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Mated To Rivals

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Please note this novel has two stories, the main character and the side character. They both passed through similar experiences in life. Happy reading! .............. The Alpha rejected her as his lover, but his best friend accepted her as his woman. Stuck in the middle of a love triangle, will she be able to avenge her brother's death? Will she make him regret his actions, or will love prevail? ......... Alpha Bergen's eyes turned as cold as ice, his jaw clenched, and his chest heaved with suppressed anger. He took a step closer to me, his voice a thunderous declaration, 'I, Andrew Bergen, Alpha of Shadows clan pack, reject you as my mate." It was like the world stopped for an hour, and I continued to stare into his unmerciful red eyes, tears streaming out of my eyeballs. Tears welled up in my eyes as Alpha Andrew's words hit me like a sledgehammer. I clutched my chest, trying to contain the storm of emotions inside me. The world around me faded into a blur, and I whispered, "I am alone in this world." "What is your name, pest?" He asked with a carefree voice, acting like he was not affected by the broken bound. I kept mute, wondering if he was going to force my name out of my mouth. On noticing my hesitation, he smirked. "Answer me, and I will give you my signature and enough money to pay for your brother's surgery. I am definitely sure you don't have money!" "I don't need your money! ....... Well, I need money. But why did you reject me?" I asked, I really wanted to know what I had done to deserve being abandoned for life. "You are a weakling, my pack needs a strong Luna, and you are not worthy of being the one!" He confessed, and his confession rendered me powerless.

