if her parents try to find her?” my father asked.

“You don’t have to worry about that dad, her parents died today in a car accident and that is how we were able to find her,” I said to my father he looked at Trevor for confirmation and he nodded at him. I hate it when he doesn’t believe me.

“But are you sure that she is our Luna? She is a baby and a human,” Stella asks him.

“Yes,” he said and she looked at her father for a further explanation.

“It is very rare for us to have a human mate but not impossible, The moon goddess checks the strength, intelligence, and loyalty of a pack while giving a human mate to the alpha for some special reason,” Dad explained.

“So what are you planning to do with her?” My mother, Rose, asks.

“I would like to give her to a higher position couple to look after her like a warrior or something,” I said to them.

“There is no need to do that, as her protector it was my duty to protect her and take care of her so I will do that as her uncle,” Trevor said to us and I nodded at him with a smile on my face.

“Okay, then she is your responsibility from now but you will not give her a bath or change her clothes I don’t want any other male to see her or touch her like that except me when she is still a small baby, tell a female omega to do that,” I said to him and he nodded at me.

“Possessive much,” Stella said and smirked at me and I glared at her.

“Let’s go in it’s getting cold here and she getting cold too,” my mother said while looking at her with a warm smile and we walked inside. I asked Zara one of Omega, to give her a warm bath and go to the doctor to get her checked by the doctor Megha, our pack doctor, to make sure she is fine and she gets all the important vaccines. She takes her from my arms and as soon as she takes her from my arms and walks out of the room with Trevor hot on her tail my wolf starts whining at the loss of warmth and I sign.

*This is going to be a long journey* I thought and looked at Zane.

“Yes, I want to talk to you about something, but not here. Let’s go to your office,” he said and we walked to my office.

Chapter 2 - My Charge

(Trevor P.O.V)

“Alright let’s start with twenty laps, after that we will do forty push-ups,” I shout towards all the teenagers who were given to me to train. I was doing push-ups with them when I suddenly felt my wolf Leo pacing in my mind. He has been behaving strangely since the morning for some reason.

“Now what?” I ask him, getting annoyed by his behaviour.

“Hurt! Our Luna is hurt!” he said.

“We don’t have a Luna! Cole hasn’t found a mate yet?” I said sadly to him.

“I know but I also know who his mate is. And where we can find her and I have a feeling she is in danger,” he said.

“How?” I ask.

“I can only tell you that we are the protector of our Luna,” he said.

“How did you know? and how can you be so sure?” I ask.

“I will explain everything to you later but now let me take control of your body and lead you to our luna,” he said and I internally nodded my head at him.

“Trevor, Trevor!” my training partn


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