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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Dolip
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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PROLOGUE Devon the Alpha of Grey pack lost his mother at a young age which made him grow so much hatred for their neighboring packs because the death of his mother was an assassination of some masked werewolves from another pack. Due to the cruel death of Luna Samantha, Alpha Tyler developed a heart illness which made him loss his life in a few years. Leaving Devon to take over the pack. Alpha Devon didn't forget about what the assassins did to his mother so he went into investigation of her death which lead him to the shadow pack. An alliance have been made for Devon to get married to princess Emma from shadow pack. With the hatred filled in Alpha Devon's heart, he saw no benefits from the alliance but instead he murdered the Alpha and Luna of shadow pack, avenging his mother and he took in the princess as his s*x slave and made the rest of the shadow pack slaves in Grey pack. Princess Emma also grew hatred for Devon and she promised to avenge her parents and pack some day. But they happened to be fated mates. Will Alpha Devon and princess Emma accept to be mate? What do you think will be the fate of Emma in the hands of Devon?

Chapter 1


All the elders and Beta Kent were seated at the park's meeting hall, patiently waiting for Alpha Devon's verdict on a rogue case.

Alpha Devon was seated at his seat backing everyone.

"You said this meeting is for what exactly?" Alpha Devon asked in a thunderous tone, making everyone sweat in their seats.

"Some werewolves were caught trying to escape through the pack's territory. They've been kept in detention, waiting for your verdict sire" One of the elders chipped in trying so hard to hide his fright.

"Do you still need me to make a verdict on this or do you wish to lose your head for it!" Alpha said coldly.

"No one dares make a judgment on the family of the Alpha" One of the elders trembled.

"My uncle tried to escape his trial and there's no other judgment than death" Devon declared and the hall was swept in quietness.

"Kill whoever tries to run away from Grey pack. Death is the final judgment for those who try to dishonor the customs and traditions of our pack" Devon said seriously then stood up and turned to the elders.

"Another rule should be added to our customs rules" He exhaled angrily as his eyes went around the hall.

"Death will be the final judgment for whoever gives me a report on a rogue case. Dismiss"

Everyone left the pack's meeting hall in seconds as they all tried to avoid getting on Devon's angry side.

A few weeks ago, the lives of some elders were taken for coming late to the meeting hall and giving out fake orders to the guards at the pack's territory.

Alpha Devon has been known for making aggressive and cruel decisions for those who go against his orders.

"Kent, what's your report on your investigation?" Alpha Devon asked coldly as he sat down.

"This is the report and clues on the investigation" Kent reported handing the map to Devon.

Devon swiftly scanned through the map with his eyes anxiously.

"Why are there red points on the location of the shadow pack?"

Kent exhaled sharply before replying.

"The masked werewolves are Alpha Falcon's secret assassins" Kent replied and Alpha Devon crushed the map angrily with his hand as he gazed at a space.

"Should we still proceed with your wedding preparations with princess Emma?" Kent asked playing ignorant and Alpha Devon glared at him.

"We're leaving for the shadow pack before the sunset" Alpha Devon ordered with cold eyes as he stood up sturdily.

"Should I get the guards ready?" Kent asked and Devon left the hall without uttering another word.

Alpha Devon's marriage with princess Emma was an alliance fixed by the late Alpha Tyler and Alpha Falcon of shadow pack the year princess Emma clocked 18 years.

Alpha Devon found it hard visiting the shadow pack to fulfill his duty as the fiance of princess Emma. It has been years now since the alliance have been formed but Devon refused to go complete the rights of marrying princess Emma.

Devon went into his room and jammed the door hard in anger. He growled furiously as he clenched his fist trying so hard to suppress his wolf form from surfacing.

Alpha Devon had flashbacks to the last words of his father before he died.


"You should get married to princess Emma while I'm still alive. It's a decree and you must obey" Alpha Tyler uttered as he struggled to breathe.