Chapter 1 The Morning After

Catherine's Pov I slowly awoke, my head throbbing with the relentless rhythm of a hangover. As my eyelids reluctantly parted, the harsh morning light seeped through the curtains, piercing my sensitive eyes like a thousand tiny needles. The sun felt like a cruel reminder of my overindulgent night.Every movement was an effort, and the room seemed to spin around me as I failed at my attempt to turn my head to the other side. My mouth was parched, and the taste of stale alcohol clung to my tongue, something else was tasting in my mouth, but I just couldn't figure out what it was. Confusion clouded my mind. How had I ended up here? Where am I?The memories of the previous night were a blur, and it was quite difficult to piece together the events that had led to this unfamiliar room.Taking a deep breath, I turned my body to the other side of the bed and froze. A man lay beside me, sleeping peacefully, the soft rise and fall of his chest the only sign of life in the room. My heart raced as I looked at the strange man, and I felt pity for him, mingling with my own confusion. The morning light played on his face revealing a serene expression, free from the burdens of consciousness. His features were relaxed, and the lines of worry seemed to fade away in the peacefulness of his dreams. I stared at him, wondering where he came from, my eyes gently shifted to the room's colorful walls, it was nothing like my ugly room.I was confused, and I turned to face the man once again.After a while, I stood up and was shocked to realize that I was naked.I winced at the memories of the night before, his blurred face, and the shameful events that had transpired between us."Oh no! My virginity!" I whispered under my breath, my hands instinctively moving to check if it was still intact.The truth became painfully clear—My stepmother had sent me on an errand, to give one of her male friends who worked in a bar house a letter. I didn't think twice about it, and I happily went to the clubhouse, but when the man read the letter, he burst into hysterical laughter; instead of allowing me to leave, the man ordered some of his boys to tie me down, and they kept pouring alcohol into my throat until I got drunk. When I was drunk, one of the boys took me to a hotel and abandoned me there. It was then I bumped into a stranger and I forced him to have s*x with me! Oh no!" My eyes widened, and I nearly collapsed. I am just a nineteen-year-old girl, and I have been violated by a man.The sharp pain between my thighs proved it all.I shook my head multiple times, perhaps wondering when I was going to wake up from this horrible nightmare. But the more I shook my head, the clearer it became.*Oh baby! F*ck me harder….. faster…… harder………*I closed my eyes in shame. Yesterday I kept spouting nonsense like a pornstar. My late Mother's spirit will be so disappointed in me, my brother will be angry, and my Father and stepmother, oh no! They will humiliate me!I had to do something fast, but the more I thought of a way out, the slower I became. My head hurt badly; it was as though some group of people were drumming on my head. My mouth was also tasting bitter. At that moment, I needed to taste something different.So, I looked around the room, and thankfully, I spotted a refrigerator.I quickly rushed to open it and brought out a cold bottle of water. After gulping it down, I felt much better.Then an idea popped up in my brain. His suit was on the floor, and the suit was not just any type, it was high quality and made out of the finest wool. I was familiar with wool because my stepmother was a seamstress.He is definitely a very rich man, and I am not the type to get myself into trouble with rich folks, especially since I am a poor helpless girl. I said a quick prayer, praying that I wouldn't be caught. I picked up his suit and carefully entered the bathroom. I didn't bother to take a bath, I simply washed my face.After dressing my face, my trembling fingers delicately touched the fine fabric of the man's suit. Oh, it so much reminded me of my wicked stepmother. A whirlwind of emotions stormed within me, I couldn't believe that she would go to this length just because of her hatred for me. "Humm!" I sighed, parting my lips in the process. I dressed carefully in the suit. Confusion suddenly gripped my mind. How did I get myself into this messy situation? Fear loomed in my heart. It wasn't just about the man in the room or my vulnerability, but the fear of my Father, the fear of the consequences of the reckless night that had led me to this moment.As I gazed at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I couldn't help but contemplate the situation. Regret for the stupid choices of the previous night hit me harder, and the suit seemed to mock me, a tangible reminder of my stupid yet enjoyable actions.Yet, beneath it all, a spark of hope emerged, for the suit also symbolized an opportunity to escape the immediate danger, a chance for me to rethink my life's direction and make amends for my past mistakes.I boldly came out of the bathroom, he was still asleep. I looked around, hoping that I could find my underwear and shoes, but I couldn't find them in the room.I shrugged my shoulders and tiptoed to the door, but it was locked, and the keys were missing."Are you looking for something?" A hoarse yet commanding voice broke the silence, and I froze in place. I gently turned to face the bed, and my eyes came in contact with his red eyes, he wasn't asleep all along.He was seated on the bed.My heart nearly dropped, and I looked at him with widened eyes."Where do you think you are going, my little pest?" His tone was laced with authority, and he raised his hands up. He was holding the keys in his left hand, while my underwear was in his right hand!*Oh my goodness!* I gasped, wondering how shameless this man was."I knew you were going to try something tricky, that was why I decided to keep your pants and bras safe for you!" He said, making sure that he stressed the "pants and bras" part. I didn't reply to him, I just kept quiet, my mind was in turmoil, and I was trying to think of a way forward.The man stood up and moved closer to me slowly. I was frightened, and since the door was not available, I ran to the window as quickly as I could."Calm down pest, there is no way out, so just relax!" He said with a seducing voice.I looked out of the window, and he was right. There was no way, I was on the fourth floor, if I jumped down, I might lose my two little legs, but if I remained here, I might have to endure his torture. I must act fast, I prefer to lose my legs than to be humiliated by the man who violated me. *No!* I took a deep breath, and jumped out of the window, forgetting that I was a weak little omega.There was a look of shock on the man's face and I knew that was not our last meeting. When I finally landed on the hard floor, I looked around. Unfortunately, I was still in the hotel building.The hotel's surroundings were beautiful, it was decorated with beautiful flowers, and the walls were made from strong glass.Different people wandered about, none of them bothered to pay attention to me, nor the cut obtained from my long jump. I tried to move, but my legs betrayed me and I collapsed on the floor. I looked around and I noticed that some men in black suits were looking around. I need not be told that those men were searching for me."Are you alright?" I had a gentle voice, and I turned to the direction, beside me stood a gorgeous lady, she looked like a girl probably in her early twenties and she wore a soldier uniform."Hmm, please, can you help me out of this place?" I asked with a pitiful expression, my hand fidgeting as I spoke. The lady must have pitied me, because she gently raised me without asking unnecessary questions, and she led me to her car.I made sure I hid my face whenever I saw the black suit men.Her car was black and it fit the tense atmosphere.We both entered the front seats and fastened our seatbelts."Oh Moon! What are lord Andrew's guards looking for today?" The lady shook her head and said something under her breath."Lord Andrew?" My eyes widened in shock, Lord Andrew was the Alpha of our pack, and he was well known for his bad temper.Luckily, the guards allowed the lady to leave freely, I carefully looked around, it was a huge hotel.And the name was *Sober*"Are you alright?" The lady asked with a loving voice, and I offered her a smile in return.I absentmindedly put my hand into the suit pocket, and I brought out a small business card that belonged to Lord Andrew Bergen, Alpha of the Shadows clan pack! My pack!

Chapter 2 Bitter Secrets Unveiled

I thanked the lady several times and got out of her car. I looked around and different emotions flushed over my face. I was near a quiet garden, and it was a shortcut to our house because the walk would be probably five minutes. My heart pounded like a drum, and my hands trembled as I glanced around the quiet garden. Every shadow seemed to hold secrets that sent shivers down my spine, my stepmother would humiliate me, and my dad might even kill me if I told him that I got drunk and forced the Alpha of our pack to sleep with me.My stepsisters, oh! They will spread the news, they will tell the whole world that I molested a grown-up man.But if I keep it a secret, I might not have peace, but at least I would be able to protect myself from the emotional struggles."Are you alright? Do you know your way home, or should I drive you?" The lady asked, looking at me with raised eyebrows, and I shook my head."No, don't


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