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Mated To The Cursed Lycan

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Whitney Cole was abandoned at birth and was taken in by the Alpha and Beta of the blood moon pack who were childless, she was mistreated and abused when the couple had twin girls a year later. Whitney was sent as a tribute to the Lycan King on behalf of her sister Samantha who was scared of the ruthless devil. Aiden cursed not to live with a mate for finally find his second chance mate. However, Whitney escaped without knowing she was pregnant for the alpha king of lycans. "woman! how dare steal my seed?" Aiden asked with fury when he saw two twin boys that looked just like him.

Sold To The Cruelest Alpha

"Argh!" Whitney woke up with a severe headache and her view was blurry.

She batted her lashes and forced her eyes to open, She was terrified and stunned to see herself surrounded by girls of different colors. 

She tried to move but discovered that they were tied up together like slaves waiting to be sold to their masters.

“Don’t make any noise or you’re going to ruin the ritual” a brunette girl who was sitting next to Whitney Cole whispered in her ear. 

She shuddered and tilted her head toward the girl who was grinning largely, “What’s going on here?” Whitney inquired as the last thing she could remember was partying with her family who has never really paid attention to her other than bullying her. 

“Are you kidding me? We’re on our way to the Night Walker pack of the alpha king of Lycans” the girl responded with an amused look. 

Whitney’s eyes widened like that of a saucer, in a split second her mind flashed back to the conversation she overheard the last time, adding everything together she realized that she was being sold to the cruelest alpha for just a moment of happiness with her family. 

Meanwhile, Whitney Cole is the daughter of alpha Jeremy and beta Anita of the blood moon pack, who had never truly received love from her family.

Even the pack members loathed her, she got no friends and was as well tagged an evil child that would bring misfortune to the entire pack, it'd be because she was picked up from the pack’s gate by her parents or it's because of her weird eye and hair color that doesn’t blend in with the people in the pack.

Things got worse when she turned eighteen and couldn’t shift like the rest of the she-wolfs around the pack house, she was berated and mocked by them.

Except for Austin Moore who was the son of the pack’s best warrior and Whitney’s crush for eight years.

She was excited when Austin suddenly started noticing her after so many years and attempts to get close to him, he even agreed to go on a date with her which made her heart flip with excitement that she nearly lost herself.

Austin would buy the most expensive jewelry and branded outfits with bags, which Whitney wouldn’t be able to take home because of her parent's strictness. 

At the age of eighteen, she thought that she would get her wolf and finally share a mate bond with Austin since they had been together for two years now.

‘I could live a life free from my family’s torture.’ She had thought to herself with a grin while doing her chores and was ready to meet Austin who promised to stay with her during the full moon and watch her shift into her wolf. 

Probably Whitney’s high hopes came crashing down as she found out that she was only being delusional, she had stumbled into Sheila with Austin on the same bed with their body intertwined and lost in the bliss of passion.

She was confused and couldn’t believe the scene before her that she instinctively pinched herself thinking it was a dream, but Sheila’s ear-piercing moaning and the sound of two bodies slamming together while the bed was creaking as it hit the wall snapped her back to reality.

Angrily, she stormed into the room and threw the hot chicken soup she had prepared for Austin on the two adulterous beings laying naked on each other.

Austin’s eyes widened while Sheila’s face was full of an evil smirk, “this is not what you think” Austin sprang up from the bed and tried to speak but Sheila pulled him back.

She tied the bedspread on her body and stepped in front of Austin, “what’s with the ruckus? You think that the son of our best warrior would be interested in you, hahaha! You pathetic being, you sure know how to give yourself hope” Sheila said mockingly to Whitney and turned back to Austin. 

“I’m done hiding it, just say it or forget about us,” Sheila said impatiently. 

Although Whitney has seen the whole thing, she was still hopeful that this would turn out as a misunderstanding.

‘Yes Austin, tell me what happened. I know you won’t betray me like this, you love me a lot right?’ She thought to herself with mist in her eyes as she stared deeply into Austin’s eyes. 

Meanwhile, after standing like a rock, staring and listening to Austin speak, she felt disgusted when she discovered that she was only a pawn in his game, he had no interest in her and has always wanted Sheila which was why he got close to Whitney at first just to get Sheila’s attention.

“You’re not my type, even if you’re my mate. I, Austin Moore, the son of Gregory and Melody Moore reject you! You disgust me and don’t deserve me” Austin said with a sneer.

Sheila smiled satisfyingly and walked closer to Whitney, “you heard him, so get lost!” Whitney was shoved out of the door with the door slamming hard in front of her. 

She stood rooted in front of the door and felt like puking when she heard the squeaking of the bed, body friction as they made a path and Sheila moaning while increasing her voice purposely just to irk Whitney. 

Whitney staggered out of the room feeling lost and dejected, although she hadn't gotten her wolf yet, the rejection was real and painful just like being rejected by her fated mate.

The pain of betrayal, rejection and not being able to shift during the full moon was so hard on her that she wished to die.

Whitney sighed, snapped out of reverie, and shook her head in an attempt to forget her horrific past, but the reality kept ringing in her head. 