"Fixing an alliance with some other pack, is that the right to do? You couldn't even find the werewolves who murdered mother. I can't believe you still have trust in other packs" Devon yelled furiously.

"I don't wish to witness you waste the rest of your life in anger and hatred. Fixing your marriage with princess Emma is the best decision to make. You've passed 18 years and you still haven't found your mate just like every werewolf your age"

"That's preposterous. Getting married to princess Emma is a decree I must break so stay alive to watch me do that" Devon said angrily and Alpha Tyler coughed continuously.


"I can't believe you forced me into getting married to her" Alpha Devon screamed out his eyes turned yellow and his claws come out but he successfully suppressed his inner powers from transiting.


Princess Emma, the only daughter of Alpha Falcon the Alpha of the shadow pack.

Emma sat next to her window with a book in her hand, she flipped the pages elegantly as she read it calmly.

"Ha! What beautiful weather for some training" Emma sighed then closed the book.

Charlotte ran into her room in excitement.

"Emma, what are you up to?"

Charlotte's the beta's daughter of the shadow pack and Emma's best friend.

Charlotte had a glance at the book in Emma's hands.

"What!" Charlotte gasped and stared at Emma sharply.

"I know what you're going to say but before you even begin. I'm not reading this because I have any hope of getting married to Alpha Devon" Emma clarified.

"HOW TO BECOME A LUNA... Like seriously Emma, of all books why this book? You're hoping that arrogant and heartless Alpha of yours appears and finally agrees on completing your rights" Charlotte exclaimed.

"Is that so wrong to wish for? We've been engaged for years and it's high time we move to the next phase. He's the only one holding me back from fulfilling my father's wish" Emma lamented.

Charlotte stared at her for a bit and boost into laughter.

"What's funny?"

"Emma you're becoming desperate. Do you wish to end up with someone like him?" Charlotte asked as she stopped laughing.

"It's a decision made by my parents and I would respect it" Emma shrugged.

"Do you really want to push through with the wedding regardless of the rumors going on around about Alpha Devon? He's a beast in human form and that's why he has never visited our pack"

"Stop making stories up Charlotte. Whatever decision he makes in ruling his pack and not visiting our pack, that's his choice so why should I listen to rumors" Emma shrugged.

Charlotte sucks her teeth as she got short of words.

"You've been completely brainwashed. You can't be helped"

"I think Alpha Falcon got some guests" Charlotte uttered as she looked out through the window.

"They seem to be from another pack" Emma added as they both fixed their eyes on the car parked in front of the park's house.

Alpha Devon and Kent got down from the car and Emma and Charlotte looked at each other in shock.

"Alpha Devon!" They gasped in unison.

"Why's he here without notice? What's this sudden visit for?" Emma panted walking around the room.

"Emma, this isn't the time for this. I'm pretty sure, you will be summoned soon so get dressed" Charlotte reminded and Emma nodded positively.

Minutes later, Emma was done getting dressed, and just like Charlotte said a maid was sent to come to get princess Emma.

Emma and Charlotte head down to the pack's guest hall.

Emma's eyes landed on Alpha Devon because he was sitting on Alpha falcon's chair.

Devon had a glance at Emma then looked away.

Everyone got seated and Alpha Falcon cleared his throat by breaking the silence.

"It's an honor to have you here with us Alpha Devon"

"Same here, sire" Kent replied.

"Emma, he's so good-looking even from a distance. I think his mean expression makes him look even hotter" Charlotte whispered to Emma.

Devon heard their conversation so clearly, thanks to his powers. He frowned at the compliment as it pisses him off even more. He clenched his fist, trying to hold himself back from transiting.

"This was supposed to be a meeting of the Alpha and his family but what's she doing here?" Devon asked coldly referring to Charlotte.

"She's my..." Emma paused as she noticed the cold look on Devon's face.

"Excuse me," Charlotte said with a little frown before leaving the guest hall.

Devon was putting on a blank expression as always after struggling with his immense anger. His expression lives everyone in confusion as they run short of words.

