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Moonfall: Aiden's Enslaved Goddess

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Ava, a young woman from a werewolf family, struggles with her identity and transformation into a wolf. Aiden, the pack Alpha, grapples with his past and his growing feelings for Ava. Their relationship faces challenges from a manipulative adversary and Aiden's past. As they confront their demons, their bond faces numerous twists, uncovering secrets and leading to a climactic battle that could decide their pack's destiny. But what hidden secrets do Ava and Aiden harbor? And how will these revelations shape the course of their tumultuous journey?

Chapter 1

*** AVA P.O.V ***

"Ava!!" I was startled out of my slumber when I heard my name pronounced very clearly.

I didn't make a sound when I sighed, but I was very aware that it was my mother's phone that had roused me from my sleep.

I responded, "Yes, mother," before approaching her.

However, the way I addressed her as “mother” seemed to ignite a spark of anger in her, and she glared at me furiously.

"What in the world did you just call me?" While her eyes were flaming, I gulped down nothing in response to her question.

I faltered, "No..nothing ma," as her look alone managed to send chills down my spine. "No..nothing ma."

"Did you wash the plates from our meal?" When she inquired me, I felt the width of my eyes increase.

It was around one in the morning when she woke me up to ensure that I had washed the plates before bed.

"Yes ma," I responded, tilting my head to the side—

She walked away with furrowed brows, which led me to speculate if she was looking for something to give me—

It seemed that the sight of my calm demeanor irritated her, likely the reason she delighted in causing me pain at all times.

Then, all of a sudden, a sneer came on her face as she pointed at the trash—

"Make everything spotless and thoroughly clean that location!" she commanded, and I could only nod in response.

I dared not challenge her orders, knowing that doing so would prompt her to assert her authority as my mother.

She then turned, giving me one final threatening glance, before I was left alone with my thoughts—

The moment I glanced at the area needing cleaning, the tears I had fought so hard to hold back started streaming down my cheeks.

"Why is my life so different?" I questioned, swallowing sorrow and resentment.

Snapping back to reality, I immediately started cleaning the spot she had directed, regaining my focus...

Once done, I dashed into my room, tears flowing unabated.

"Could it really not be my fault?" I pondered to myself, wrestling with doubt.

"Is it my fault that I don't have a wolf?" I asked myself, tears unstoppable.

My chest hurt so much, but I forced deep breaths, striving to mute my cries from reaching the street.

Being rejected at a young age was a completely harrowing experience because it sapped one's will to live.

Since the age of five, ridiculed by all, and despised by my parents to their core, I was plunged into social isolation.

It was a really tough time, yet there was no one to comfort me when I needed it the most—

There was no one in my life to trust, no one to call a friend—

With no one to live for, not even a sliver of hope to cling to. I felt utterly devoid of purpose.

My childhood was profoundly challenging, marked by a stark absence of  love, care, or guidance from anyone.

'Teased' is an understatement for the daily torment I endured; often, I'd prefer traversing a lonely road to avoid the nasty eyes of my peers.

"In what way am I to blame for all this?" I wondered, tears welling up as I pondered over my life's misfortunes.

My mother often remarked, "You are a disgrace to me—why spoil my reputation in this pack by coming out without a wolf?" Her words, repeatedly uttered, yet she was completely oblivious to the fact that it would shatter my heart.

She told me one day, "It's obvious that the goddess even abandoned you—because I see no reason why you'd become different from others," Her words echoed, amplifying my sorrow and agony."

"But what did I do to deserve this? I never sought a fate like this; why treat me like an outsider? Am I not your daughter? I challenged. Her response was a fierce slap across my cheek.

"Do you have any decency?" She sputtered in annoyance while looking at me with that expression on her face.

A lethal gaze—

One that made me question if she truly was my mother.

Growing up, I never once caught a flicker of affection in my mother's gaze.

My father, too, deepened my sense of unworthiness through his treatment of me.

To them, they do not have any children. But I never thought of myself as an orphan, always hoping they'd realize their mistake and embrace me as their child.

Along the way, I resigned myself to despair—

I eventually gave up hoping that they would acknowledge me as their daughter....

However, why does it feel as though there was more to it?

I had grown weary of being made fun of, as well as of spending my days by myself.

"Oh Goddess of the Moon, Why am I being punished like this? I sobbed quietly, unable to get back to sleep as my mind raced in a variety of directions over the night.

"What can I do to make myself feel better?"

"How can I prevent my friends from humiliating me?" I frequently wondered.

"What can I do to regain my parents’ love?"

These questions haunted me, but answers eluded me, trapped as I felt in my unchanging circumstances.

When I heard my mother’s yelling, I was still immersed in my own thoughts, but when I realized, I bolted awake in shock.

The moment she laid eyes on me, she started yanking my hair, rolling her eyes in exasperation.

"Please, can you stop?" I pleaded through tears, but she was deaf to my pleas.

All I wanted was relief from the fiery pain in my head, but she paid no attention to my pleadings in the least.

"Did you clean the area I told you to?" she asked, pointing accusingly—

I turned to answer, but upon seeing the area, words stuck in my throat.

"What??" I mumbled in disbelief as I stared at the location with my eyes wide open.




Chapter 2

*** AIDEN’S POV ***

I decided to take a walk today around the pack today, accompanied by two of my hefty guards.

My face was devoid of a smile, and I didn’t care one bit.

The fact that I was the Alpha with numerous responsibilities on my shoulders was enough to weigh me down, but I also carried a bigger burden.

It was the one that compelled me to act in a way I never imagined.

But that was it—

I walked around the pack, and anybody who saw me took to their heels... it was an overwhelming sight.

Their fear of me brought a sense of satisfaction, but all my happiness vanished the moment I saw a young girl glaring at me hard.

She rolled her eyes and was about to resume walking when I stopped her.

“Hey there!” I called out loudly, and she squinted her eyes, pointing at herself to confirm that I was addressing her.

I simply nodded, and she approached, standing before me with her hands folded beneath her breasts, glaring intensely—


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