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Eva Ferragni is the first miss of the Ferragni family, her father Dalton is the Alpha of the Wildclaw Pack. After her mother died, Dalton brought his mistress and illegitimate daughter home. Eva and her fiancé Barry fell in love in high school and Eva always thought Barry was her mate until her half-sister Lily appeared. Lily is a seemingly kind and weak girl who is very good at gaining sympathy, quite different from the domineering and arrogant Eva, and Barry gradually gets attracted to Lily, who drugs Eva at her engagement ceremony and makes her accidentally have s*x with Oasis Pack's Alpha, Marcus Leslie. After experiencing her family's mistrust and scheming, Eva left for America. Five years later, she returns with her baby, vowing to make a career in Aska's modeling world. That's when she is reunited with Marcus, whose dominance attracts Eva, Marcus also has been waiting for her return, and a romantic relationship will begin between them.

Chapter 1

Eva, the first daughter of the ferragnis, was getting married. It was the first marriage ceremony to be held in the mansion and by the family and it came with so much noise and excitement. Excitement was in the air and the people moved about trying to put everything in place. 

Eva's happiness knew no bounds as she sat in her room with about half a dozen ladies. They were all her friends and wouldn't stop teasing her  while some makeup was applied onto her face. loud shrieks of excitement flew from her friends as they sat beside her on the bed.

"You all are just too loud. I can bet they would come knocking on the door anytime soon."

"Oh please, spare us that. A little noise wouldn't harm them. It's your happy day and they should let you be," one of them said and they all laughed. 

"To think our friend and her husband would hmmm…" one of them teased and they all burst into another round of laughter that could be heard by anyone passing through her Room. 

"You all are so naughty. Perhaps you should get your own husband already instead of imagining what I'd be doing with my husband…" Eva said, flinging her hands in the air.

She looked tipsy from last night's party but she managed to control herself from falling over. 

"Well well, I'd definitely have my own husband, but first, let me describe what you would do with yours, or don't you ladies want to hear it?"

Eva clenched her hands into fists at once. "No, they don't want to. That's enough.."

"No, we definitely want to. Go on.." the rest of the ladies Chorused in unison. Eva held her head in her hand, wondering what to do with those friends of hers.

"Good.. I'm glad you all want to hear it." She straightened up and cleared her throat, sounding quite dramatic. "Barry would hold her in his hands and plant a steamy kiss on her lips while running his hands through her back…" she began to describe while the others cheered her on.

"Come on! What naughty thoughts are running through your minds! I guess you had a lot to drink as well last night." She blushed a bit as she ran her hands through her hair. Her lips pouted awkwardly like her candy had been taken away from her.

"Hush it and stop pretending like you don't feel excited about what we are talking about!"

 Eva blushed again. Even if she was going to deny her thoughts in front of her friends, she couldn't deny her thoughts to herself.  She was really anxious to get married to Barry who she had loved since high school. Barry's father was the Alpha of the lakes pack while her own father was the alpha of the Wildclaw pack, the two most powerful packs in the town.

She had fallen in love with Barry and Barry had gone ahead to mark her in the neck, giving her that Strong intuition that he was her mate. Now that she was done with high school, she decided to tie the knot with Barry.

"Can't you all just stop teasing me?" She shrieked with a sad look on her face but then she had psychos as friends and they weren't going to listen to her no matter what she said. They already had their minds made up on taunting her.  Few minutes into the task that they had given themselves, they began to fall asleep, one after the other as the alcohol they had the previous night still hadn't lessened its grip on them. Eva's head fell on their sorry bodies and she couldn't help but laugh.


"Weren't they the ones Taunting me just now?" Her voice trailed.  she rose to her feet with a note of urgency. Her hands shook with cold as she struggled her way up .The clock! She sighted it and gasped for breath, finding it difficult to assimilate how eaten into the day it was already. She could hear the sound of loud music from the down floor of their house and couldn't hide the joy she felt. 

She was finally getting married but there appeared to be a problem. Her sight was getting dimmer and dimmer with every flying second. She could barely see what was in front of her.

"What's wrong with you Eva? You can't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by some of the alcohol you had the previous night." 

Her lips had just shut from saying  those words when she fell heavily into the cushion that was behind her and went slightly unconscious. Her maid who she had sent out minutes earlier to get her some milk had gotten engrossed in some other duties at the party and had forgotten she had an errand to deliver. Another maid arrived with the milk which Eva gulped up immediately before passing out. She sprawled on the chair, looking like a corpse.

Half an hour later, the  door to the room flung open with reckless abandon. It felt just  Like a thief that was on a mission to invade the room. A young lady of about twenty years or so, stood by the door with her eyes scanning the entire place. Her heart was thumping heavily against her chest made of bones and flesh and you didn't need someone to tell you what she was there for.  "Eva! Eva! You are needed down.." she trailed off as her gaze fell on Eva who was sprawled out across the couch. She was lily, Eva's half sister who didn't like Eva even a tiny bit. She wore a surprised look which immediately changed to a wide devilish grin. She saw Eva's mouth filled with the milk and she felt a surge of gladness in her.

"Who could have imagined she could be this daft. She gulped it all and didn't remain a drop." 

Her hands swiped into her pocket and out came a cellphone which she used in dialing the bodyguard. "I need you to come in at once! We need to carry out our plans before she wakes up." She ordered in a loud and firm voice and to her utmost dismay, Eva's eyes flickered open at once. She was dumbstruck- lily was. She hadn't expected that Eva would come awake at that moment especially as the milk she drank had been drugged.

"How evil can you be?" Eva slammed those words at her sister with bloodshot eyes that conveyed her anger.

"What do you mean? I don't seem to understand!" She rolled her eyes with disbelief, trying to process the words of her sister.

"To hell with you and your pretence bitch! You're nothing but a bitch! A bitch is what you are. I never knew you could be as evil as trying to drug me so someone else would have sex with me while you film and then you show the video to the whole world."

Chapter 2

Lily was flabbergasted and couldn't hide her Shock one bit. She hadn't expected that I would wake up when I did. Even the way she spoke showed her fright.

"What are you talking about? I have not the slightest idea!" Lily insisted, rolling her eyes in a furrow of confusion. Eva was disgusted and couldn't hide it. she gasped at her sister's lying skills..

"Oh, is it because I've not announced to everyone what you planned to do to me, that's why you still have the guts to speak back to me!" She slammed at her and that shut her up at once. Her gaze moved down to her toes as she began to fiddle with them. She moved closer to lily with the glass of milk in her hand and poured it into her mouth, using her other free hand to hold her jaw down. Lily protested in muffled yells, shaking her head Viciously. Just at that moment, the door to the room flung open and in walked Barry, Eva's groom to be. A smile Formed on her lips, glad that he was finally there.


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