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Miwa: The Alpha's Blessing

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: JHeart
  • Chapters: 35
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 8


What is your name, little flame?" The young man asked while crouching down before the stubborn 4-year-old. Miwa....Iretomiwa." She answered with a dazzling smile. "Miwa... Iretomiwa...a beautiful name...what does it mean?" He asked tenderly and she grinned."..that you're in luck because it means blessing has come to you." She replied in a childish teasing voice, the man threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Blessing has come to me?....Miwa, blessing....." He whispered in a loving tone."

One Prologue

'Mate!!!' My wolf howled excitedly in my head, my eyes widened as I stared at the fearless little girl before me. Her enchanting eyes held me captive, pupils black as the darkest night, looking to hold a mystery within them, a mystery so intruging I felt captivated and eager to solve it.

Her skin was a flawless almond, a tell tale sign of her African descent, her heart shaped face and perfectly positioned features had my heart thumping absurdly fast, her hair a thick mess of unruly curls giving her doll like features an untamed and unruly tint, her cheeks had a little baby fat giving her a cute look...all in all, before me stood an enchantingly beautiful little girl, one who would definitely grow up to be an unrivalled beauty.... I knew I shouldn't be having such thoughts of a little girl but I found it hard not to imagine her grown up self... when she would be all mine.

"Mister, my mommy says staring at people is a rude thing to do." The little girl lectured with a huff, referring to how I hadn't moved my gaze away from her since I caught sight of her...but how could I?, standing before me was my mate, this mouthy little was truly too unbelievable, notwithstanding I calmed my elated heart as much as I could and focused on the matter at hand.

"What are you doing so deep in the forest?" I asked her, unable to keep the tenderness out of my voice, all my anger at hearing that we had a trespasser on Dark Moon territory quickly disappeared as I stared worriedly at the little girl that had somehow gotten so far into the forest that she was almost at our borders which was quite deep into the forest.

"The people from before also kept asking me this, before they called on you as well, can't I be in the forest? The forest isn't yours." She replied with a firm tone, I raised an amused brow at her annoyed expression, how did I explain to a little girl that the forest was in fact actually mine? I couldn't find the words to start, I looked to my Beta and third for help and both immediately avoided my gaze refusing to be involved, I glared hatefully at them before deciding to go with what first came to mind.

"Uhmmm....yeeeaah, it's not mine... I work here, in a forest protection agency.... we're asking so much because the wild life here are really dangerous, it's not safe for a little girl like you to be wandering around here." I explained carefully, she studied me calmly for a little while before sighing dramatically.

"What danger? I can take care of myself so you need not be concerned." She replied and made to move past me, I blinked, exchanging a shocked look with my friends,

'she can take care of herself and i need not be concerned....?' what kind of little girl was this, she didn't look to be more than 4 or 5 years, how could she speak so eloquently?, and with such confidence, she truly seemed unaffected by my words, not even a little bit fearful...It was truly too scary.

I quickly placed a hand out to stop her, she glanced questioningly at my hand before looking up to me with a glance that said to quickly explain my interference.

"... what... where are you going?" I asked her unable to comprehend what I was seeing, she frowned slightly, giving me an exasperated look as if saying she was tired of explaining it to me.

"Over there of course, where you told me not to much as I enjoyed our conversation, I have serious business to attend to, I truly must be on my way, so regretfully I cannot stay for anymore chit chat, it was nice meeting you though." She replied, dismissing me with a wave of her hand, my jaws dropped open in shock and the wolves behind me struggled to contain their laughter, failing terribly as soon the quiet atmosphere in the forest was interrupted by loud boisterous laughter, I shook off my shock, flashing them a deadly glare that silenced them immediately.

"Little one, you really can't go there!" I exclaimed in frustration and she gave me a blank look.

"Why are you getting angry at me? I should be the one angry since my path is being blocked... make way." She demanded and my pack warriors burst into laughter again, my lips twitched at her fiery attitude and I raised an amused brow.

"Alright, I won't get angry anymore... can you at least tell me why you have to go further?" I compromised and I could hear my warriors gasping behind me, I frowned wondering what was going through their minds.