‘They deceived me!’ She clenched her fist and bit her lower lip while trying so hard not to recall that she was being sold to the devil lycan king just to keep her sister safe.

‘What about me?’ She thought to herself with a dreadful look.

"Safe!" She said suddenly as something flashed in her head for a second.

‘F*ck!’ Whitney’s mind went blank as she recalled that she was in the middle of nowhere heading to her demise, what would be her fate if the alpha king of Lycans discovers that she has no wolf?

Fear crept into her and she immediately sought a way to escape but there was no way she could escape from these shackles with lots of girls tied up together. 

“Hey, what are you up to? Don’t do anything crazy” the brunette girl asserted with a warning tone. 

Whitney paused and said, “I didn’t sign up for this, I was tricked into being here. I have to go back home”

The brunette girl scoffed and said, “this is your luck sleeping and seeing the alpha king for the first time, you will only ask for death and the destruction of your pack if you back out” Whitney trembled with fear wondering what she had gotten herself into.

Thinking back to her life she found no reason to live and suddenly decided to accept her fate, moreover, the alpha king of lycans would be freeing her from misery if he ends her life today.

Abruptly, the truck pulled over with force, Whitney hissed as her head hit the side of the vehicle. 

The back of the truck was unlocked by two bulky men, “get down!” They said in unison. 

The girls tied up together in shackles stepped out of the truck with their hands still tied up together, they were handed over to two elderly women who took them to an enormous hall. 

Those women were professional and would’ve done this a lot, Whitney wondered what had happened to the other girls that were offered as tributes in the past, since the alpha king of Lycans is still without a mate.

Did the alpha king sacrifice them to his demons?

She staggered and snapped out of her thoughts when she felt something graze her skin, “dress up quickly and head to the main hall” one of the women that took them from downstairs said with a stoic face. 

Whitney looked down at her hands and found out that the shackles had been removed, just like the other girls she got dressed quickly in a white gown looking typically like a sacrifice about to be offered to God knows what. 

They were given number tags, luckily Whitney was the second to the last person among the tribute girls. 

At the main hall, a man with fiery red hair stood at the podium and addressed the group of girls who were excitedly waiting to meet the alpha king, “I’m Lincoln Grey the beta of the alpha king, you’re to serve the alpha king according to your number tags. Anyone chosen amongst you will be his mate and perform the marital rites instantly, number tag one shall we?” His voice was melodious and stern.

For once Whitney was excited seeing someone who had a weird hair color just like her, she suddenly didn’t feel out of place anymore, but does it matter? She was going to die here today anyways.

“Argh!” A loud shrieking scream was heard from the room upstairs, everyone cowered in fear.

The number tag one ran down to the main hall bleeding profusely and panting heavily. 

“He.. he” she tried to speak but couldn’t form a word, “take her away,” one of the women said with an expressionless face, a guard appeared from nowhere and carried the girl out of the main hall.

Whitney stepped back momentarily as she began breathing heavily, she could hear her heavy breathing in the silent hall. 

Although she was prepared to die here, she was still afraid as no one would feel good knowing that death is at their doorstep.

The same thing happened to the other girls that walked in to serve the alpha king, they all ran out with fear while some were bleeding. 

Some had bruises all over them, and the worst of it was that the remaining girls weren’t allowed to ask what had happened to them. 

Meanwhile, the girl before Whitney came out with a bleeding nose and it was now officially Whitney’s turn. 

She tilted her head to the brunette girl who nodded at her with a smile, “shall we number tag nine?” Mr. Lincoln asked with a smirk.

Whitney let out a deep breath, nodded, and walked slowly behind Mr. Lincoln.

Just in a flash, she was shoved into a room that she thought was a dark room, however, a strong ray of light flashed into her eyes.

Slowly she looked around the whole room after her eyes had adjusted to the light, “this place seems okay, where is the demon alpha king and why are all the girls screaming like mad?” She queried herself while gazing around the room.

There was a massive king-sized bed the type she’d never seen before, with a smile Whitney threw herself onto the bed instantly forgetting about her fears. 

Whitney, who hadn't seen such a huge bed before, decided to lie down on the massive bed first before the alpha king's arrival.

Alpha Aiden

"You’re quite the bold one” a cold distant voice echoed in the room, Whitney Cole sprang up from the bed thinking that it must be the alpha king. 

A figure stepped out of a closed door which stunned Whitney as she stared with dropped jaw, ‘he was the most handsome man I’d ever seen’ she uttered to herself hole drooling over the man with striking features. 

He was handsome and well-sculpted just like the god of war Ares with his striking green eyes that were pulling him in. 

Abruptly, Whitney recovered from the daze, swallowed hard, and cleared her throat. 

‘There is no way the alpha king of lycan would look like that’ she thought to herself and smiled at the handsome man in front of her.

“Hey, are you a worker here? You should be careful not to irk the devil.” She uttered, walking closer to the man. 

He furrowed his brow and was a bit interested in what she was saying, “what do you mean?” He inquired, amazed at the interesting woman standing


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