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My Alpha Mate (Royalty Series)

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Erik Smith is the Alpha of The Silver Growlers pack. He is 22 and still hasn't found his mate. He's the most powerful Alpha. His collection is the strongest. He's caring and friendly to his group and close friends, but he's ruthless to rogues and his enemies. Clara Lee is the daughter of the Alpha of the Hollow Angel Pack. Everyone loves her; She's like the princess of Hollow Angel Pack. She is now 18 and still hasn't found his mate, but that all changes when a group of rogues kills her pack, and she's the only one who survived, thanks to her parents and crew, who sacrificed their lives for her to live. When his brother heard this, he went to Hollow Angel Pack as soon as possible and saw his sister crying at the dead bodies of her parents. Clara moves to The Silver Pack with his brother and discovers that Alpha Erik is her mate.

Chapter 1 Mate

Erik's POV

"You have a sister?" I gave Vincent an I-Don't-Believe-You-Look. Vincent is my childhood friend and he's my Beta. He's actually asking for my permission to let his sister join our pack.

"She's my half-sister."

"Half-sister? What do you mean? " I asked.

"Well, you know, my mother is not from here, right? She's from the Hollow Angel Pack. She falls in love with a guy who happens to be my father and has me. My mother and father broke up because they found their mates. You can guess the rest," he says with sadness in his voice.

I didn't ask him anything. I think he really didn't want to talk about it, and Vincent is not the type who talks about his personal life.

"Okay, you can bring her here." I saw his face light up when he heard me approve.

"Thank you, Alpha." He bows his head and exits my office.

When Vincent visited the Hollow Angel pack, he saw his sister crying. He saw his father and his wife lying on the floor, dead. He doesn't know the whole story. His sister only told him that rogues attacked him and her parents, and the pack protected her.


Clara's POV

I stood as I heard someone knocking. I opened the door and saw my brother.

My brother said, "Hey," when he saw me. I opened the door wide for him to come in.

After we buried the dead bodies of my pack, he took me to Wild Peak Pack (their neighbor's pack). He left me here to ask his alpha to let me join their pack.

"Am I allowed to join them?" I asked my brother.

"Yes, so go pack your things. We'll just let one of our soldiers come and get it here." He gave me a smile. I nodded to him and gave him a smile as I started to pack my things.

"Well, I'll go talk to Alpha Roy. I need to thank him for letting you stay here for the night". He gave me another smile and exited the room as I started packing my things.


"Thank you, Alpha, for letting me stay." I bowed at him.

"It's only for one night, so it's not a big deal. Okay, come back and visit us here. " He chuckled and gave me a hug. He turned to my brother and gave him a hug.

"Be safe," he said as we entered my brother's truck. I waved at Alpha Roy, and he waved back.

He drove for 20 minutes as we reached his pack. I really don't like riding with my brother. He drives really fast. "Stay Here, Okay," he said as he shifted and ran through the woods.

My wolf suddenly spoke and said, "Let's go to the forest. I want to look around."

"Okay, but we can't shift," I replied to my wolf.

I walked towards the forest and looked around. "Ooh! I smell flowers. Faster, faster! " I laughed at my wolf for getting excited. My wolf, Angeline, loves flowers. She's obsessed, actually.

I ran and ran until I found a flower field. I stared at the flowers in awe. It's so beautiful. I sat and just stared at it. "It's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen in our lives."

"Yeah," I replied. This was the first time we'd seen something so lovely. "I love this place," I said to Angeline, and she agreed.


Erik's POV

"You should rest," my mom, Ellie, said.

"Yeah, I think you're right." I fixed the papers on my desk and exited my office. It's been a while since I visited that place. My favorite place in the world. It's actually where I cried and hid when my father and I fought. It's also a place where I can calm myself.

I shifted and ran through the woods while holding a pair of pants with my fangs. As I ran, I sniffed an unfamiliar scent. It's not a rouge either. When I was near enough to the flower field, I saw a lady sitting, staring at the flowers. I shifted back and quickly got dressed.