(Pack warriors thoughts to have lived to see the day our cold Alpha is completely subdued...and by a little girl at that...we have truly lived a fulfilling life...)

"I'm looking for inspiration." She said with a shrug, my jaws dropped once again at her words and she sighed in annoyance, her exasperated gaze moving from me to my warriors, I didn't have to look to know they were all in the same condition as I was.

"Inspiration...? In a dark forest? night?...are you looking for inspiration to murder?" My third asked her baffled, she threw him a dirty look.

"Why would I need inspiration to kill someone.... I just have to go ahead and kill them and be done with it, it's not as big a deal as this." She replied, once again, we had to pick our jaws off the ground.

'killing someone is not a big deal?!, how can a child like this exist??' my beta thought to me through our mindlink, I didn't respond, not having a reply to that.

"You even know the meaning of murder? How old are you? Are you even human?!" My third asked again in alarm, her forehead rumpled slightly as she frowned in annoyance at my third's question.

"What are you even talking about? I daft, who doesn't know the meaning of murder?, I'm 4 years old and you're the one who's not human!" She threw back at him furiously, he seemed at a lost for words and was unable to retort.

(Third in command's thoughts a 4 year old says killing is not a big deal... how can you say you're human, where's your conscience?!")

(Pack warriors thoughts Ah, third in command, you shouldn't feel bad, the little girl's right in anycase, you truly can't be considered human, none of us are...)

"Calm down first and explain it to us..." I said softly

(Third in command's thoughts Calm down? Who is he telling to calm down, she said I'm not human, I'm the one who was cursed at, I should be the one being pacified...are you truly choosing this little brat over me? What about our brotherhood?, Alpha!, Consider my years of diligent service!!!)

She sighed, taking off her back pack and pulling out a huge sketch book, she handed it to me and I flipped it open, gasping in surprise at the beautifully drawn landscapes within, my warriors immediately shifted closer to me to catch a glimpse but not close enough to trigger my anger.

"You drew all this?!" I asked her in astonishment, although the drawings were a little messy and not completely perfect but for a 4 year old it shouldn't be possible to draw this beautifully, it looked to have been drawn by a teenager with reasonable artistic training.

"Yeah, they're mostly my rough work, the more perfect duplicates are kept at home so I don't lose them, I carry this around to quickly sketch anything that catches my eye so when I return home I can draw it out more beautifully, I'm an aspiring artist... obviously." She explained, pausing thoughtfully and looking around her, she retrieved her sketchbook, pulling out her pencils and a huge flashlight which she handed to me, she adjusted her position so she was sitted on the ground with her back to me facing a huge oak tree, the flash light gave light to both her sketchbook and the tree and she began sketching it, talking as she drew.

"Dad loves my artwork but still doesn't want me taking it as a full time career, he wants me to join the company when I'm old enough so I'll probably take a course in the business field, I don't see the point since my big brother is a genius and will take good care of the company, I would have refused but even big brother wants me to do so, I'm not opposed to the idea either, I don't know what my plans for my art are, I just see it as a passion and a way to express myself for now, so I'll definitely take a course in business." She stopped and let out a devastated sigh, while I was engrossed in her words, her beautiful voice warmed my heart and I also was eager to know her better so I encouraged her with a question.

"Why the sigh?" I asked with concern and she sighed again.

"This time, Dad dragged Deji and I on a business trip here, it's my first time being out of my country you know, and the plane ride was extremely tiring, not to mention I thought we'd stay back at the villa and recuperate but we immediately had to change as Dad insisted on dragging Deji and I to the meeting as well...a six hour business meeting!, Can you believe it?!. We got there and they didn't even make special provisions for chairs for us, I had to sit in the usual chair at a conference was my first time feeling short in my whole life!, I couldn't even see above the more of what was on the projector!" She exclaimed in annoyance, sketching furiously on her sketchbook, I exchanged an amused look with my friends.

