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Moonlight Serenade -The Dance Of The Goddess

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Aithne Carida Luwen, the only heir and daughter of her beloved Alpha father, lost her chance at becoming the next Alpha of Mooncrest pack. Having lost her mate and her ability to shift all because of a lie, an unforgivable lie told by her stepmother and now crippled, heartbroken and in mourning, Aithne left the pack with her bossom friend and maid, vowing to return one day and make her stepmother and stepbrother pay for all the pains they've caused her. However there's a twist of fate on the night she arrived at Elgarion, a renowned city ruled by King Cyne Ezalyr Elgarion - the Alpha King of Crystal-moon Dynasty. On that very night when the sound of the moonlight serenade was heard by the few gifted, and a dance of the goddess was performed, Aithne's whole life turned around. She was awakened to a new realm of foreign powers and abilities, with a force that pulls the attention of the Alpha King and made him begin his search for her. However, would the heart of the young, heartbroken Carida, be willing to give a listening ear to the Alpha King's deal? Alpha King Cyne has declared his intentions to make her, an outsider of Elgarion, his bride. Surely, his decision was bound to meet a lot of resistance from many but mostly, from none other than the vengeful dark sorceress of Elgarion.


Her legs wrapped around his waist as his lips set all parts of her on fire. Her legs wrapped around his waist as his lips set all parts of her on fire.

"Oh, Odin," she gasped, her breathing hitched as he planted soft teasing kisses on his mark along her neck, her moans filling up the dark room.

Her mate gazed deep into her eyes and she could see his longing in his mesmerizing green eyes. And Aithne nodded her approval, a dazzling smile gracing her beautiful face.

It wasn't the first time they were doing it and it's been a while since he marked her. Besides, they'd be officially performing the nuptials in the next full moon _ which was about a month from now...

Just as Odin claimed her lips again, a loud unappreciated knock was made on the door of her room.

Both groaned in disapproval, not willing to let go of their moment and answer the intruder.

However, the knock came again, this time even louder. "My lady, the Alpha summons you." A soft feminine voice announced.

And reluctantly, Aithne pulled away from Odin and straightened her dress. "It must be urgent," she said to him, "seeing how my father summons me at this hour."

Odin smiled and placed one last kiss on her plump lips. "It's okay, Carida." He gently brushed off a few strands of straying black curls off her face. "I understand. Let me accompany you." He offered and of course, Aithne was glad to let him.

Her mate_Odin, was the second son of her father's Beta. And they have been in love with each other for a long time before they even knew they were mates.

He was the only one who called her by the maiden name her late mother had given her -Carida. And Aithne always loved it when he called her that way. Because it always reminded her of her darling mother.

Apparently, her father Alpha Demak Luwen had named her Aithne Seraphina Luwen, but her mother had added Carida to it, making her answer to three maiden names. But Aithne had loved this fact regardless.

They soon arrived at the Alpha's court. And while Aithne proceeded to walk in, Odin waited outside, right by the door for her.

Aithne wasn't surprised to see all the members of the Alpha's court present and sitting at their respective places in the courtroom. For her to be summoned at this late hour of the day meant something was up and as the next in line of succession to her father, her presence was of course needed.

"Alpha, Luna, Elders." She bowed her greetings the instant she was standing before them in the middle of the courtroom.

The elders bowed their heads slightly in return and Aithne's gaze met with that of her stepmother -Varda, the chosen Luna of Mooncrest pack after the death of her mother, Ares _ Alpha Demak's true mate and Luna.

There was something mischievous about the way Varda's gaze held hers.

"Aithne Carida Seraphina Luwen," her father began.

"Yes, Alpha." Aithne bowed again.

"You were summoned tonight because of a serious issue at hand." He continued and Aithne listened attentively.

"Morwen, your stepbrother, is yet to return from an assignment at the neighboring pack as supposed."

Oh, it has to do with that mischievous stepbrother of hers? Now whatever the hell was Varda up to?

Although upset that her lovemaking with Odin was interrupted only because of her ingrate of a brother, Aithne patiently listened.

"We've received word from Fieryflames Pack about his successful arrival at the pack and also his exit from there as well since three nights ago. However, we got word that he's trapped in Alsernia, the forbidden forest. Now as the next in succession of leadership of Mooncrest Pack after me, I'm giving you the mission to go and rescue Morwen and return safely with him." Aithne's brows shot upwards in shock as she stared at her father.

It was clearly a suicidal mission...

"You'd be accompanied by a few of my strongest warriors. Don't forget, this mission would prove your worthiness to be the future leader of the Pack and so, you have to return successfully." Alpha Demak continued, feeling confident that his only child was capable of pulling this off with her goddess-given strength.

Aithne felt a bit relieved to find she would be accompanied by some of the pack's warriors. Although she knew her strength by far exceeded that of any of her father's warriors _ his Beta aside of course.

And so her tensed muscles relaxed and she bowed to the waist to her father. "Your wish is my command, my Alpha."

"Good. I give you the liberty to choose the warriors who would accompany you on this task." Alpha Demak had just said when Odin stepped inside the courtroom.

"My gratitude, Alpha," Aithne said. Her father wasn't just her father in the courtroom, he was her Alpha as well.

"My apologies for intruding, my Alpha. But please permit me to accompany my lady on this mission, not just as her mate but as a member of the warriors of this great Pack." Odin declared.

Aithne turned on her heels the instant she noticed his presence.

Her gorgeous mate stood tall, two steps behind her, but now bowed to the waist before the Alpha and his council. And she felt a wave of blissful emotion overwhelmed her.

He was hers and she had never been more proud of him...

"Well then," Alpha Demak smiled, casting an acknowledging side glance at his Beta and feeling proud of the man his daughter was mated to. "Since you insist, you have my permission."

"My gratitude, Alpha." Odin bowed at the waist again, not bothering to look at his father, the Beta. Instead, he threw a wink secretly at Aithne and she blushed.

Aithne turned around to give her last bows before leaving when she felt Varda's eyes on hers again.

She raised her gaze to the woman in time to see her smirk at her. "Aithne, my darling child, please ensure to 'return' safely with Morwen." She finally said.

However, Aithne felt that there was something sarcastic about her words.

Chapter 1: The intruders


The sky was a blanket of darkness when I set out for Alsernia, the forest of doom, as it's renowned.

I was accompanied by my mate _ Odin, as well as five of the pack's strongest warriors I had selected, as my father had allowed.

And as Majesty led us through the highs and lows of the pathway to Alsernia, I was reclined in her subconscious, reflecting on my passionate but brief lovemaking with Odin before we had left Mooncrest pack's territory.

Majesty purred in agreement of my reverie, as she tilted her head longingly towards the big wolf moving in similar pace beside us.

Odin's wolf was huge, grey and strong. His strides were confident and almost graceful.

Although he was bigger than the regular warrior wolves, my wolf _ Majesty, was still slightly bigger and stronger than him. My Alpha title explains the difference in our abilities better.

This fact was never a problem for us because it's


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