I walked toward her and cleared my throat to attract her attention. She looked behind me, slowly lifting her head, and I saw her cerulean-glass eyes. When our eyes met, my world stopped and I think I stopped breathing.

"MATE!" I was brought back to reality by my wolf. When I came back to my senses, I saw her smiling at me.

"Hi," she said.


Clara's POV

While I was sitting, I heard something. I looked behind me and saw a man standing. I slowly lifted my head and just saw a handsome man with a fresh grassy green color swirling in his Atlantic blue eyes. His eyes are beautiful. Green-Blue eyes, blue. That's rare among wolves.

"Mate! Mate!" Angeline shouted. I was surprised, but then I smiled at him.

I said to him, "Hi." In the blink of an eye, he's in front of me. He dropped down on one knee to level himself with me. I cupped one of his cheeks. He closed his eyes and welcomed the warmth of my hand as I welcomed the little sparks in my body.

He sat beside me and we looked at the flowers. "I'm Alpha Erik Smith." My eyes widened in surprise. He's the alpha of the Silver Growlers. I smiled, "I'm Clara Lee." When he heard my name, he tensed.

"You're Vincent's sister," he said, with a shock on his face.

I smiled, "Yes, I am." I quickly stood up as I remembered my brother.

"What's wrong?" He asks with a worried face.

"I remember my brother. He must be worried. "

"Let's shift and ru-"

"No", I cut him off. "Let's take our time and walk", I smiled, and he smiled back.

I can't shift. I can't shift here. It's too dangerous. My thoughts vanished when he took my hand. I looked at him and smiled. He's so perfect. I am so blessed with my mate.

We took our time walking, talking, and getting to know each other. As we approached the house, it was huge. bigger than ours. I stared at the house in awe.

"This is the pack house. Behind this is where our house is located". He squeezed my hand.

"It's Perfect". I saw the relief on his face and squeezed his hand back.

We entered the house, and I saw people staring at me and others who were whispering. Maybe they're curious because they saw their alpha holding my hand.

"MINE!" Erik shouted. The boys immediately turned away, scared of their alpha. The girls gasped in surprise. I just smiled at them and continued walking.

"Clara! Oh, God! I'm glad you're safe! " I saw my brother running towards us. He stopped when he saw Erik with me. He looked at our hands and smiled.

"You two are mates!" He hugged me and Erik. Erik laughed. They seemed pretty close. Well, Vincent is his beta, after all. I tensed when my brother turned to me.

I mumbled, "Sorry." He just hugged me. "You know, I'm just worried, right?"

I hugged him back as I quickly pulled away from him.

"Well, take care of my sister Erik, I mean it. Even though you are my Alpha, I won't hesitate to fight you if you try-"

"I won't hurt her, Vincent," Erik cut him off. My brother nods and walks away, saying he has the right to do so.

"I'm tired, Erik, I want to rest," I whined at Erik. Actually, I haven't had much sleep since that day. Erik squeezed my hands, sensing that I had become sad. I squeezed his hand back and smiled.

Erik picked me up. There was this door that connected to our house. He took me upstairs. I believe it's his room because I smelled his scent all over. He placed me on the bed and removed my flip-flops. He also removed his shoes and lay beside me, wrapping his arms around me. I curled up at his side. He kissed my brow, and I fell asleep.

Chapter 2 Surprise

Erik's POV

I softly opened my eyes and spotted my little beautiful mate.

I got up to bed slowly, careful not to wake her.

"Alpha, are you awake?" My third in command, Ian, mind-linked me.


"We smelled something and tried to find what or who it was. It was the rogues! And they're not ordinary rogues. They belong to the Raging Tail, from our enemy pack. "

"Raging Tail? But they're gone! I killed their alpha a long time ago! " I clenched my teeth in anger.

"I know Alpha. I'm now attempting to learn more about them."

"Good, take your time." This is why I picked Ian as my third in command. He knows what to do next. He's not like the others who don't think he's as good as Vincent, though. He's the best.

I mumbled, "Raging Tail Pack."


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