"After the hours of torture, we got home and father asked us to brief him on what happened at the meeting!, Now I know Deji and I are outstanding...a little too outstanding perhaps but Dad is too much sometimes, if I didn't love him so much I'd tell on him to mom that he kept on eating junk the whole way here even when she told him to stay away from unhealthy food! But sadly I love him too much...I'm really too pitiful right?, Anyways thankfully I memorized a lot of the things they said at the meeting and narrated it to father explaining about the chair situation to avoid being asked about the video presentation, he seemed satisfied with our answers and let us off, telling us to get ready for another meeting tomorrow! He's really too impossible, I didn't tag along all the way to Canada to suffer this injustice...I came to have fun...and Dad promised we'd be left to our own devices here... and the realization that I was conned into a business lecture fragile heart just couldn't take it so I stormed out of the house to find something to sketch so I could let out a bit of anger...that was about two hours ago, I decided the forest would be perfect and I just needed to find something inspiring and sketch it.... I've been moving through this d*mn forest for hours and couldn't find anything inspiring at all...and I just had to go and meet you crazy bunch...I'm so frustrated right now that I'm sketching such an ordinary and uninteresting tree!...I'm really too pitiful!" She concluded with a huff.

We all remained in stunned silence for a long while before we burst into laughter... what an amusing kid.

She glared at us for a bit but didn't say anything, giving me a longer glare when the flashlight shook a bit before returning to her furious sketching which she soon concluded, she gazed at the beautifully drawn tree scornfully before shutting her book with an annoyed huff.

"I should get going now, it's way past my bedtime, Dad must be worried." She said, stretching her limbs and yawning tiredly, I smiled at her cuteness.

"I will have someone escort you back." I said softly, handing her the flashlight, she scoffed turning away.

"I can take care of myself Mister." She replied and turned back to where she had originally been coming from. My heart shriveled in fear that I'd never get to see her again if I didn't get some reliable information now.

"Wait!... where do you live?" I asked her in a panicked tone and she paused turning to give me an amused look.

"The mansion just outside their I'm forest, come look for me leave the craziness behind when you're coming to visit though or Dad might throw you out...he's not as open minded as I am." She told me, I chuckled lightly at her words, nodding in agreement.

"When do you leave Canada?" I asked her and she shrugged.

"Dad's business should last about three weeks and after that we'll stay a week extra to chill and then a month." She replied, I nodded in approval... I had some time at least, but still, I had to know my beautiful mate's name.

"What is your name, little flame?" I asked crouching down before the stubborn four year old, my heart fluttering in excitement and completeness as I gazed upon my other mate.

"Miwa....Iretomiwa." She answered with a dazzling smile.

"Miwa... Iretomiwa...a beautiful name for a beautiful girl...what does it mean?" I asked tenderly and she grinned.

"..that you're in luck because it means blessing has come to you." She replied in a childish teasing voice, I threw my head back letting out a loud laughter, the joy in my heart was indescribable.

"Blessing has come to me?....Miwa, blessing....." I whispered in a loving tone, she smiled again before turning around and heading home, I watched her with a complicated gaze, one thought in mind.

'till we meet again my little flame."

~Author's Note~

First chapter posted , I'll keep the updates as constant as possible... thanks for giving this a chance.

Quick fact-Iretomiwa is a Yoruba name which translates to (blessing has come to me.)

Two Mr. Blade

13 years later....

~Kalen's POV~

"Thinking about that night again?" My beta Wren asked me, I lifted my cold gaze to him before shifting it back to the files on my desk, he sighed at my lack of response.

"You've withdrawn from us completely Kalen... the whole pack live in fear of their cold and emotionless Alpha...if things continue this way...." He began but cut himself off at the noticeable change in the atmosphere, I gazed darkly at him, my gaze conveying everything I couldn't be bothered to say and he lowered his head in submission.

"I understand Alpha, Forgive me... I will take my leave now." He said sadly before turning and exiting my office, my thoughts drifted slightly as I stared at his dejected figure...'how could I not think of that was the first meeting with my mate... and also the last, I found my salvation and lost it just as quickly.

I shook off the saddening thoughts, focusing on my work till I was interrupted by the sound of m


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