"Alpha Devon, you must like sunshades and gloves," Emma said with an awkward smile and Devon looked at his hand.

Devon's claw hasn't transformed back, same with his eyes.

His eyes were fixed on Alpha falcon and Kent gave him a signal of the success of his guards.

Growling noises were heard from outside, leaving the whole pack in disarray.

"What's going on outside?" Alpha Falcon asked the guards at the door.

Devon jumped on Alpha falcon in a blink of an eye as his clothes tore unlocking his lupine powers.

"Alpha Devon, what are you doing?" Alpha Falcon asked in fright stopping him from transiting.

Emma was cut off guard as Kent stood behind her and his claws on her throat.

"Go say that to my mother" Alpha Devon growled as he ripped out the heart of the Alpha with his claws and sl*t his throat as well.

The Luna transformed and tried to attack Devon but he grabbed her by the neck and gave her a deep bite with his fangs on her neck, leaving her powerless.

"Mother" Princess Emma screamed as she managed to escape Kent's grip and she began to transform, her clothes tore, her claws became longer she felt immense pain as she witnessed Devon devour her parents.

Kent gave her a deep cut with his claws from behind and she lost all her strength to fight back.

Emma wasn't given proper training on how to use her powers since she was the only princess and she was treated as one.

Emma couldn't build up her strength and powers, which left her helpless as she watched Alpha Devon rip out the hearts of her parents so cruelly and she slowly lost consciousness because of Kent's cut on her back.

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I'm paying you back in the exact way you did to my mother" Devon growled furiously with blood dripping from his mouth.

Alpha Devon had flashed on how his mother, Luna Samantha was killed.


"Run away Devon" Luna Samantha ordered as she fought vigorously with some masked werewolves.

"Mother" Devon screamed in tears as he transformed but he couldn't make proper use of his powers, he was tossed aside by one of the assassin werewolves giving him a heavy cut on his hand.

"Mother, I will get some help," Devon said and ran to the pack house to get some help.

He rushed back with Alpha Tyler and some guards but Luna Samantha was already lying dead on the ground, her heart have been ripped out with lots of cuts and bites on her body. The assassins were gone as well.

"Mother!" Devon growled in anguish as he ran to her.


Grey pack's warriors killed all the relatives of Alpha Falcon and his Luna as well.

Alpha Devon came out of the shadow pack's house.

"Kill whoever resists being subdued. Alpha Falcon has been taken down" Alpha Devon announced still fuming in anger.

The werewolves of the shadow pack lost their strength on hearing about the death of the Alpha.


Princess Emma finally regained consciousness after a few days of being unconscious.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked in both directions at where she was locked up in.

"Princess, you're finally awake" Kent uttered as he stood by the door.

Emma sat up quickly as she had flashes of the horrible events that took place a few days ago.

"Where are my parents? Where on earth is this disgusting place?" Emma asked curiously as she struggled to stand up but she realized she was in chains.

"Don't struggle too much, you will be getting your verdict today" Kent said coldly.

"What do you plan on doing to me? Where are my parents?" Emma screamed.

"You might as well be joining them today," Kent said and walked away.

Emma boosts into tears as she recalled every detail of the horrible events of that unfaithful day.

Chapter 2


Princess Emma was brought before Alpha Devon at the park grand hall.

Emma sat on her chains. She was way too tired to even bulge from where she was sitting.

"Princess Emma will be stripped of her title as a princess and position. Her rank will be degraded to a slave's level. Emma will become my slave henceforth" Alpha Devon announced coldly.

'Devon I don't think you're doing the right thing. Stripping the princess off her title is similar to killing her and don't forget the hidden truth' Scott, Alpha Devon's wolf spoke to him.

'Whatever hidden truth it may be, I don't care. There's no future between Emma and me' Devon responded.

'Once again you're neglecting my warning' Scott said and Devon frowned.

Emma raised her face with a cold look in her eyes as she glared at Alpha Devon.

"You might as well just kill me. I would rather die than become y


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